1909-13 M101-2 Sporting News Supplements

Auction Price Totals

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Auth 1 1.5 2 3

Number Subject Lots Found
"Silk" O'Loughlin/WM. Evans/WM. Johnstone/WM. Klem
Addie Joss 2
Albert W. Demaree
Arthur Raymond/George Gibson
Bobby Wallace 1
Byron Bancroft Johnson 1
Charles A. Comiskey 1
Charles Bender 4
Charles S. Dooin
Charles Street/Walter Johnson 1
Charles W. Somers
Chas. B. Adams
Chas. Herzog
Christopher Mathewson
Clark Griffith 1
Connie Mack 2
Del Gainor
Denton Young/Louis Criger 2
Edward Collins 2
Edward Plank 1
Edward Walsh 1
Frank Baker 5
Frank L. Chance 1
Frank Schulte
Fred Clarke 1
George Stovall
Grover C. Alexander 2
Hal Chase
Hans Lobert
Hans Wagner/Ty Cobb 1
Harry Krause
Honus Wagner 3
Hugh Jennings 1
James P. Archer
Jas. Lavender
Jno. J. Mcgraw 1
Joe Jackson 3
Joe Wood
John J. Evers
John T. Meyer (Meyers)
John W. Coombs
Jos. B. Tinker 2
Joseph L. Birmingham
Leonard L. Cole
Martin J. O'Toole/WM. Kelly
Mordecai Brown 2
Nap Rucker
Napoleon Lajoie 2
New York Baseball Club
Orval Overall
Owen Bush
Ray Schalk
Richard Marquard 1
Roger Bresnahan 2
Russell Ford
Samuel S. Crawford 1
Sherwood N. Magee
The Boston Baseball Club
Thomas W. Leach
Tris Speaker 3
Ty Cobb 2
WM. F. Carrigan
Zach Wheat 2
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