Wheatland Auction, Now Live. Plus A New Sports Card Store, Grading, and Auction Experience at One Location Opens in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Wheatland Auction Services (www.wheatlandauctionservices.com) and VSM Sports Card Outlet (VSM Sports Card Outlet, Lancaster, PA) have had a longstanding presence in the sports card market, but now they have brought a new and innovative buying, grading, and selling experience to collectors.  Based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, they have moved to a larger facility that was designed specifically to help collectors buy, grade, and/or sell.  They offer a massive inventory of single cards and unopened boxes across all sports and non-sports venues, but also offer a unique card grading and auction selling experience.  The new store is wowing collectors with a high-end and professional experience, yet with items across all price ranges.  They help collectors and estates grade, authenticate, and sell their collectibles.  Their auctions made worldwide news a couple years ago, when they brought the Uncle Jimmy Collection to the industry, which included some of the nicest autograph cards of Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and many other legends to market, and their auctions frequently set new sales records.  The new store is located at 1615 Manheim Pike, Lancaster, PA and is twice the size of their last facility. It was created and designed in a unique way to positively enhance the customer and collector experience.  To check out the new store, see their recent Facebook video: Facebook

They send in thousands of cards each month for third party grading on behalf of their customers.  The businesses are family-owned by Chuck and Stacey Whisman.  Stacey said the large new facility has been great for business.  “It has allowed us to help our customers even more with grading and/or selling their collectibles, plus the larger store has allowed us to expand not only into more vintage and current sports and non-sports, but also into coins, currency, gaming, toys, and other collectibles.  We are direct with the major card manufacturers, so we always have a large inventory of unopened hobby and retail boxes and packs.  We also enjoy helping kids and families who are new to collecting.” 

Wheatland just went live with their most recent auction which ends on February 19th, 2023.   Here is a link to the auction:  Catalog - February 2023 Vintage Sports Card & Memorabilia Auction (wheatlandauctionservices.com)