1912 T202 Hassan Triple Folder

1912 T202 Hassan Triple Folder
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Number Subject Lots Found
A.A.Mattern/J.Kling Lobert Almost Caught 20
A.Bridwell/J.Kling Clarke Hikes for Home 8
A.Bridwell/J.Kling Lobert Almost Caught 14
A.Fromme/J.McLean Tom Jones at Bat 18
A.Hauser/E.Konetchy the Athletic Infield 22
A.Leifield/G.Gibson Chase Guarding First 19
A.Raymond/W.Latham Tenney Lands Safely 22
B.Becker/J.Devore Just Before the Battle 19
B.Lord/R.Oldring Oldring Almost Home 19
B.Lord/R.Oldring Scoring From Second 15
Birmingham/Turner Birmingham's Home Run 20
Birmingham/Turner the Scissors Slide 18
Bresnahan/Harmon Caught Asleep Off First 23
Bresnahan/McGraw Just Before the Battle 26
C.Bender/I.Thomas Chief Bender Waiting... 33
C.Dooin/M.Doolan Dooin Gets His Man 16
C.Milan/G.McBride Schaefer on First 18
C.Milan/N.Elberfeld Elberfeld Beats the Throw 9
C.Milan/N.Elberfeld Elberfeld Gets His Man 9
C.N.Rucker/W.Bergen A Great Batsman 19
C.O'Leary/T.Cobb Desperate Slide for Third 35
C.O'Leary/T.Cobb Fast Work at Third 54
C.Philippe/G.Gibson Chase Dives Into Third 12
C.Philippe/G.Gibson Donlin Out at First 10
C.Street/W.Johnson Birmingham Gets to Third 42
C.Wagner/W.Carrigan Carrigan Blocks His Man 11
C.Wagner/W.Carrigan Close at Third 14
D.Jones/J.Delahanty Davy Jones' Great Slide 15
D.Jones/J.Delahanty Jim Delahanty at Bat 12
D.Shean/F.Chance Chance Beats Out A Hit 28
Devlin/Mathewson Devlin Gets His Man-Giants 17
Devlin/Mathewson Too Late for Devlin-Giants 13
Devlin/Mathewson Too Late for Devlin-Rustlers 15
Devlin/Mathewson Devlin Gets His Man-Rustlers 18
E.Barger/W.Bergen A Great Batsman 12
E.Barger/W.Bergen Scrambling Back to First 24
E.Cicotte/J.Stahl Jake Stahl Guarding First 26
E.Collins/D.Murphy Collins Easily Safe 23
E.Collins/F.Baker Baker Gets His Man 21
E.Collins/F.Baker Collins Easily Safe 17
E.Grant/R.Hoblitzel Grant Gets His Man 23
E.Lennox/J.Tinker Harry Lord at Third 22
E.Reulbach/J.Archer Evers Makes A Safe Slide 29
E.Sweeney/R.Ford Ford Putting Over A Spitter 13
E.Sweeney/R.Ford Sweeney Gets Stahl 11
E.Walsh/F.Payne Close at the Plate 17
E.Willett/O.Stanage Moriarity Spiked 18
F.Baker/J.Barry Chase Safe at Third 13
F.Baker/J.Barry the Athletic Infield 12
F.Chance/WM.Foxen Chance Beats Out A Hit 25
F.Clarke/G.Gibson Chase Dives Into Third 13
F.Clarke/G.Gibson Chase Guarding First 17
F.Clarke/J.Miller Speaker Almost Caught 31
F.Payne/G.H.White Close at the Plate 19
Fletcher/Mathewson Devlin Gets His Man 23
Fletcher/Mathewson Just Before the Battle 17
G.Graham/M.Brown the Athletic Infield 30
G.McBride/C.Griffith Schaefer Steals Second 22
G.Moriarty/T.Cobb Good Play at Third 49
G.Moriarty/T.Cobb Ty Cobb Steals Third 32
G.Mullin/O.Stanage A Wide Throw Saves... 25
G.Paskert/S.Magee Chase Ready for the Squeeze Play 21
G.Stovall/J.Austin Stahl Safe 11
G.Stovall/J.Austin Ty Cobb Steals Third 29
G.Stovall/N.Ball Close at First 15
G.Suggs/J.McLean Hal Chase Too Late 19
G.Wiltse/J.Meyers Just Before the Battle 13
G.Wiltse/J.Meyers Too Late for Devlin 12
H.Camnitz/G.Gibson Donlin Out at First 18
H.Chase/H.Wolter Chase Dives Into Third 4
H.Chase/H.Wolter Chase Gets Ball Too Late 13
H.Chase/H.Wolter Chase Guarding First 13
H.Chase/H.Wolter Scrambling Back to First 21
H.Gaspar/J.McLean Carrigan Blocks His Man 19
H.Gaspar/J.McLean Tom Jones at Bat 6
H.Jennings/J.McGraw Just Before the Battle 35
H.Jennings/T.Cobb Ty Cobb Steals Third 59
H.Krause/I.Thomas the Athletic Infield 22
H.Lord/L.Tannehill Held at Third 11
H.Lord/L.Tannehill Lord Catches His Man 10
H.McIntire/J.Archer Chance Beats Out A Hit 25
J.Archer/J.Evers Evers Makes A Safe Slide 32
J.Bates/R.Bescher Nearly Caught 17
J.Daubert/J.Hummel Cree Rolls Home 21
J.Evers/F.Chance Evers Makes A Safe Slide 24
J.Kling/C.Young Lobert Almost Caught 30
J.Knight/W.Johnson Knight Catches A Runner 27
J.Lobert/C.Dooin Dooin Gets His Man 15
J.Lobert/C.Dooin Lobert Gets Tenney 13
J.Meyers/R.Marquard Just Before the Battle 16
J.Meyers/R.Marquard Too Late for Devlin 13
J.Rowan/J.Archer Chance Beats Out A Hit 21
J.Tinker/F.Chance Evers Makes A Safe Slide 31
J.Titus/C.Dooin Dooin Gets His Man 24
J.Vaughn/R.Ford Ford Putting Over A Spitter 16
J.Vaughn/R.Ford Sweeney Gets Stahl 16
J.Wood/T.Speaker Close at Third 23
J.Wood/T.Speaker Speaker Rounding Third 24
Kling/Steinfeldt Lobert Almost Caught 29
L.Ames/J.Meyers Just Before the Battle 7
L.Ames/J.Meyers Too Late for Devlin 14
L.Doyle/F.Merkle Donlin Out at First 13
L.Doyle/F.Merkle Easy for Larry 18
L.Evans/M.Huggins Sullivan Puts Up A High One 18
L.Richie/T.Needham McConnell Caught 18
McConnell/McIntyre Hal Chase Too Late 15
McIntyre/McConnell McIntyre at Bat 10
Meyers/Mathewson Devlin Gets His Man 30
Meyers/Mathewson Just Before the Battle 61
Murray/Snodgrass Just Before the Battle 12
O.Crandall/J.Meyers Just Before the Battle 7
O.Crandall/J.Meyers Too Late for Devlin 12
O.Overall/J.Archer Chance Beats Out A Hit 16
O.Overall/J.Archer Evers Makes A Safe Slide 11
O.Stanage/E.Summers Crawford About to Smash One 26
P.Moran/S.Magee Bush Just Misses Austin 27
R.Byrne/F.Clarke Collins Easily Safe 24
R.Egan/R.Hoblitzel the Pinch Hitter 24
R.Groom/D.Gray Hartsel Strikes Out 11
R.Groom/D.Gray Sullivan Puts Up A High One 16
R.J.Egan/M.Mitchell Chase Gets Ball Too Late 22
R.Oakes/R.Bresnahan Catching Him Napping 32
R.Wallace/B.Pelty A Close Play at Home 28
R.Wallace/F.LaPorte A Close Play at Home 24
S.R.Magee/C.Dooin Donlin Out at First 26
Sheckard/Schulte Stone About to Swing 31
T.Leach/J.O.Wilson Donlin Out at First 11
T.Speaker/C.Engle Engle in A Close Play 29
T.Speaker/C.Engle Speaker Scores 19
W.Blair/J.Quinn Ambrose McConnell at Bat 17
W.Dahlen/Z.Wheat Wheat Strikes Out 16
W.Scanlan/WM.Dahlen Hartzell Covering Third 20
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