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Sugar Ray Leonard

For a time, the face of boxing was Sugar Ray Leonard. During the late 1970s and 1980s, Leonard commanded the ring with lighting jabs and unfettered energy.

He was one of the most decorated amateur boxers in the sport's history. When Ali was on his way out in the early 1980s, Leonard revived the sport. In the 1980s, Leonard's "superfights" featured him against boxing's best contenders.

Throughout his career, Ray Leonard has been fairly accessible and a terrific signer. A typical Leonard signature features his full name, "Sugar Ray Leonard" adorned with a small smiley face after his autograph. His autograph, one continuous name, is easily identifiable. It is easily found on photos, gloves, trunks and most other boxing items.

PSA Price Guide

3x5/AP Letter/Doc Photo Glove
$15 UNK $35 $125
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