1996 Bowman's Best Best Cuts

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5 6 7 8 8.5 9 10

Number Subject Lots Found
BC1 Karl Malone Atomic Refractor 1
BC1 Karl Malone Atomic Refractor
BC1 Karl Malone Refractor 1
BC1 Karl Malone 2
BC2 Michael Jordan 20
BC2 Michael Jordan Refractor 24
BC2 Michael Jordan Atomic Refractor 22
BC3 Juwan Howard Atomic Refractor 1
BC3 Juwan Howard Refractor
BC4 Charles Barkley 4
BC4 Charles Barkley Refractor 7
BC4 Charles Barkley Atomic Refractor 1
BC5 Jerry Stackhouse Refractor 1
BC5 Jerry Stackhouse Atomic Refractor
BC5 Jerry Stackhouse
BC6 Anfernee Hardaway Refractor 3
BC6 Anfernee Hardaway Atomic Refractor 4
BC6 Anfernee Hardaway
BC7 Shaquille O'Neal 3
BC7 Shaquille O'Neal Refractor 8
BC7 Shaquille O'Neal Atomic Refractor 11
BC8 Alonzo Mourning Refractor 1
BC8 Alonzo Mourning Atomic Refractor
BC8 Alonzo Mourning
BC9 Shawn Kemp 1
BC9 Shawn Kemp Atomic Refractor 3
BC9 Shawn Kemp Refractor 1
BC10 Scottie Pippen Refractor 4
BC10 Scottie Pippen Atomic Refractor 3
BC10 Scottie Pippen 3
BC11 David Robinson 4
BC11 David Robinson Refractor 1
BC11 David Robinson Atomic Refractor 1
BC12 Kevin Garnett 3
BC12 Kevin Garnett Refractor 2
BC12 Kevin Garnett Atomic Refractor 5
BC13 Patrick Ewing
BC13 Patrick Ewing Refractor 1
BC13 Patrick Ewing Atomic Refractor 6
BC14 Hakeem Olajuwon Atomic Refractor 1
BC14 Hakeem Olajuwon Refractor 5
BC14 Hakeem Olajuwon
BC15 Damon Stoudamire Refractor
BC15 Damon Stoudamire Atomic Refractor 1
BC15 Damon Stoudamire 1
BC16 Grant Hill 1
BC16 Grant Hill Atomic Refractor 3
BC16 Grant Hill Refractor
BC17 Dennis Rodman Refractor 1
BC17 Dennis Rodman Atomic Refractor 2
BC17 Dennis Rodman 7
BC18 Chris Webber 3
BC18 Chris Webber Atomic Refractor 3
BC18 Chris Webber Refractor 1
BC19 Gary Payton Atomic Refractor
BC19 Gary Payton Refractor
BC19 Gary Payton
BC20 John Stockton Atomic Refractor 3
BC20 John Stockton
BC20 John Stockton Refractor 1
BP8 Todd Fuller Refractor
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