1934 John Player & Sons Hints on Association Football

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1 How to Kick
2 The Volley
3 Kicking to Swerve the Ball
4 The Corner Kick
5 Free Kick on Goal
6 The Penalty Kick
7 Goal Kick
8 When Not to Shoot
9 Heading
10 The Kick-Off
11 The Long Throw in
12 Throw in on Attack
13 Defensive Throw in
14 Trapping the Ball
15 Bringing the Ball Down
16 Taking the Pace Off
17 Letting the Ball Run
18 Keeping the Ball on the Ground
19 Dribbling With the Inside of the Foot
20 Dribbling With the Outside of the Foot
21 Running Over the Ball
22 Passing With the Outside of the Foot
23 Passing With the Inside of the Foot
24 Passing With the Head
25 Passing Into Open Space
26 The Centre
27 Cross Field Pass
28 Passing Down the Middle
29 Triangular Wing Move
30 When Wing Men Should Close in
31 "W" Formation
32 Outside Forward Cutting in
33 Wing Forward Moving Inside the Back
34 Shooting on the Run
35 The Tackle
36 The Shoulder Charge
37 Wing Halves Marking Inside Forwards
38 Backs System of Covering
39 Backs Marking Wing Forwards
40 Back Passing to Half Back
41 Centre Half As Third Back
42 Passing Back to Goalkeeper
43 Advancing to Check Break Through
44 Going Down to Ball
45 When Not to Catch the Ball
46 Fisting the Ball Over the Bar
47 Fielding A Shot
48 Defence at the Corner Kick
49 Receiving A Penalty
50 Narrowing the Goal
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