Collectionzz launches Sports Memorabilia Contest: Brady and Ryan signed jerseys, ends February 28


New York, 9am ET, February 10, 2017 -   Collectionzz, a new and unique destination for serious collectors, has partnered with to give away signed Tom Brady and Matt Ryan jerseys as part of its annual Sports Memorabilia contest.

Launched last year, Collectionzz is home to an amazing array of sports memorabilia including one of the world’s most impressive Derek Jeter PSA-graded collections and a set of one-of-a-kind Odell Beckham Jr. custom-painted cleats from the 2016 season, in addition to many others.  As part of its annual contest, Collectionzz users submit their own collections to enter for a chance to win a number of different prizes.

In addition to sports memorabilia, Collectionzz also features a wide array of Rock n’ Roll collections, and is home to the some of the most unique Pearl Jam, Nirvana and other ‘90s rock items as well as one of the world’s largest and most coveted Motley Crue collections in the world.

“Collectionzz was built by collectors, for collectors” said Ian Linde, Collectionzz CEO. “We are creating the go-to destination for serious collectors around the globe. We are working on building an incredible platform where collectors can display, discover and acquire collectibles in a content-rich, collector friendly environment.”

The contest runs until February 28th, and you can find out more about how to enter your own collection at