The current Clean Sweep Auction is a fine two-day auction with all manner of interesting autographs and memorabilia from all of the major sports. This is their affordable auction, with almost all lots carrying a retail value of $500 or less and very low minimum bids. You'll also find Clean Sweep Auctions exhibiting at the National Convention in Chicago; with an extensive display of items for sale and actively seeking out high quality items for consignment and purchase for future auctions. Prices have never been better, now is a great time to consider their auctions.

This auction ends on Wednesday August 5 and Thursday August 6. Day one is all about baseball autographs.

Auction starts with a very substantial offering of signed baseball cards. A white-hot category in recent years, Clean Sweep offers vintage HOF cards going back to the 1940s, scarce cards for set collectors and many terrific partial sets from the 1990s to the present among other items.

Collectors of vintage baseball autographs should have a great time going through this auction, with over 150 different lots of signed 8"x10" photos and several hundred smaller size photos and postcards, with note to major HOFers and also many rarities. There are also many terrific manageable group lots, among the best values you will find in today's market.

Collectors of 3"x5"s, cuts and GPCs will see some terrific fresh content also with note to many HOFers and rarities. There are interesting signed letters, including a new Branch Rickey, a fine 1963 Steve Carlton and a variety of signed jerseys and equipment. There is a wide offering of large prints, lithographs and oversized photos, with some solid content, spread out over nearly 50 different lots. Day one concludes with a run of Yellow HOF Plaques, including keys Hafey, Manush, Mantle, Paige and more.

Day two begins with part two of the amazing Dave Berman New York Mets collection. Please note this section does contain a small number of Met-related lots not from Mr. Berman just to keep the catalog simple. A very exciting section, it opens with some superb New York Met tickets, including a full ticket from the first Mets home game, full tickets for all 1969 World Series games and virtually every other Met World Series and postseason game. There are some wonderful 1960s era Met postcard lots that are simply gorgeous, and all sorts of unusual Met memorabilia, especially paper-related.

Day two continues with some fine basketball autographs, including a Chamberlain/Russell signed basketball, a Michael Jordan UDA basketball and a vintage Bill Russell 8"x10". Boxing collectors will some interesting memorabilia going back to the 1920s, a fine Ali signed repro fight poster and more. Football collectors will see some vintage items dating back to the 1950s, several fine signed footballs loaded with HOFers and a terrific selection of high quality Joe Montana and other signed lithographs, some offered in smaller quantity lots, others as singles, including a first edition print.

Baseball memorabilia is also quite strong here. You'll find a good selection of game used bats and equipment, consigned from long-time collectors. There are many signed game bats and game used jerseys from the 1980s through the 2000s. Collectors of pins will see some rare PM10s and other quality pins; ticket collectors will see many better World Series tickets dating back to the 1930s. Collectors of baseball pubs will see our usual selection of World Series Programs, All Star Game Programs and vintage yearbooks, with note to many superb condition New York Met yearbooks from the 1960s.

Autographed baseballs conclude the auction on a very strong note. Mostly from fresh collections, these pages are loaded with unusual, rare and simply great balls that have not been on the market for decades. There are over 60 different individual lots of scarce deceased players, a HOF section with over 100 different lots and many terrific group lots, which also offer some of the greatest values in this market. Each of these lots is carefully described and illustrated. It is highly recommended that collectors and dealers review this category. Team balls come last but are certainly not least, going back to the 1940s with many fine condition balls, several Championship and All Star Game balls and our usual run of interesting and esoteric signed balls, including vintage Minor League balls.

Be sure to visit and bid before this two day auction ends August 5 and 6, 2015.

Any questions, please contact Clean Sweep Auctions at 516 338 8557, or via email at [email protected]