Centennial, CO. – It's going to be a busy month in the Mile High City as MHCC prepares to roll out their finest catalog auction of the year, beginning September 28th and ending on October 15th. But just to kick things off, Mile High Card Company is presenting an Extra Innings auction Sept. 14th- Sept. 23rd  that consists of approximately 400 items, led by several complete baseball sets from the 1950s-1970s as well as a huge selection of autographed pieces and mid to upper-grade singles that will help fulfill the needs of many vintage set-builders. "This Extra Innings auction is a nice compilation of items to whet the appetite of collectors, and then the main event comes a few days later," said MHCC CEO and President Brian Drent. "We just finished an impressive auction in July, and with the incredible material we acquired at the National, you're not going to believe what's next!"

For now, visit www.milehighcardco.com to see what's offered in MHCC "Extra Innings" Auction and bid today!