1887 Old Judge (N172)

Issued continuously from 1887 to 1890, the Goodwin Company's Old Judge baseball series depicts hundreds of ballplayers from more than 40 major and minor league teams, as well as boxers and wrestlers. The cards measure about 1-1/2" by 2-1/2" and bear photographs from the Hall Studio in New York that were pasted onto thick cardboard. The sepia images display a white or pink hue, with "Goodwin Co., New York" at the base, and with each card blank backed. Astonishingly, more than 4,500 different types of cards and variations are known to exist. The cards were inserted in packs of Old Judge and Gypsy Queen cigarettes, and cards marked with the latter brand are worth double the value than their Old Judge counterparts. Stars and Hall of Famers in this hotly coveted set include Cap Anson, Jack Beckley, Stephen Behel, Dan Brouthers, Pete Browning, Charles Comiskey, Roger Connor, Ed Delahanty, Hugh Duffy, Buck Ewing, Pud Galvin, Clark Griffith, Dummy Hoy, Bid McPhee, Kid Nichols, Jim O’Rourke, Old Hoss Radbourne, Amos Rusie and Harry Wright. Old Judges exist with numerous variations; some individual cards have more than a dozen recorded varieties, including different poses, team affiliation or card text. This includes two Cap Anson cards (in uniform and in a suit) with the former variation existing in only a handful of examples. The Old Judge cards are easily viewed as one of the greatest of all hobby issues.

Background - The genre of objects known to modern hobbyists as “baseball cards” didn’t just spring fully developed from the mind of a creative businessman. Rather, the concept that yielded trading cards evolved in a somewhat roundabout way. Seen in retrospect, it was all quite logical and wonderfully quaint.

Prior to tobacco companies becoming involved with cards in the late 1880s, the idea of collecting paper items centered around pieces of advertising that were handed out to the public by retailers or otherwise distributed in a person-to-person fashion. By intent, these usually colorful and elaborate “trade cards” were sufficiently attractive that individuals would become enamored with their content and paste them into scrapbooks for safekeeping. Maintenance of scrapbooks was an established, genteel avocation of the day. Many young ladies, in particular, held on to calling cards, decoratively lithographed die-cut novelties, and church or school awards in their own personally constructed volumes. By adding trade cards to this mix, advertisements were preserved – and viewed repeatedly – by a book’s owner.

And so it was that cards produced by corset vendors, haberdashers, stove makers, and even funeral homes earned places of honor in Victorian-era scrapbooks. At some point, soon after this collecting trend took hold, a number of manufacturers – notably those engaged in the thread, sewing machine and coffee industries – produced cards in series. This practice engaged customers’ interest in acquiring a defined array of cards that possessed a certain common theme. It further ensured that a card collector remembered a brand’s name and sought out that specific business to the exclusion of its competitors. This development, in a time when word-of-mouth endorsements and actual visits to storefronts were primary means of facilitating commerce, was simply ingenious.

Makers of tobacco, upon taking notice that a new leisure-time habit was being indulged in by the populace, recognized that they already had – within every pack sold – a means of distribution, as well as actual cards. Insert-piece stiffeners made of thick cardboard were housed inside every package of hand-rolled cigarettes, and Goodwin & Co. of New York was among the first to place advertising upon this previously unadorned surface.

Goodwin, maker of “Old Judge” and “Gypsy Queen” cigarettes, experimented with the addition of its corporate byline to the inserts and, for good measure, to attract its customers’ attention, the company placed black and white photographs on the cardboard slabs as well. The two primary themes for these photos’ subjects were deliberately selected to be consistent with smokers’ keenest interests, namely… what else? …
girls and sports.

And so it became, that as a smoker emptied a pack, he found a picture inside. Many of them featured well-known stage actresses, and many more still, showcased athletes who participated in the 19th Century’s National Pastime.

The “Old Judge” ballplayers – seen on blank-backed cards measuring roughly 17/16” by 2½” and assigned the designation the N172 issue in The American Card Catalog – became immensely popular and ultimately served as the cornerstone manifestation of “baseball cards.” The N172 issue wasn’t the first baseball card series but it constitutes the largest entity of its kind even to this day, and it reveals a marvelously comprehensive view of those who played the game during the period.

Composition -There is no N172 “set,” as such, because the production’s full extent has never been confirmed. The cards are not numbered and the manufacturer provided no formal listing of subjects. (To do so would have been self-defeating – by acknowledging that a collection could be “completed,” it could be inferred that further buying to obtain more cards wasn’t necessary – and it’s also likely that many photographs were added or withdrawn on the spur of the moment during the issue’s four-year period of distribution.) What is known is that more than 500 player entries have been documented and counting variations in pose, team association, photo cropping and caption spelling, the documented total of different cards exceeds 3,000 designs.

Old Judges are now well over a century old, and the cards’ photography has in many cases faded or become less distinct with the passage of time. Most surviving examples exhibit a sepia-hued toning (which in some instances is almost pink in color) and their quality of focus varies widely. Still, the relics are undeniably captivating. The series features distinguished portraits, full-length standing poses and creative studio shots that show a fielder or batter poised to deal with a baseball, which is clearly suspended from a studio ceiling! Old Judge pioneered the multi-player card, wherein two athletes typically shared a carefully contrived “action” scene; managers, umpires, and team mascots (both human and canine) were also addressed by the release.

Most conspicuous among the issue’s content in the eyes of many present-day collectors is the presence in the N172 issue of numerous Hall of Fame players. For the majority of these Cooperstown enshrinees, very few, if any other period collectibles, provide these stalwarts’ career-contemporary, photographic likenesses. The N172 issue was a vastly inclusive effort, and it’s not surprising that virtually all of the 19th Century greats are revealed in at least a few of its portrayals. Cap Anson, Dan Brouthers, Connie Mack and Harry Wright appear in only two or three poses apiece, but many others such as Charles Comiskey, Buck Ewing, Hoss Radbourn, Amos Rusie and John Ward can be found in five to ten varieties per man. Yet another (non-Hall) figure of interest to many, and who has been observed in at least five poses, is center fielder and future evangelist Billy Sunday.

Key Features and Rarities -Some Old Judges are one-of-a-kind pieces, and embody the very definition of rarity. Others have been observed in multiples over the years, yet as demonstrated by the zealously coveted Hall of Famers, enjoy demand scarcity that enhances their value and mystique.

The N172 issue is home to a plethora of often-obscure and very scarce nuances in detail, a fact that creates fertile ground for the specialist collector. And through the ongoing process of cataloging and information gathering, new rarities are discovered on an occasional basis. In terms of already-documented challenges, the “Spotted Ties” subset (containing player portraits of the 1887 Champions, with the cards so nicknamed by their subjects’ distinctive neckwear) and the excruciatingly tough California League entries – which were probably limited to then-sparsely populated West Coast areas in their distribution – are noteworthy prizes for the devoted N172 enthusiast.

Bottom Line -In addition to filling an invaluable role as a visual chronicle of baseball’s fabled 19th Century era, Old Judge’s gallery stands as a primary building block for the collecting hobby. The sight of one or several of The N172 issue’s photographic collectibles (more accurately described as antiques) serves to transport the viewer on an emotional journey into history. The modern cards that owe much of their origin to Old Judge may someday have the same effect upon future generations, but as the most extensive early issue of its size and scope, The N172 issue can be regarded as the sort of phenomenon that only occurs once – and irrevocably nudges and shapes the culture into which it is introduced.


Christian Von Der Ahe
Gus Albert ((Alberts)-Cleveland, Bat Back)
Gus Albert ((Alberts)-Cleveland-Throw, Bending/L)
Gus Albert ((Alberts)-Milwaukee)
Gus Albert ((Alberts)-Milwaukee-Throw, Bending/L)
Gus Albert (Stooping To Field Grounder)
Charles Alcott (Ball In R/Hand Above Head)
Daniel Alexander
Daniel Alexander (Ball In R/Hand Above Head)
Bob Allen (Pittsburgh)
Myron Allen
Uncle Bill Alvord
Ed Andrews (Bat Horizontal-Phila.)
Ed Andrews (Philadelphia)
Wally Andrews (Omaha)
Cap Anson (In Uniform)
Cap Anson (Street Clothes)
J. Arundel
Jersey Bakley (Bakely)
Jersey Bakley (Bat Ready, Feet Apart)
Jersey Bakley (Left Arm Half Concealing Face)
Fido Baldwin (Columbus)
Kid Baldwin (Cincinnati)
Mark Baldwin (Bat In R/Hand At Side)
Mark Baldwin (Chicago)
Mark Baldwin (Pitch, R/Hand Above Head)
Mark Baldwin (Pitch, R/Hand Back Waist High)
Samuel Barkley
Samuel Barkley (Kansas City)
John Barnes
Bald Billy Barnie (Portrait Looking L, Waist Length)
Charles Bassett (Bat At Ready At 60 Degree)
Charles Bassett (Indianapolis)
Charles Bastian
Charles Bastian (Catch Looking Upward)
Ed Beatin (Catch,Stooping For Ball By Foot)
Ed Beatin (Cleveland)
Ed Beatin (Pitch,Chin Concealed By Arm)
Ed Beattin (Cleveland)
Jake Beckley (Pittsburgh)
Jake Beckley (Pittsburgh-Catch, Hands Held Out)
Jake Beckley (St. Louis Whites)
Jake Beckley (St.L) (Fielding Ball At Knees)
Jake Beckley (St.L-Catch, Hands Held Out)
Louis Bierbauer (Bierbaur)
Bill Bishop
Bill Bishop (Bat At Ready Over R/Shoulder)
Bill Bishop (Pittsburgh)
Bill Blair
Bill Blair (Ahtletics-Throw, Looking Front)
Bill Blair (Hamilton)
Bill Blair (Philadelphia)
Bill Blair (Throw, Looking Left)
Ned Bligh
Ned Bligh (Hands On Knees)
Ned Bligh (Swinging Bat)
Handsome Boyle (Bat At Ready At 60 Degree)
Handsome Boyle (End Of Pitch, R/Arm Extended Forward)
Handsome Boyle (Pitch, Hands Above Waist)
Handsome Boyle (Pitch, R/Hand Neck High)
John Boyle (St. Louis, Chicago)
Grin Bradley (Sioux City)
Timothy Brosnan
Cal Broughton
Cal Broughton (Catch, Hands By R/Thigh)
Dan Brouthers (Bat At Ready Over Shoulder, Looking/R)
Dan Brouthers (Catch, Hands Cupped Above Waist)
Dan Brouthers (Strike, Looking Down At Ball)
California Brown (Bat At Ready Looking At Camera)
California Brown (Bat In L/Hand At Side)
California Brown (In Mask, Catch, Hands Chest High)
California Brown (In Mask, Hands On Thighs)
California Brown (Throw, R/Hand Chin High, Mask In L/Hand)
Thomas Brown (Catch, Hands Above Head)
Thomas Brown (Pittsburg)
Pete Browning
Charles Brynan
Charles Brynan (Pitch, R/Hand Neck High)
Al Buckenberger (Looking Left)
Dick Buckley (Stooping To Catch Ball Ankle High)
Dick Buckley (Strike, Looking Down At Ball)
Charles Buffington
Charles Buffington (Pitch. Hands At Chest)
Charles Buffington (Pitch.R/Hand Above Head)
Charles Buffington (W/Ball-Philadelphias)
Charles Buffington (With Bat-Phila's)
Ernie Burch
Ernie Burch (Brooklyn)
Ernie Burch (St. Louis Whites)
Ernie Burch (White Uniform, Hands High)
Bill Burdick (Bat In L/Hand At Side)
Bill Burdick (Indianapolis)
Black Jack Burdock (2d B. (Throwing))
Black Jack Burdock (Portrait, Looking To Right)
Black Jack Burdock (Stooping To Field Grounder)
Robert Burks (Burk)
Robert Burks (Catch, Hands At Chest)
Watch Burnham (Portrait, Looking To L)
James Burns (K.C.-(Bat On Shoulder))
James Burns (K.C.-(Bat With Ball))
James Burns (K.C.-(Catching Ball))
James Burns (Stooping To Field Grounder)
Oyster Burns (Baltimore)
Oyster Burns (Baltimore, Brooklyn)
Oyster Burns (Brooklyn)
Oyster Burns (Brooklyn-Hands Above Head)
Thomas Burns (Bat At Ready Nearly Horizontal)
Thomas Burns (Bat In R/Hand At Side)
Thomas Burns (Catch, Hands Head High)
Thomas Burns (Chicago)
Thomas Burns (Tagging Player On Ground)
Doc Bushong (Brooklyn)
Doc Bushong (Brown's Champions)
Doc Bushong (Stooping, Hands Clasped Waist High)
Patsy Cahill
Patsy Cahill (Bat At Ready, Nearly Vertical)
Patsy Cahill (Catch, Hand Head High)
Count Campau (Detroit)
Jimmy Canavan (Omaha)
Bart Cantz
Jack Carney
Hick Carpenter
Cliff Carroll (Washington)
Fred Carroll (Pittsburg)
Scrappy Carroll (Bat At Ready, St. Paul)
Scrappy Carroll (St. Paul)
Jumbo Cartwright
Bob Caruthers (Brooklyn)
Bob Caruthers (Brown's Champions)
Dan Casey
Dan Casey (Hands Above Waist)
Elton Chamberlain (Pitch,Hands At Chest)
Icebox Chamberlain
Cupid Childs
Lee Chreve (Shreve)
Bob Clark (Brooklyn)
Bob Clark (Hands On Hips)
Bob Clark (Hands On Knees)
Spider Clark (Washington)
Dad Clarke ((Clark)-Chicago)
Dad Clarke ((Clark)-Omahas)
John Clarkson
John Clarkson (Bostons (Batting))
John Clarkson (Throw, R/Arm Extended Horizontally, Looking Front, L/Hand On Thigh)
John Clarkson (Throw, R/Arm Extended Horizontally, R/Profile)
John Clarkson (Throw, R/Hand Hip High, R/Profile)
Jack Clements (Bat At Ready Nearly Vertical)
Jack Clements (Catch, Hands Outstretched Neck High)
Jack Clements (Hands On Knees)
Elmer Cleveland
Elmer Cleveland (N.Y.-Bending, Hands Back)
Monk Cline
Monk Cline (Catch, Hands By R/Shoulder, Looking At Ball Just Above Hands)
Mike Cody (Des Moines)
John Coleman
John Coleman (Pittsburgh)
Bill Collins (New York)
Hub Collins (Brooklyn)
Hub Collins (Louisville)
Hub Collins (Sliding On Stomach)
Commy Comiskey (Arms Fold)
Commy Comiskey (Bat At Ready By Head)
Commy Comiskey (Brown's Champions)
Commy Comiskey (Catch, Hands Cupped Chin High, Looking Up At Ball)
Commy Comiskey (Portrait In Striped Cap)
Commy Comiskey (St. Louis, Chicago)
Pete Connell
Roger Conner ((Connor)-Script Name)
Roger Conner (Connor)
Roger Connor ((Conner) Fielding)
Roger Connor (Batter's Box-Script Name)
Roger Connor (Catch, Hands Waist High)
Roger Connor (Hands On Knees, Script)
Dick Conway (Ball In Hand, Head High)
Dick Conway (Boston)
Dick Conway (Worcester-Ball In R/Hand, Head High)
Jim Conway (Bat At Ready)
Jim Conway (Kansas City)
Peter Conway (Detroit)
Peter Conway (Indianapolis)
Peter Conway (Pittsburghs)
Jimmy Cooney
Larry Corcoran
Larry Corcoran (Indianapolis-Script, Hands Near Shoulder)
Pop Corkhill
Pop Corkhill (Brooklyns)
Pop Corkhill (Cincinnati)
Cannonball Crane (Bat Nearly Horizontal)
Cannonball Crane (New York)
Cannonball Crane (Ready To Pitch)
Sam Crane (Washington)
Jack Crogan ((Croghan),Bat At Ready)
Jack Crogan (Croghan)
John Crooks
John Crooks (Catch, Hands Head High)
N.C. Crossley
N.C. Crossley (Bending Over)
Joe Crotty (Sioux City)
Billy Crowell
Billy Crowell (Cleveland, Bat Over R/Shoulder)
Jim Cudworth
Bert Cunningham
Bert Cunningham (Bat Nearly Vertical)
Tacks Curtis
Ed Cushman (Dotted Tie)
Ed Cushman (Toledo)
Edward Dailey (Bat At Ready At 45 Degree)
Edward Dailey (Pitch, Hands Neck High)
Edward Dailey (Pitch, R/Hand Head High)
Vincent Dailey (Mask In R/Hand At Side)
Vincent Dailey (Pitch, Hands Neck High, Phila.)
Bill Daley (Pitch.Hands At Belly-Boston)
Con Daley (Boston (Nl))
Con Daley (Boston, Print, Bat Over Shoulder)
Con Daley (Indianapolis)
Edward Daley ((Daily)-Philadelphia)
Abner Dalrymple
Sun Daly (Minneapolis)
Tom Daly (Bat In R/Hand At Side)
Tom Daly (Chicago)
Tom Daly (Chicago, W/ Logo, Bat At Side)
Law Daniels
Dell Darling
Dell Darling (Del.-Catch, Hands At Waist)
Dell Darling (L/Profile, Bat Nearly Vertical)
William Darnbrough (Bat At Ready Nearly Vertical)
William Darnbrough (Pitch, Hands Chest High)
Jumbo Davis (Kansas City-(Catching))
Jumbo Davis (Kansas City-(Sliding))
Pat Dealey
Pat Dealey (Catch, Hands Waist High)
Tom Deasley
Tom Deasley (Leaning L/Ball In Hands By Chin)
Tom Deasley (N.Y.-Leaning L/Hands Clasped Neck High)
Tom Deasley (N.Y.-Sliding Horizontal)
Tom Deasley (R/Hand Hip High, L/Hand By L/Knee)
Tom Deasley (Ready To Catch, Hands Chest High)
Tom Deasley (Throw, Hands Chest High)
Tom Deasley (Washington-Leaning L/Hands Clasped Neck High)
Harry Decker
Harry Decker (Philadelphia)
Ed Delahanty
Ed Delahanty (Bat/Rt.Shoulder-Phila's)
Ed Delahanty (Field.Hands/Waist-Phila.)
Ed Delahanty (Fielding Grounder-Phila.)
Jerry Denny (Bat At Ready At 60 Degrees)
Jerry Denny (Catch, Hands Cupped Chest High)
Jerry Denny (In Jacket, Arms At Sides)
Jim Devlin
Jim Devlin (End Of Pitch Waist High)
Tom Dolan (Denver)
Jack Donahue (San Francisco)
Jim Donahue (Kansas City)
Jim Donnelly
Jim Donohue ((Donahue) K.C.)
Mike Dorgan
Mike Dorgan (Hands On Knees)
Mike Dorgan (Sliding, L/Hand Raised)
Home Run Duffe ((Duffee)-Batting)
Home Run Duffe ((Duffee)-Catching)
Home Run Duffe (Catch, Bending, Hands Waist High)
Home Run Duffe (Catch, Standing Upright, Hands Above Waist)
Hugh Duffy (Bat At Ready, Almost Vertical)
Hugh Duffy (Catch, Hands Chin High)
Hugh Duffy (Throw, R/Hand Head High)
Dan Dugdale
Dan Dugdale (Chicago, Ball In R/Hand)
Dan Dugdale (Minneapolis)
Duck Duke
Sure Shot Dunlap
Dunn (Catch, Hands Cupped)
Dunn (Hands Chest High)
Jesse Duryea
Frank Dwyer
Frank Dwyer (Bat In R/Hand At Side)
Buck Ebright
R. Emmerke
Dude Esterbrook
Dude Esterbrook (Louisville-R/Hand Over Ball In L/Hand)
Dude Esterbrook (New York-R/Hand Over Ball In L/Hand)
Henry Esterday (Columbus)
Henry Esterday (Hands Above Head-Columbus)
Buck Ewing (Bat In R/Hand At Side)
Buck Ewing (Catch, Hands Head High)
Buck Ewing (Hands On Knees)
Buck Ewing (Sliding-Horizontal Format)
Buck Ewing (Standing By Mascot On Chair)
Buck Ewing (Stooping To Field Grounder, L/Profile)
Buck Ewing (Throw, R/Arm Extended Forward Head High)
Buck Ewing (Throw, R/Hand Waist High At Side)
Buck Ewing (Walking/L, Hands Thigh High)
John Ewing (Pitch, Hands At Cap)
Jay Faatz
Jay Faatz (Bat At Ready At 30 Degrees)
Jay Faatz (Stooping To Field Grounder)
Jay Faatz (Throwing)
Bill Fagan
Bill Farmer
Bill Farmer (Bat At Ready By Head)
Bill Farmer (Hands On Knees)
Bill Farmer (Pittsburgh)
Bill Farmer (Pittsburgh, Throwing)
Bill Farmer (St. Paul)
Bill Farmer (St. Paul-Hands Of Knees)
Sid Farrar
Sid Farrar (Catch, Hands Cupped Chin High)
Sid Farrar (Catch, Hands Head High)
Sid Farrar (Catch, Stooping, Hands Ankle High. Phila.)
Duke Farrell (Chicago)
Duke Farrell (Farrel)
Jack Farrell (Baltimore)
Jack Farrell (Baltimore-Throwing)
Jack Farrell (Washington, Hands On Thighs)
Sid Farrer ((Farrar) Rt.Hand On Belt)
Frank Fennelly
Charlie Ferguson (Hand At Chest)
Charlie Ferguson (Philadelphia)
Charlie Ferguson (Throw, R/Hand Head High)
Charlie Ferguson (Throwing)
Alex Ferson
Wallace Fessenden (Arms At Sides)
Wallace Fessenden (Umpire)
Jocko Field (Fields)
Jocko Fields
Jocko Fields (Throw, R/Hand Head High)
Thomas Flanigan (Flanagan)
Silver Flint (Batting)
Silver Flint (Catch, Hands Chest High)
Silver Flint (Hands At Hips)
Silver Flint (Portrait-Street Clothes)
Thomas Flood
Thomas Flood (Ball In L/Hand, Chin High)
Jim Fogarty (Bat Over Right Shoulder)
Jim Fogarty (Catching/Hand Neck High)
Jim Fogarty (Sliding, L/Hand On Base)
Frank Foreman (Baltimore)
Frank Foreman (Cincinnati)
Elmer Foster (Bat In R/Hand At Side)
Elmer Foster (Minneapolis)
Elmer Foster (New York)
Elmer Foster (Throw, Hand Head High)
Dave Foutz
Dave Foutz (Bat At Ready At 30 Degree)
Dave Foutz (Bat At Ready Over R/Shoulder)
Dave Foutz (Portrait In Striped Cap)
Dave Foutz (Ready To Pitch, Hands Above Waist)
Julie Freeman (Pitch, Hands Thigh High)
Julie Freeman (Right Hand Extended)
Will Fry
Will Fry (Fielding Grounder)
Will Fry (St. Joes)
Will Fry (Strike, Looking At Ball)
Shorty Fuller (Catch, Hands Shoulder High)
Shorty Fuller (St. Louis)
William Fuller (Milwaukee)
Chris Fullmer ((Fulmer)-Baltimore)
Chris Fulmer
G.Whitney (St. Joseph)
Honest John Gaffney
Pud Galvin (Bat At Ready)
Pud Galvin (In Jacket, Arms At Sides)
Pud Galvin (In Jacket, Bat In R/Hand At Side)
Bob Gamble
Bob Gamble (Pitch, R/Hand Forward)
Charlie Ganzel (Boston)
Gid Garner
Hank Gastreich
Hank Gastreich (Bat At Ready)
Emil Geiss
Emil Geiss (Ready To Pitch, Hands Above Waist)
Frenchy Genius ((Genins)-Bat At Ready, Looking At Camera)
Frenchy Genius ((Genins)-Sioux City)
Bill George
Bill George (Bat At Ready, By Head )
Bill George (Sliding-P. N.Y's)
Joe Gerhardt
Charlie Getzein ((Getzien)-Ind, End Of Pitch)
Charlie Getzein (Getzien)
Bobby Gilks
Bobby Gilks (Bat At Ready)
Pete Gillespie
Pete Gillespie (L/Hand Half Off Picture)
Pete Gillespie (Moving/L, Hand Half Off Picture)
Barney Gilligan
Barney Gilligan (Washington)
Frank Gilmore
Jack Glasscock (Indianapolis)
Jack Glasscock (Indianapolis,Throw R/Hand)
Jack Glasscock (Indianapolis-Bat In R/Hand At Side)
Gleason (Athletics)
Bill Gleason (St.Louis, Brown's Champ.)
Kid Gleason (Bat At Ready Over R/Shoulder)
Kid Gleason (Strike, Bat Horizontal)
Will Gleason (Athletics, Brown' Champ.)
Ed Glenn (Bat At Ready, Looking At Camera)
Ed Glenn (Catch Hands Thigh High)
Ed Glenn (Sioux City)
Mike Goodfellow (Cleveland)
Mike Goodfellow (Cleveland, Bat By Head)
Mike Goodfellow (Detroit)
George Gore
George Gore (Batting Stance)
George Gore (N.Y.-Hands Near Ground)
George Gore (New Yorks-Bat At Side)
George Gore (Sliding, L/Arm Raised)
George Gore (Swinging Bat W/Ball)
Piano Legs Gore
Frank Graves
Bill Greenwood (Baltimore, Looking At Ball By Bat)
Bill Greenwood (Baltimore-Looking At Ball By Bat)
Bill Greenwood (Batting)
Bill Greenwood (Pitching)
Ed Greer
Ed Greer (Bat By Head)
Clark Griffith
Clark Griffith (Ball In Hands At Chest)
Clark Griffith (Batting, Looking At Ball)
Clark Griffith (Pitching, Hands At Neck)
Clark Griffith (Pitching, Rt.Hand Hd.High)
Henry Gruber
Henry Gruber (Pitch, R/Hand Cap High)
Ad Gumbert
Tom Gunning
Joe Gunson (Kansas City)
George Haddock (Pitch, Hands At Chest)
George Haddock (Washington)
Frank Hafner
"Bug" Halliday ((Holliday)-Catch, Hands Cupped At Waist)
"Bug" Halliday (Legs Crossed)
Bill Hallman (Dark Uniform, Throw, R/Hand Head High)
Bill Hallman (Philadelphia)
Billy Hamilton
Billy Hamilton (Fielding, Hands Neck-High)
Billy Hamilton (W/Bat Looking Up At Ball)
Frank Hankinson
Frank Hankinson (Dotted Tie)
Ned Hanlon (Boston)
Ned Hanlon (Detroit)
Ned Hanlon (Detroits (Bat At Side))
Ned Hanlon (Detroits (Batting))
Ned Hanlon (Fielding-Detroits)
Ned Hanlon (Pittsburgh)
Ned Hanlon (Pittsburghs (Fielding))
Ned Hanlon (Pittsburgs (Batting))
William Hanrahan
Pa Harkins (Baltimore)
Pa Harkins (Brooklyn)
Pa Harkins (Light Uniform,Bat At Ready)
Bill Hasamdear
Gil Hatfield (Bat Over R/Shoulder)
Gil Hatfield (Hands Cupped, No Ball)
Gil Hatfield (New York)
Egyptian Healey ((Healy) Indianapolis, Dark Cap, Pitch, Hands At Chest)
Egyptian Healey ((Healy) Washington, Dark Cap, Pitch, Hands At Chest)
Egyptian Healey (Healy)
Guy Hecker (Ball In Hands On Chest, R/Foot Behind L/Foot)
Guy Hecker (Louisville)
Tony Hellman
Tony Hellman (Catch. Hands Head High)
Hardie Henderson
Hardie Henderson (Brooklyn)
Hardie Henderson (White Cap, Bat Over R/Shoulder)
Moxie Hengle
Moxie Hengle (Catch, Hands Above Head)
Moxie Hengle (Chicago Maroons)
Moxie Hengle (Minneapolis)
Ed Herr
Ed Herr (Bat Over R/Shoulder, Looking Front)
Ed Herr (St. Louis Whites)
Ed Herr (St. Louis, Bat In Right Hand At Side)
Hunkey Hines (St. Louis Whites)
Paul Hines (Arms At Sides-Washington)
Paul Hines (Arms Folded-Washington)
Paul Hines (Washington)
Eddie Hogan (Cleveland)
Eddie Hogan (Fielding Grounder)
Bill Holbert (Brooklyns)
Bill Holbert (Catch, Ball Not Visible)
Bill Holbert (Catching)
Bill Holbert (Dotted Tie)
Bill Holbert (Throw, R/Hand Forward)
Buster Hoover (Philadelphia)
Charles Hoover (Ball In Hands Chin High)
Charles Hoover (Bat At Ready, Looking At Camera)
Charles Hoover (Hands On Thighs)
Charles Hoover (Kneeling To Field Low Ball)
Charles Hoover (Throw, R/Hand Head High)
Joe Horning ((Hornung) Bat At Side)
Joe Horning ((Hornung) Bat Out-Boston)
Joe Horning ((Hornung) Bat Up-Boston)
Joe Horning (Hornung)
Joe Hornung
Pete Hotaling
Pete Hotaling (Bat On Left Shoulder)
Bill Howes ((Hawes)-Minneapolis)
Dummy Hoy
Dummy Hoy (Throwing)
Nat Hudson (Bat At Ready, Looking At Camera)
Nat Hudson (Pitch, Hands Chest High)
Nat Hudson (Portrait In Striped Cap)
Mickey Hughes (Brooklyn)
Mickey Hughes (Pitch, R/Hand Forward Head High)
Al Hungler (Pitch, R/Hand Forward Chin High)
Al Hungler (Sioux City)
Arthur Irwin (Bat At Ready, L/Heel Behind R/Leg)
Arthur Irwin (Hands Between Knees, Philadelphia )
Arthur Irwin (Philadelphia-(Batting))
Arthur Irwin (Philadelphia-(Cap Off))
Arthur Irwin (Philadelphia-(Fielding))
Arthur Irwin (Portrait, Looking/R)
Arthur Irwin (Stooping For Grounder)
John Irwin (Washington)
A.C. Jantzen (Catching)
A.C. Jantzen (Fielding)
A.C. Jantzen (Minneapolis)
Frederick Jevne
Spud Johnson (Columbus)
Spud Johnson (Kansas City)
Dick Johnston
Dick Johnston (Hands On Hips)
Dick Johnston (Strike, Looking At Approaching Ball)
Jordan (Minneapolis)
Heinie Kappell (Kappel)
Heinie Kappell (Throw, R/Hand Neck High)
George Keefe (Washington)
Tim Keefe (New York)
Tim Keefe (Pitch, Hands Above Waist, N.Y.'s)
Tim Keefe (Pitch, Right Hand Held Out Waist High)
Tim Keefe (Pitch.Rt.Hand Head High)
Keefe/Richardson (Keefe, P. New Yorks)
James Keenan
James Keenan (Bat At Ready Nearly Vertical)
Charles Kelly (Philadelphia)
Honest John Kelly (Looking At Ball-Umpire)
Honest John Kelly (Umpire Western Assn.)
Honest John Kelly (With Jim Powell)
King Kelly ($10,000)
King Kelly (Bat At Ready, Horizontal, R/Handed)
King Kelly (Bat At Ready, L/Handed)
King Kelly (Bat At Side)
King Kelly (Boston)
King Kelly (Bostons (Bat @ 45 Deg.))
King Kelly (Chicago)
King Kelly (Portrait,In Cap-Chicago)
Rudy Kemler (Brown's Champions)
Rudy Kemler (Kemmler)
Ted Kennedy (Bat In Left Hand At Side-Omaha)
Ted Kennedy (Omaha)
Ted Kennedy (Pitch, Hands Chest High, Omaha)
Theodore Kennedy (Des Moines)
J.J. Kenyon
J.J. Kenyon (Catch, Hands Chest High)
J.J. Kenyon (St. Louis-Right Hand In Glove)
John Kerins
John Kerins (Looking At Ball Waist High)
John Kerins (Standing, Hands Cupped)
John Kerins (Wearing Mask)
Matt Kilroy
Matt Kilroy (Baltimore)
Matt Kilroy (Baltimore-Ball In Fingers)
Matt Kilroy (Batting)
Silver King
Silver King (Pitch, Hands Chest High)
Silver King (Pitch, Hands Chest High, Browns)
August Kloff
William Klusman (Catch, Hands Head High, Denver)
William Klusman (Denver)
William Klusman (Milwaukee)
Phillip Knell
Fred Knouff (Sliding)
Fred Knouff (St. Louis Browns)
Bill Kreig ((Krieg) St. Joseph)
Bill Krieg
Bill Krieg (Dark Cap, Bat At Ready)
Gus Krock (Bat On Right Shoulder)
Gus Krock (Hands Above Waist)
Gus Krock (Pitching)
Gus Krock (R/Hand Thigh High At Back)
Gus Krock (White Lettering, Pitching)
Willie Kuehne
Fred Lange
Henry Larkin
Henry Larkin (Ball By Bat, Looking Front)
Henry Larkin (Catching Thigh High)
Henry Larkin (Throw Rt. Shoulder High)
Arlie Latham (Brown's Champions)
Arlie Latham (St. Louis)
John Leighton
John Leighton (Catch, Hands Neck High)
John Leighton (Left Hand Head High)
John Leighton (Stooping, Catch, Hands By L/Ankle)
Tom Loftus (Manager, St. Louis Whites)
Germany Long (Bat In R/Hand At Side)
Germany Long (Catch, Hands Chest High)
Germany Long (Kansas City)
Germany Long (Maroons)
Tom Lovett (Brooklyn)
Tom Lovett (Omaha)
Bobby Lowe (Milwaukee)
Jack Lynch
Denny Lyons (Athletic-Hand Above Head)
Denny Lyons (Athletics)
Harry Lyons (Bending, Hands Thigh High)
Harry Lyons (Sliding)
Harry Lyons (St. Louis)
Connie Mack (Throw, R/Hand Neck High)
Connie Mack (Washington)
Joe Mack (Catch, Hands Chin High)
Joe Mack (Louisville)
Joe Mack (Sliding)
Joe Mack (Strike, Looking At Ball)
Kid Madden (Bat In L/Hand At Side)
Kid Madden (Boston)
Danny Mahoney
Grasshopper Maines (Mains)
Willard Maines (St. Paul)
Fred Mann
Fred Mann (St. Louis)
Jimmy Manning
Lefty Marr (Cincinnati)
Lefty Marr (Columbus)
Mascot (New York)
Leech Maskrey (Des Moines)
Leech Maskrey (Milwaukee)
Leech Maskrey (Photo Jimmy Macullar)
Bobby Mathews
Mike Mattimore (Bat In R/Hand At Side)
Mike Mattimore (Hands Above Head)
Mike Mattimore (Hands Waist High)
Mike Mattimore (Pitch, Hands Shoulder High)
Smiling Al Maul
Smiling Al Maul (Batting, L/Foot Angled)
Smiling Al Maul (Catch, Leaning/L, Hands Head High)
Smiling Al Maul (Hands At Chest, Feet To Border)
Al Mays (Columbus)
Jimmy McAleer (Bat Ready Nearly Vertical)
Jimmy McAleer (Cleveland)
Jimmy McAleer (Stooping To Field Low Ball)
John McCarthy (McCarty)
Tommy McCarthy (Bat At Ready, Outdoor)
Tommy McCarthy (Batting Indoor, St.Louis)
Tommy McCarthy (Catch, Hands Outstretched/L Head High)
Tommy McCarthy (Catching To Right)
Tommy McCarthy (Philadelphia)
Tommy McCarthy (Sliding, Indoor)
Tommy McCarthy (St. Louis)
Tommy McCarthy (St.Louis Hands Chest-High Catching)
Tommy McCarthy (Tagging Player)
Tommy McCarthy (Throw, R/Hand Head High, Indoor Background)
Jim McCauley
Bill McClellan (Bat At Ready, L/Handed)
Bill McClellan (Denver)
John McCormack
Jim McCormick
Jim McCormick (Bat At Ready, R/Handed)
Tom McCullum (Bat At Ready Near Head)
Tom McCullum (Minneapolis)
James McGarr
James McGarr (Batting, Umpire In Rear, K.C.)
James McGarr (Batting, W/Umpire, Kansas City)
Jack McGeachy (Indianapolis)
John McGlone (Cleveland)
John McGlone (Cleveland, Being Tagged By Albert)
John McGlone (Detroit)
Deacon McGuire
Deacon McGuire (Hands On Knees)
Bill McGunnigle
Ed McKean (Bat Ready, Looking At Camera)
Ed McKean (Cleveland)
Ed McKean (Looking Down At Ball)
Alex McKinnon
Alex McKinnon (Catch, Hands Waist High)
John McPhee (Bat At Ready, Looking At Camera)
John McPhee (Catch, Hands Head High)
John McPhee (Stooping, Hands Ankle High)
John McPhee (Strike, Looking At Ball)
John McPhee (Throw, R/Hand Head High)
Jack McQuaid (Umpire)
James McQuaid (Denver)
James McQuaid (Denver-Bat At Ready, Facing Camera)
James McQuaid (Denver-Batting, Looking At Ball)
Jim McTamany
Jim McTamany (Bat At Ready)
Jim McTamany (Catch R/Hand Above Head)
George McVey (Denver-Bending/L, Hands Waist High, Feet Level)
George McVey (Milwaukee-Bending/L, Hands Waist High, Feet Level)
John Messitt (Bat In R/Hand At Side)
Doggie Miller (Pittsburg)
Joe Miller (Bat Ready Omaha On Uniform)
Joe Miller (Minneapolis)
Jocko Milligan
Jocko Milligan (Bat At Ready)
E.L. Mills (Ball In L/Hand Above Head)
E.L. Mills (Bat At Ready, Glancing/L)
E.L. Mills (Bat In L/Hand At Side)
E.L. Mills (Catch, Ball In Hands Shoulder High)
E.L. Mills (Catch, Hands Shoulder High (No Ball In Hands))
E.L. Mills (Throw, Ball In R/Hand Head High)
Daniel Minnehan (Bat At Ready, Looking At Camera)
Daniel Minnehan (Catch, Hands Chin High)
Daniel Minnehan (Catch, Leaning/L, Hands Chest High)
Daniel Minnehan (Strike, Looking Down At Ball)
Sam Moffet
John Morrell (Portrait)
John Morrill
Ed Morris
Ed Morris (Hands At Chest, Feet Apart)
Ed Morris (Left Hand Up Head High, Right Hand Over Right Thigh)
Count Mullane
Count Mullane (Pitch, Hands Held Out On L, Clear Of Belt, Looking/R)
Count Mullane (Pitch, R/Hand Hip High)
Joseph Mulvey
Joseph Mulvey (Catch, Hands Above Waist)
P.L. Murphy (St. Paul)
Pat Murphy (New York)
Miah Murray
Miah Murray (Bat Over R/Shoulder)
Truthful J.Mutrie
Truthful J.Mutrie (Seated, Hat In Right Hand)
Truthful J.Mutrie (Standing, Bowler Hat On Head)
Al Myers (Bat At Ready, Looking At Camera)
Al Myers (Philadelphia)
Al Myers (Portrait, Looking/R)
Al Myers (Wash.-Hands On Knees)
Al Myers (Washington)
George Myers (Bat At Ready, Looking At Camera)
George Myers (Stooping, Hands Waist High)
George Myers (Tagging Player On Ground)
Tom Nagle
Tom Nagle (Chicago)
Tom Nagle (Omaha)
Billy Nash (Tagging)
Billy Nash (Throwing)
Candy Nelson (Dotted Tie)
Nicholl (Brown's Champions)
Nick Nicholl (Portrait In Striped Cap)
Kid Nichols
Kid Nichols (Batting, Nichols, P.)
Kid Nichols (Pitch, Hands At Chest)
Kid Nichols (Pitching,R.H. Forward, P.Omaha)
Samuel Nichols ((Nichol) Pittsburgh)
Parson Nicholson (Catch, Ball In Hand )
Parson Nicholson (St.Louis Whites)
Kid Nickols (Looking At Ball-(Nichols))
Little Nick Nicol (Cincinnati)
Little Nick Nicol (With Reilly, Side By Side)
Little Nick Nicoll ((Nicol)-Brown's Champions)
Frederick Nyce
Frederick Nyce (Ball In R/Hand, Chin High)
Doc Oberlander
Doc Oberlander (Cleveland-Pitch, Looking Left)
Billy O'Brien (Washington)
Billy O'Brien (Washington-Hands At Knees)
Jack O'Brien (Brooklyn)
Jack O'Brien (Throw, Hand Head High)
John O'Brien (Bat At Ready, Looking At Camera)
John O'Brien (Cleveland)
William O'Brien (Bat At Ready, Looking At Camera)
William O'Brien (Catch, Hands Head High On L)
William O'Brien (Catch, R/Hand High/L)
William O'Brien (Strike, Looking At Ball By Bat)
William O'Brien (Throw, R/Hand Head High)
Hank O'Day
Hank O'Day (Ball In R/Hand Head High)
Tip O'Neil ((O'Neill) Bat Over R/Shoulder, Ball Visible )
Tip O'Neil ((O'Neill) Chicago, Moustached, Stooping To Field Grounder)
Tip O'Neil ((O'Neill) Clean Shaven, Stooping To Field Grounder )
Tip O'Neil ((O'Neill) R/Hand Chest High)
Tip O'Neil ((O'Neill) St.Louis, Moustached, Stooping To Field Grounder)
Tip O'Neil ((O'Neill)-St.Louis)
Tip O'Neil ((O'Neill)-St.Louis,Browns)
Tip O'Neil (Throw, R/Hand Chest High, L/Hand Below Waist)
Tip O'Neil (White-W/Moustach Stooping)
Jim O'Rourke (Bat At Ready, Looking At Camera)
Jim O'Rourke (Bat In R/Hand At Side)
Jim O'Rourke (Catch, Hands Chest High)
Jim O'Rourke (Throw, R/Hand Head High)
Tom O'Rourke (Boston)
Tom O'Rourke (Catch, Hands Thigh High)
Dave Orr
Dave Orr (Bat At Ready Nearly Vertical)
Dave Orr (Brooklyn, Bat At Ready About 45 Degree Angle)
Dave Orr (Columbus)
Dave Orr (Columbus, Bat At Ready About 45 Degree Angle)
Dave Orr (Dotted Tie)
Owen Patton (Des Moines)
Owen Patton (Des Moines, Catch, Hands Cupped Chin High)
Owen Patton (Minneapolis)
Owen Patton (Minneapolis, Catch, Hands Cupped Chin High)
Jimmy Peeples (Brooklyn (Peoples))
Jimmy Peeples (Columbus (Peoples))
Jimmy Peeples (Peoples)
Patrick Pettee (Throw, R/Hand Head High)
Fred Pfeffer (Bat On R/Shoulder)
Fred Pfeffer (Catch, Hands Above Waist)
Fred Pfeffer (Chicago)
Fred Pfeffer (Strike, Looking At Ball By Bat)
Fred Pfeffer (Tagging Player On Ground)
Fred Pfeffer (Throw, R/Hand Neck High)
Dick Phelan
Dick Phelan (Bat At Ready, Looking At Camera)
Dick Phelan (Strike, Looking Down At Ball)
Bill Phillips (Brooklyn-(Batting))
Bill Phillips (Brooklyn-Bat Over R/Shoulder)
Bill Phillips (Stooping-Horizontal)
Jack Pickett (Kansas City)
Jack Pickett (Kansas City-Bat Over R/Shoulder)
Jack Pickett (Philadelphia-Bat Over R/Shoulder)
Jack Pickett (St. Paul-Bat Over R/Shoulder)
Jack Pickett (Throw R/Hand Head High)
George Pinkney
George Pinkney (Bat Over Rt. Shoulder)
George Pinkney (Brooklyn)
Tom Poorman
Henry Porter (Brooklyn, Throw, R/Hand Neck High)
Henry Porter (Brooklyn,Right Hand Neck High)
Henry Porter (Brooklyn-Hands Chest High)
Henry Porter (Catch, Hands Head High)
Henry Porter (Kansas City, Hands Chest High)
Henry Porter (Kansas City, Throw, R/Hand Neck High)
Henry Porter (Throw, R/Hand Cap High)
Jim Powell
Jim Powell (Strike, Looking At Ball)
Blondie Purcell
Blondie Purcell (Athletics)
Blondie Purcell (Baltimore)
Joe Quinn (Boston)
Joe Quinn (Des Moines)
Joe Quinn (Sliding)
Tom Quinn (Baltimore)
Old Hoss Radbourn (Bat At Ready)
Old Hoss Radbourn (Bat/Shoulder P., Boston)
Old Hoss Radbourn (Bat/Shoulder P., Bostons)
Old Hoss Radbourn (Hands At Waist)
Old Hoss Radbourn (Portrait)
Old Hoss Radbourn (Space Between Hands/Belt)
Old Hoss Radbourn (Tagging Nash, Pitcher, Boston)
Shorty Radford
Shorty Radford (Brooklyn)
Shorty Radford (Catching-No Ball)
Shorty Radford (Catching-With Ball)
Shorty Radford (Cleveland)
Shorty Radford (Looking At Ball By Bat)
Charlie Reilly (St. Paul)
Charlie Reilly (St. Paul-Catch, Hands Extended Out Waist High)
John Reilly (Catch, Reaching Up)
John Reilly (Throw, R/Hand Cap High)
Nicol & Reilly (Long & Short-Side By Side)
Charles Reynolds (Arms At Sides)
Danny Richardson (Bat Over R/Shoulder)
Danny Richardson (Throw, R/Hand Head High)
Hardy Richardson (Bat At Ready Nearly Horizontal)
Hardy Richardson (Bat At Ready Over R/Shoulder)
Hardy Richardson (Catch, Hands Head High)
Charlie Ripslager
John Roach
John Roach (Bat At Ready, Leaning Forward)
John Roach (Bat At Ready, Standing Upright)
M.C. Robinson (Minneapolis)
M.C. Robinson (Tagging Player On Ground)
Wilbert Robinson (Athletics)
Wilbert Robinson (Athletics-Catching Ball Knee High)
Wilbert Robinson (Catch, Hands Neck High)
Wilbert Robinson (Catch, Looking Up At Ball)
Yank Robinson (Brown's Champions)
Yank Robinson (St. Louis)
George Rooks (Catch, Facing Front)
Chief Roseman
Jack Rowe
Amos Rusie (Indianapolis)
Amos Rusie (New York)
Amos Rusie (Pitch, R/Hand Head High)
Jimmy Ryan
Jimmy Ryan (Bat In R/Hand At Side)
Jimmy Ryan (Strike, Looking At Ball)
Doc Sage (Batting)
Doc Sage (Fielding)
Doc Sage (Stooping For Low Ball)
Doc Sage (Strike, Looking At Ball)
Ben Sanders
Frank Scheibeck
Al Schellhase (Schellhasse)
William Schenkel
William Schenkel (Milwaukee)
Schildknecht (Bat On R/Shoulder)
George Schoch (Shoch)
Jumbo Schoeneck (Chicago Maroons)
Jumbo Schoeneck (Indianapolis)
Jumbo Schoeneck (Indianapolis, Bat At Ready)
Otto Schomberg (Indianapolis)
Pop Schriver
Pop Schriver (Philadelphia)
Ed Schwartwood (Swartwood)
Emmett Seery (Ball In Hands At Neck)
Emmett Seery (Bat At Ready, Looking At Camera)
Emmett Seery (Catch, Hands Above Head)
Emmett Seery (Indianapolis)
Billy Serad
Ed Seward
Ed Seward (Pitch, R/Hand Neck High)
Orator Shafer (Arms Folded)
Orator Shafer (Bat In L/Hand At Side)
Orator Shafer (Catch, Hands Chest High)
William Sharsig
John Shaw (Catch, Stoop, Hands Neck High)
Samuel Shaw (Baltimores)
Samuel Shaw (Newarks)
Bill Shindle
Bill Shindle (Catch, Hands Above Head)
George Shoch
Otto Shomberg (Bat At Ready, Looking At Camera)
Otto Shomberg (Catch, Hands Cap High)
Otto Shomberg (Catch, Hands Waist High)
Otto Shomberg (Throw, Hands Neck High)
Lev Shreve
Lev Shreve (Right Hand Head High, Facing Front)
Lev Shreve (Strike, Looking At Approaching Ball)
Ed Silch (Brooklyn)
Ed Silch (Catching-Brooklyn)
Ed Silch (Catching-Denver)
Ed Silch (Denver)
Ed Silch (Throwing-Denver)
Mike Slattery
Mike Slattery (Bat On R/Shoulder)
Mike Slattery (R/Hand Across Body)
Mike Slattery (Right Hand On Left Thigh)
Elmer Smith (Cincinnati)
Elmer Smith (Pitch, L/Hand Neck High)
Geo. Smith (Brooklyns-(Hands At Ball))
Germany Smith (Bat At Ready, Looking At Camera)
Germany Smith (Hands On Knees)
Germany Smith (Stooping To Field Grounder)
Germany Smith (Strike, Looking At Ball By Bat)
Germany Smith (Throw, R/Hand Chin High)
Nick Smith (St. Joseph)
Nick Smith (Strike, Looking At Ball)
Pop Smith (Boston, Pittsburgh)
Pop Smith (Pittsburgh, Right Hand Fielding)
Pop Smith (Pittsburgh, With Bat)
Phenomenal Smith (Baltimore, Athletics)
Phenomenal Smith (Baltimore, Hands By R/Shoulder)
Phenomenal Smith (Philadelphia Aa)
Phenomenal Smith (Pitch, Hands At Chest)
Pop Smith (Hands Of Knees)
Sam Smith (Ball In Right Hand By Face)
Sam Smith (Des Moines)
P.T. Somers
Joe Sommer
Joe Sommers (Baltimores)
Joe Sommers (Throw, R/Hand Neck High)
Pete Sommers (Chicago)
Bill Souders ((Sowders) Boston)
John Sowders (Kansas City)
John Sowders (Pitch Chin High, Kansas City)
John Sowders (St. Paul)
Little Bill Sowders (Boston)
Little Bill Sowders (Pitch, Hands Neck High)
Charlie Sprague
Charlie Sprague (Bending Over No Hat)
Charlie Sprague (Chicago, Leaning Forward, No Hat)
Charlie Sprague (Cleveland, Pitch, Leaning Forward, Bare Head)
Charlie Sprague (Hands At Waist, Light Cap)
Ed Sproat
Harry Staley (Pittsburgh)
Harry Staley (Pittsburgh, R/Hand Neck High)
Harry Staley (St. Louis)
Dan Stearns ((Sterns)-Kansas City)
Dan Stearns (Des Moines)
Cannonball Stemmeyer (White Uniform, Hands At Chest)
Cannonball Stemmeyer (White Uniform, R/Hand Cap High)
Cannonball Stemmyer (Stemmeyer)
John Sterling
Harry Stovey (Athletics)
Harry Stovey (Boston P.L.)
Stratton (Louisville)
Joe Strauss (Omaha-Batting)
Joe Strauss (Omaha-Bending Over)
Cub Stricker (Cleveland)
Cub Stricker (Strike, Ball Chest High On L)
John Sullivan
Marty Sullivan (Chicago, Bat In Right Hand At Side)
Marty Sullivan (Chicago, Hands Chest High)
Marty Sullivan (Chicago, Indianapolis)
Mike Sullivan (Athletics)
Mike Sullivan (Bat At Ready On Base)
Billy Sunday (Bat In R/Hand-Chicago)
Billy Sunday (Chicago)
Billy Sunday (Pittsburgh)
Billy Sunday (Throw, R/Hand Neck High)
Cy Sutcliffe
Cy Sutcliffe (Catch, Hands Neck High)
Ezra Sutton
Ezra Sutton (Ball Above Bat)
Ezra Sutton (Bat In R/Hand At Side)
Ezra Sutton (Hands Shoulder High)
Ed Swartwood (Brooklyn)
Park Swartzel (Kansas City-(Arms Out))
Park Swartzel (Kansas City-(Standing))
Park Swartzel (Pitch, Hands Up By L/Shoulder)
Peter Sweeney
Pop Tate (Bat At Ready )
Pop Tate (Catch, Bending, Hands Chest High)
Pop Tate (Hands On Knees)
Patsy Tebeau
Patsy Tebeau (Catch, By R/Ankle)
John Tener
Adonis Terry (Brooklyn)
Sam Thompson (Arms Folded)
Sam Thompson (Bat At Ready At 45 Degrees)
Sam Thompson (Bat In R/Hand At Side)
Sam Thompson (Strike, Ball Above Bat)
Sam Thompson (Strike, Ball Chest High)
Silent Mike Tiernan
Silent Mike Tiernan (Bat On Left Shoulder)
Silent Mike Tiernan (Stooping To Field Grounder)
Cannonball Titcomb
Phillip Tomney
Stephen Toole (Rochester)
Steve Toole (Brooklyn)
George Townsend
George Townsend (Bat Behind Head)
Bill Traffley
Bill Traffley (Catch, Hands Chest High)
George Tredway (Treadway)
Sam Trott (Catch, Hands Knee High)
Sam Trott (Catch, Hands Neck High On L)
Sam Trott (Hands On Thighs)
Sam Trott (Throw, L/Hand Head High)
Foghorn Tucker
Fullmer & Tucker (Tagging Tucker-Horizontal)
A.M. Tuckerman (St. Paul)
George Turner
George Turner (Bat At Ready, Looking At Camera)
Larry Twitchell (Cleveland)
Larry Twitchell (Cleveland, R/Hand Forward)
Larry Twitchell (Detroits)
Sage & Van Dyke
Rip Van Haltren
Farmer Vaughn
Leon Viau (Pitch, R/Hand Out Waist High)
Bill Vinton (Minneapolis)
Bill Vinton (Pitch, R/Hand Head High)
Bill Vinton (Strike, Looking At Ball)
Joe Visner
Reddy Walsh (Omaha)
John Ward (Bat At Ready, Looking/L)
John Ward (Cap In R/Hand At Side, L/Hand On Hip)
John Ward (Hands Behind Back)
John Ward (Hands On Hips)
John Ward (Portrait, Looking Left)
John Ward (Sliding, L/Hand Raised-Horizontal Format)
John Ward (Sliding, R/Hand Raised-Horizontal Format)
John Ward (Throw, R/Hand Cap High, R/Profile)
John Ward (Throw, R/Hand Forward, L/Profile)
Bill Watkins (Detroit)
Bill Watkins (Kansas City)
Count Weber
Stump Weidman
Stump Weidman (Bat In R/Hand At Side)
Wild Bill Weidner (Right Hand Neck High)
Wild Bill Weidner (Widner)
Mickey Welch (Hands Above Waist)
Mickey Welch (New York)
Mickey Welch (Pitch R/Hand At Thigh)
Mickey Welch (Pitch, R/Arm Extended Forward)
Mickey Welch (Smiling Mickey-Arm Ext.)
Frank Wells (Milwaukee)
Curt Welsh ((Welch)-Athletics)
Curt Welsh ((Welch)-Brown's Champions)
Michael Welsh (Pitch, Hands Above Waist)
Joe Werrick (Louisville)
Joe Werrick (St. Paul)
Joe Werrick (Throw, R/Hand Chest High)
Buck West
Buck West (Catch, Hands Shoulder High)
Buck West (Strike, Looking Down At Ball)
John Weyhing
Bobby Wheelock (Boston, Bat On Right Shoulder)
Bobby Wheelock (Boston, Hand On Hips)
Bobby Wheelock (Strike, Looking At Ball)
Pat Whitacre ((Whitaker), Athletics)
Pat Whitaker
Bill White (Stooping To Field Ground Ball)
Deacon White (Detroit, Pittsburgh)
Art Whitney (New York-(With Dog))
Art Whitney (Pittsburg, New York)
Jim Whitney (Washington)
Jim Whitney (Washington, R/Hand Waist High)
James Williams (Hat In Right Hand)
Ned Williamson (Arms Folded)
Ned Williamson (In Top Hat, Looking/R)
Ned Williamson (Strike, Looking Down At Ball)
Ned Williamson (Throw, Right Hand Chin High)
Ned Williamson (With Willie Hahm)
C.H. Willis
Walt Wilmot (Washington)
Walt Wilmot (Washington-Catch, Hands Thigh High)
Medoc Wise
Sam Wise (Bat In R/Hand At Side )
Chicken Wolf
George Wood ((L.F.) Bat At Ready, Looking At Camera)
George Wood (Catch, Hands Neck High)
George Wood (Philadelphia (Pl))
George Wood (Stooping For Grounder)
George "Dandy" Wood (Left Field)
Pete Wood (Philadelphia-(Pitcher))
Pete Wood (Philadelphia-(With Bat))
Harry Wright
Chief Zimmer (Catch, Feet Together)
Chief Zimmer (Catch, Feet Well Apart)
Chief Zimmer (Cleveland)
Chief Zimmer (Strike, Looking At Ball)
Frank Zinn