PSA Authorized Dealer Steve Novella (Estero, FL.) is holding a Pre-War only auction of 200+ PSA Graded cards, selling each card on eBay ending Tuesday, December 10th.


1911 T212 Obak Weaver 1911 T212 Obak Ten Million
  • 1911 T212 Obak Complete PSA Set Break of 176 Cards - 4.07 GPA (#1 on the PSA Set Registry)

    Set includes 30+ cards which are the highest PSA Graded to date as well as the only one graded of that grade. Set also contains 20+ cards having various 'Back Stamps'.


    20+ 1910 T212 Obak PSA Graded Cards


  • Couple of PSA Graded T206's with Tolstoi backs

  • Handful of PSA Graded T205's

  • 1909 E91 Caramel Rube Marquard (PSA 4)

For details, a complete listing, or more information visit eBay ID -, call (239) 336-9491, or email [email protected].