Cap Anson (In Uniform) - 1887 Old Judge (N172)

This selection comes from one of the great issues in our hobby, perhaps the most important 19th Century set in existence. Packed in Old Judge and Gypsy Queen Cigarette packs, these cards had to survive more than one hundred years travel to reach collections today. The cards also exhibit a slight variance in size as they were cut inconsistently. The series, which extended from 1887-1890, includes well over 3,000 different cards. Some individual players have more than a dozen variations in the set in the form of different poses, team affiliation or text on the cards. There are two Cap Anson cards of note. While both are highly desirable and tough, the In Uniform variation takes scarcity to another level. With only a handful of known copies, this Anson card has been seen in person by only a few and actually handled by even fewer. Even low-grade copies have fetched $50,000 or more on the rare occasion the card has been offered for sale. Anson, during his 27-year career, would reach a .300 batting average 24 times and hit .380 or better three times. He even showed occasional power, becoming the first man to club three consecutive homers in one game during the Dead Ball Era. This is, without question, the most desirable issue featuring baseball's first superstar player.

Condition Census (Explain)

Pos Grade Thumbnail Pedigree and History
1 EX 5
2 PR 1
2 PR 1
4 Auth