December 5th, Denver, CO - Small Traditions LLC invites all current and prospective new bidders to visit its current 5th Annual Holiday Premium Auction, which will end this Saturday night, December 9th.

Highlights include rare and low population PSA-graded baseball cards featuring Set Registry megastars Sandy Koufax, Mickey Mantle, and Derek Jeter. Other highlights include PSA 9 and PSA 10 graded key rookie cards of Rod Carew, Michael Jordan, Ichiro, LeBron James, and Kevin Durant.

What has become a specialty for the Colorado-based auction firm, PSA Set Registry collectors will find dozens upon dozens of rarely offered, regional, and oddball cards in both top grades and in lower collectors' grades.

Consignments Wanted with Free PSA Grading on Cards Valued $1,000+

Small Traditions LLC also invites all current and prospective new consignors to consider participating in any of the company's six auctions scheduled for 2018. As a special one-time promotion for the New Year, the Denver-based auction firm is pleased to offer completely free PSA grading on raw cards valued $1,000 and up.

Submit Up to 500 Cards for PSA Grading without Paying a Penny Out-of-Pocket

Additionally, the company invites all current and prospective new consignors to participate in its popular Cost-Free Grading program, through which collectors may submit up to 500 cards for grading with PSA, the discounted cost for which will be charged only after successful auction sales. The experienced staff at Small Traditions will work diligently and intelligently to sort and filter your cards for proper grading candidacy; they'll prepare and process your cards; and they'll work meticulously to verify that all cards are graded accurately, helping customers to understand PSA's specific standards and resubmitting any cards that may benefit from PSA's graded card review service.