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Connie Mack (1862-1956), born Cornelius Alexander McGillicuddy, Sr., played 11 seasons in Major League Baseball, but made his mark as a manager for the Pittsburgh Pirates (1894-1896) and the Philadelphia Athletics from 1901-1950. Connie Mack’s longevity is unmatched and he holds records for most games (7,879), games won (3,776) and games lost (4,025). Connie Mack and the Philadelphia Athletics won nine American League pennants and five World Series Championships (1910, 1911, 1913, 1929, 1930). During his tenure at the Athletics helm, Connie Mack, a Hall of Famer himself, managed twenty-plus Hall of Fame players including Ty Cobb, Jimmie Foxx, Tris Speaker, Napoleon “Larry” Lajoie and Eddie Collins. Mack’s aristocratic style and shrewd business sense helped elevate him from player to manager to partner to owner of the Philadelphia team. Critics called the Philadelphia Athletics franchise a “white elephant,” or money pit that Connie would never be able to unload, but Mack adopted that white elephant as his mascot and logo, which stands today, and proved them wrong as he built the club into one of the most enduring and successful in baseball history. Mack’s sole income was the Athletics so he experienced financial hardships with the rise and fall of the economy. On more than one occasion, the Tall Tactician was forced to sell or trade some of his best and most popular players to offset the financial difficulties the club faced such as Jimmie Foxx and Lefty Grove in order the keep the franchise afloat. Philadelphia’s Shibe Park was renamed Connie Mack Stadium in 1953 and was the home of the Athletics and Phillies until the A’s moved to Kansas City in 1955 and until 1970 for the National League Phillies team. Upon Mack’s retirement in 1950, Major League Baseball instituted two new rules: requiring all managers to wear a team-matching baseball uniform (Mack always wore a business suit in the dugout while managing) and prohibiting any manager to own a stake or portion of the ownership of any franchise for which they are managing. The Veterans Committee elected Connie Mack to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1937.

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