The May Sterling Sports Auctions #22 is now live. The auction ends May 16th.

Sterling Sports Auction offers 632 lots from the four major sports with many PSA-graded cards.

Auction features 1887 N175 Gypsy Queens Tom Gunning Good PSA 2 (MK), T206 Sweet Caporal Ty Cobb Bat on Shoulder PSA 1, 1953 Topps Satchell Paige PSA 6, and more! You'll also find: 1929 Star Player Candy Babe, 1911 T205 Joss, 1910 E93 Honus Wagner, 1959 Topps Jim Brown, and a larger selection of 1910 & 11 Obaks, 1909 E95 (19 of 25), and 1919-21 W514s, and over 140 T206s with many different backs. Auction is scheduled to end May 16. Initial bids must be in by 8 p.m. EST to get into extended bidding. Bid today.

T206 Sweet Caporal Ty Cobb (Bat on Shoulder) 1887 N175 Gypsy Queens Tom Gunning (Bending, Hands By Right Knee) 1953 Topps Satchell Paige #220 1887 N184 W.S. Kimball & Co. Champions of Games and Sports Hardie Henderson (Baseball Pitcher)