PSA Labels Get New Look, New Technology

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Jun 14, 2017

As the hobby enjoys revitalized vigor and a hotbed of activity, the leading authentication company, Professional Sports Authenticator (, is always looking to improve its products and services. With the latest updates to its labels, PSA did just that. 

Aligning with the conclusion of the company’s 25-year anniversary, PSA unveiled new labels, featuring enhanced technology and a new look. The front of the label still features a red border, outlining the collectible’s details. Now, however, instead of mere white behind the label copy, the wave-like brush strokes of “fugitive ink” embellish the background. The PSA hologram in the lower center of the label’s front has been upgraded to proprietary Lighthouse technology, which creates an “on/off” illumination effect when rotated.

The company’s trademark blue still spans the back of the label. While, a large, centered PSA Lighthouse logo is flanked by a stylized “PSA” (in lieu of “Professional Sports Authenticator”) and a QR code. Tamper-evident fugitive ink graces the area below the blue background.

More details on the new security enhancements are as follows:

Lighthouse Security Technology

Gone are the days of standard holograms. Instead, the PSA Lighthouse technology logo contains proprietary security elements that are undetectable to the naked eye. For overt security features, collectors will immediately recognize authentic PSA labels with a simple tilt of the collectible. The Lighthouse effect can be seen as the label is angled left to right, as the PSA logo will hide or reveal the Collectors Universe “NASDAQ: CLCT” stock ticker symbol in the background pattern.

Fugitive Ink

The same technology used on checks to prevent check washing, fugitive ink will dissolve and wash away when exposed to cleaning chemicals. Each label is adorned both front and back with this fugitive ink.

Ultraviolet PSA Logo Pattern

The PSA logo on the lower left of the reverse of the label will illuminate to reveal additional smaller PSA logos, when hit with a UV light.

QR Code (reverse)

Scan the QR code on the reverse of the label with the PSA Cert Verification app to access the PSA Cert Verification database. Here collectors can see the collectible’s pertinent details.

These features come in addition to other covert security features.

“As the market grows, it is imperative that we continue to look for ways to improve our services and the quality of our products. This includes enhancing the security features on the holders and labels used during our authentication/grading process. The newly-incorporated security features represent the single largest leap forward during our 26-year history. The new PSA label not only offers vastly superior technology and capabilities; it has also received a stylistic makeover as we look to take our leading brand well into the future.”

Along with the launch of new labels and counterfeit deterrents, PSA unveiled a new logo. The logo update was a gradual process. At first, the company released a version of the logo to celebrate its 25-year anniversary, from June 2016 to May 2017. Now the “25” will drop, depicting instead the sleek, new version of PSA’s logo.

“We pooled all of our in-house resources and considered several versions of the logo. The version we opted for was the most contemporary, streamlined depiction of the logo our customers have recognized since our inception in 1991. We thought it to be fitting as the company pushes forward into the future, towards the next 25 years,” said Orlando.

As part of the logo update, the company released a new style guide, complete with color variations, the appropriate font style and Pantone colors. According to Orlando, partners and collectors alike are invited to view and download the new style guide on

PSA is the world's largest trading card, autograph and memorabilia authentication and grading service. Since 1991, PSA experts have examined and certified over 28 million collectibles with a combined value of over $1 billion.