TCG Pack Grading Levels Up

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Nov 7, 2023

New Variants, Faster Turnarounds

To better serve pack collectors and the global communities around games like Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Magic: The Gathering, PSA is expanding and streamlining its TCG Pack Grading services. Alongside improved turnaround times, collectors can look forward to a growing catalog of lesser-known rarities as newly-dedicated specialists set out to research, classify, and authenticate the reaches of each TCG realm.

Tighter Turnarounds

As part of PSA’s commitment to this corner of the hobby, the company has been focused on advancing its industry-best TCG Pack Grading department with additional specialists, researchers, and grading professionals. By way of expanding operations at PSA headquarters, TCG pack submissions can look ahead to dramatically faster turnaround times.

Expanded Pack Variants

Much like cards, the pack category itself presents oddities and rare variants to chase—and this is especially true for trading card games. United around the world by seminal sets and quick to rally around emerging newcomers, the TCG community continues to grow—and so does its passion for collecting PSA-graded packs as offbeat items surface and intricacies are unlocked.

For example, collectors will now be able to discern whether a PSA-graded Yu-Gi-Oh! pack originated from a hobby or retail release, or whether a Shadowless Pokémon pack features long or short crimp packaging.

Alongside the classification of known variants, PSA is also spearheading the discovery of new pack variants along the way. The process will involve the reclassification of certain items in the TCG pack catalog, with more details to come as new variants surface. Expect a dynamic visual catalog of additions later this year.

Pop Culture Preserved

Just like the cards within, TCG packs offer a legitimate and exciting form of collecting and preserving eras, phenomenons, and nostalgia. Such packs often feature favorite characters, pops of foil, elaborate designs, and are considered by many to be works of art in their own right.

Furthering the appeal of pack authentication and grading is the ever-dwindling amount of product inventory. There are a finite amount of sealed packs out there, and that number decreases with each passing year. It takes restraint to keep a pack sealed—especially when the potential of pulling a cornerstone grail is present. For many, the mystique of what’s inside drives a pack’s collectibility. For others, the ability to celebrate an important set and preserve its moment in time is just as compelling.