Roy Hartzell - 1915/16 M101-4 Sporting News

Roy Allen Hartzel (1881-1961) spent more than a decade as a Major League Baseball player, earning a spot in the record books for leading the American League in at-bats (595) in 1909. Roy’s career began as a member of the St. Louis Browns (1906-1910), where he played a variety of positions including second base, third base, and shortstop, as well as in the outfield. The same season he led the league in at-bats, Roy also had a career high in hits (161) and his second-best runs total (64). He went on to join the New York Yankees (1911-1916), where his 1911 RBI total (91) were the most by a player in the Yankees’ first 13 years. On July 12, 1911, he set a league record for most RBIs (8) in a game — a record that stood until being topped by future Hall of Famer Jimmy Foxx (9) in 1933. Hartzel left the league with a .252 batting average, 387 RBIs, and 182 stolen bases.

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