ORLANDO, FL, December 5, 2017– After more than three years of research and compilation, November 29, 2017, marks the release of the vintage sports card industry’s first, fully pictorial guide documenting the definitive rookie card for every single member of the Baseball, Football, Basketball & Hockey Halls of Fame. With this guide in hand, collectors will now be able to seek out rookie cards of their favorite players, teams, sports, etc. and, for the first time, the truly serious collector will have an opportunity at trying to complete an entire Hall of Fame rookie card set for their favorite team sport. Up until now, collectors could only be assured of identifying rookie cards of post-war Hall of Famers via the current sports card guides, but pre-war was a nearly impossible task, likely why very few collectors have attempted it.

The beauty of this Rookie Cards Guide is that all 340+ pages are in full color and each sport’s Hall of Fame assemblage has been arranged in alphabetical order. Each HOFer will have a definitive rookie card pictured along with their name, designation for the Hall of Fame (i.e. player, manager, official, pioneer, etc.), year and card company for the rookie card, and value price range. Also, and possibly most important of all, every sport’s section begins with the identification of parameters used to decide which rookie card would be chosen for each HOFer. As an added bonus, the back of the guide contains Top 25 lists identifying the “Best” rookie cards to own for each of the four major team sports.

In a nutshell, this is the must-have reference guide if you are interested in one of the hottest trends in the vintage sports card industry, collecting Hall of Fame rookie cards. This guide was produced as a very limited edition, so if you would like to order your copy today, please contact Phil Garry via e-mail at: [email protected]. The cost for one guide is $39.95 + $7.20 for USPS Priority Mailing, shipping anywhere in the U.S.A.