Sherry Magie (Magee) - 1909-1911 T206 White Border

This is one of the three big rarities in the T206 baseball set along with the Honus Wagner and Eddie Plank cards. It is also, perhaps, the most famous error card in the entire hobby. Sherry Magee was an excellent major leaguer, finishing his 16-year career with a .291 batting average and 1,176 RBI during the Dead Ball Era. In fact, he led the NL in RBI on four separate occasions and finished among the league leaders in home runs several times, but his solid performance is not what makes this card so desirable. Magee’s name was initially spelled incorrectly as “Magie” and then quickly corrected, with the corrected version printed in much higher abundance than the coveted error. Although it is subject to debate, most hobbyists feel this card is a must if you want to truly complete the T206 set.

Sherwood Robert “Sherry” Magee

Born: August 6, 1884 - Clarendon, PA
Died: March 13, 1929 - Philadelphia, PA
Batted: RH
Threw: RH
Position: OF
Career BA: .291

Philadelphia Phillies NL (August 6, 1884 - March 13, 1929)
Boston Braves NL (1915–1917)
Cincinnati Reds NL (1917–1919)

Why isn’t Sherry Magee in the Hall of Fame? Taking a hard look at his stats, Magee measures up against many who are in Cooperstown’s hallowed Hall. The prototypical five-tool player, Sherry Magee was one of the true stars of the Deadball Era. An outstanding offensive and defensive player, Magee scored 100-plus runs twice, was the NL RBI champ four times (1907, 1910, 1914, 1918), the NL batting champ in 1910, and played for the World Champion Reds in 1919. He knocked in 1,176 runs and had 2,169 hits over his brilliant 16-year career. Magee’s best year was 1910 when he batted .331 and led the league with 110 runs and 123 RBI. That year he also had a sparkling .445 on base percentage, and let’s not forget his .507 slugging percentage. Magee was also a whiz on the basepaths, swiping 441 bases.

Known for his hot temper and orneriness, he developed a reputation as a troublemaker. During a game in 1911, Magee punched out an umpire, sending him to the hospital with a broken nose, and ended up suspended for most of the season. Many fans enjoyed getting on Magee during games because they felt he always put himself ahead of his team. He eventually wore out his welcome wherever he played and found himself back in the minors as was very common in those days. Magee played for another seven seasons in the minors and had some outstanding offensive years.

It is ironic that after so many scraps with umpires over his career, he worked as an umpire in the New York-Penn League and the National League after his playing career ended. However, Magee’s career as umpire was cut short when he contracted pneumonia in early March of 1929 and died two weeks later at the age of 44. A great hitter? Certainly. A great defensive player? Undoubtedly. A Hall of Famer? Unfortunately, Sherry Magee has not yet made the grade.  

– Tom and Ellen Zappala, The Cracker Jack Collection: Baseball's Prized Players. For more information on their book and/or to order a copy at a special PSA discount, visit

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Condition Census (Explain)

Pos Grade Thumbnail Pedigree and History
1 NM-MT 8
2 NM 7
2 NM 7
2 NM 7
3 EX-MT 6
4 EX+ 5.5
5 EX 5
6 VG-EX+ 4.5
7 VG-EX 4 (13)



Grade Most Recent Price Average Price SMR Price Population POP Higher
Auth $7,050.00 1 52
PR 1 $6,600.00 $6,600.00 $6,000.00 19 32
FR 1.5 32
GOOD 2 $13,500.00 9 23
VG 3 $12,440.26 $20,000.00 11 12
VG - EX 4 $19,720.00 $25,000.00 8 4
EX 5 $38,500.00 1 3
EX - MT 6 $57,500.00 1 2
NM 7 $90,000.00 2
NM - MT 8 $660,000.00
GEM - MT 10


Date Price Grade Lot # Auction House Auction/Seller Type Cert
10/27/2018 $6,600 1 338 Goldin Auctions October Legends Closing October 27,2018 Auction 30384084
03/28/2014 $12,440 3 7 Goodwin and Co. Auctions Masterpieces and Uncommon Commons LIV Auction 09044578
11/16/2013 $5,608 1 13 Goodwin and Co. Auctions Masterpieces and Uncommon Commons LII Auction 11205092
07/19/2013 $8,550 1 57 Goodwin and Co. Auctions Masterpieces and Uncommon Commons L Auction 08144565
01/01/2012 $6,518 1 167 Robert Edward Auctions 2012 Auction Auction 31641780
01/01/2011 $9,988 3 261 Robert Edward Auctions 2011 Auction Auction 09044578
01/01/2009 $5,581 1 189 Robert Edward Auctions 2009 Auction Auction 09126829
01/01/2008 $19,975 3 243 Robert Edward Auctions 2008 Auction Auction 12220385
01/01/2008 $7,050 Auth 231 Robert Edward Auctions 2008 Auction Auction 50056989
01/01/2006 $19,720 4 9 Robert Edward Auctions 2006 Auction Auction 08187647
10/29/2005 $10,755 3 19461 Heritage Auctions 2005 October (HSC) Signature Auction Oct 29, 2005 Auction 12358733