1914 Baltimore News Orioles

The 1914 Baltimore News set consists of 11 known pieces and was actually a combination card/game schedule printed by the Charm City newspaper and featuring players from both Baltimore's International League and Federal League teams. The cards measure 2-5/8" x 3-5/8" with a player image and his name, position, and team affiliation at the bottom of the likeness. A thick border frames the scene.  There are two versions of each card, one with a red tint and another tinted blue.  The reverse contains both the home and away team schedule plus advertising for the Baltimore News. The bottom of the card contains the phrase "This Card is Given to" along with a line for the recipient’s name to be written. The scarcest and most coveted card belongs to Babe Ruth in what was his rookie season. The set also includes Neal Ball, Ensign Cotrell, Birdie Cree, Mike Doolan, Jack Dunn, George Suggs, George Twombley, Ducky Yount, Guy Zinn, and a player identified as “Davidson.” The 1914 Baltimore News set is next-to-impossible to complete specifically due to the Ruth example.


Neal Ball
Ensign Cottrell
Birdie Cree
Bert Daniels
Jack Dunn
Allen Russell (Allan)
Babe Ruth
Ernie Shore
George Twombley (Twombly)