Join as They Open Vintage Packs Every Wednesday at 7PM EST

Just Rip It is a unique way to enhance your hobby and collecting experience. Similar to a public stock, you cannot buy the entire company. At Just Rip It, we offer “shares” of various graded, unopened sealed vintage hobby packs. Every share or spot you buy in the pack gives you the right to own a random slot in a pack before we open the pack. That’s right, you have an exclusive chance to pull a Hall of Famer that could be in Gem Mint condition.

Join every Wednesday night at 7 p.m. and watch history as graded and sealed vintage packs are open Live on Just Rip It’s YouTube channel. Click here. We go back in time and bring back Vintage Packs to open TODAY! Release these classic cards out of their time capsules and witness the value being unlocked.

Everyone who buys a share or spot is guaranteed a pack fresh card. Buy your share in a pack now before they are gone.

1970 Topps Baseball Cards Cello Pack 6th Series (33 cards in Pack) – Key Card: Willie Mays

1972 Topps Baseball Wax Pack 2nd Series (10 cards in pack) – Key Card: Lou Brock

1960 Topps Football Cello Pack (12 Cards in Pack) – Key Card: Johnny Unitas

1967 Philadelphia Football Cello Pack (12 cards in pack) – Key Card: Paul Hornung

1960 Fleer Baseball Greats Wax Pack (5 cards in pack) – Key Cards: Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Ty Cobb