1920 W520

The 1920 W520 set consists of 20 cards, each one measuring 1-3/8” x 2-1/4”. Card fronts have either a colorized portrait pose or full-length pose with a pastel background. A white border frames the scene with the player's last name and card number appear at the bottom border. Card backs are blank. The series is anchored by Christy Mathewson (#2), Tris Speaker (#9), and Babe Ruth (#13). Stan Coveleski’s card (#14) misspelled his last name as “Koveleski.” These W-cards were “strip cards” that had to be cut from complete strips supplied to grocery and candy stores. Though collectors of the day had the opportunity to purchase an entire strip, most individuals would then separate the cards on their own or, more often than not, have the shopkeeper perform the task. As a result, the cards are difficult to find in higher grades but easier to collect in lower grades than other pre-war examples. 


1 Dave Bancroft
2 Christy Mathewson
3 Larry Doyle
4 Jess Barnes
5 Art Fletcher
6 Wilbur Cooper
7 Mike Gonzales (Gonzalez)
8 Zach Wheat
9 Tris Speaker
10 Benny Kauff
11 Zach Wheat
12 Phil Douglas
13 Babe Ruth
14 Stan Coveleski (Kovaleski)
15 Goldie Rapp
16 Pol Perritt
17 Otto Miller
18 George Kelly
19 Mike Gonzales (Gonzalez)
20 Les Nunamaker