The June Sterling Sports Auctions #23 is now Live. The Auction ends June 20th.

Sterling Sports Auctions #23 includes 650 Lots from the 4 major sports plus other sports and Non Sports cards. Auction Features over 250 T206s including Cy Young, Bare Hand, PSA 5.5, plus other graded Hall of Famers and commons. There are many T206 Tough backs including UZIT, Red Hindu, Broadleaf, Piedmont 42, Carolina brights and others. T3 Walter Johnson, Large selection of Obaks from 1909 to 1911, Ty Cobbs from four different sets. 1914 Cracker Jack Eddie Collins. Auction is scheduled to end June 20th with initial bids being in by 8pm est to get into extended bidding. Bid today!

T206 Sovereign Cy Young (Cle. Bare Hand Shows) 1935 National Chicle Phil Sorboe #14 1950 Bowman Elwin Roe #167