TUSTIN, CA.- Universally considered the "King of All Tobacco Tins," the Ty Cobb Tobacco tin is a collector's equivalent to striking oil or finding a gold mine. Fewer than a dozen examples are known to exist. The rare tin that once held a supply of tobacco for a very active market of users more than a century ago features the legendary baseball great Ty Cobb posing with a bat. The image is virtually identical to one of Cobb's T206 tobacco trading cards. Further, when the tin package was on the market, consumers found a Cobb baseball card inside with what's now recognized as an ultra-scarce "Cobb Tobacco" advertisement on the back.

The variation from the iconic card set is desirable but the tin is even harder to find and highly sought after by memorabilia collectors. Now, Memory Lane Inc. will offer an opportunity to bid for one of the hobby's most rare treasures in its upcoming December auction.

Most collectors like to learn the story behind a hot new find and this one is fascinating. The Ty Cobb Tobacco Tin (circa 1910) was discovered during the remodeling of a home back in 2006. It was tucked away in a hidden access door that was located in the back of a closet. Its owner was oblivious to its astounding scarcity and value until he saw a recent TV show featuring an identical tin. After offering it briefly on eBay, the seller decided to turn it over to Memory Lane.

The tobacco tin collecting hobby is a very popular and sophisticated field of collecting in its own right. The Ty Cobb Tobacco tin is recognized in the non-baseball advertising world as one of the most desirable and important rarities of all tobacco tins, baseball or otherwise.

Early tins tend to be subject to considerable wear in the form of scratches, rust, and denting. Flaws as well as oxidation are common and expected with early tins.

The one scheduled for auction shows wear, but is one of the finest known examples.

Memory Lane's Winter Classics auction is set to launch December 3 and close two weeks later.

The company is also taking consignments for the auction until October 31. High grade and rare sports cards and quality sports memorabilia are being accepted. Over 1,000 lots will be offered including portions of one of the hobby's best vintage card collections. Memory Lane Inc. recently acquired dozens of vintage card sets dating from the early 1900s through the 1960s and the collection will be offered piece-by-piece over the next several auction events.

To register for the auction, learn more about the Cobb tin and receive a full color catalog, contact Memory Lane via their website www.memorylaneinc.com or call (714) 730-0600.