1914 E. & S. Publishing Co. Postcards

The 1914 E. & S. Publishing Co. Postcards baseball set consists of 12 of baseball’s best from the early 1910s. Each 5-1/2” by 3-3/4” postcard features a large player caricature image, either in action or portrait, printed in bold blue ink with multiple cartoons surrounding the centered drawing. The backs present the customary postcard details including the copyright, correspondence and address divisions and stamp box. Though more may exist and have yet to be unearthed, this unnumbered set includes 12 of the game’s top players such as “Jimmie” Archer, Frank Chance, Ty Cobb, Miller Huggins, Joe Jackson, Christy Mathewson and Frank Schulte.


"Jimmie" Archer
Joe Benz
Frank Chance
Ty Cobb
Joe Jackson
Miller Huggins
James Lavendar
Christy Mathewson
"Tex" Russell
Frank Schulte
Jim Scott
Art Wilson