PSA Customer Update - September 2021

Sep 10, 2021

Hello PSA Customers,

Great progress continues on all fronts at PSA. Following a successful appearance at the 41st National Sports Collectors Convention, our team remains relentless in its efforts to work through the backlog in southern California. I’m happy to report that we are now grading more than 35,000 cards a day, which represents another significant benchmark in the company’s history. Through additional hires, office growth, and the expanded use of technology, capacity growth remains the number one objective at PSA.


As our daily capacity continues to grow, we are able to accept more new orders while still committing over 90% of our daily capacity to the backlog. This ability to accept more submissions means we can lower the service fee for Express level submissions from $200 to $150 per card, effective immediately. What’s more, any pending Express orders will be honored with this new price reduction as well. This is a clear victory for collectors as our Complete-Through-Dates (CTDs) for Express level orders are improving and customers can expect to get their Express orders back within 30 days moving forward. We hope to bring back our Regular service level tier sometime in Q4, but that will be contingent upon our continuing ability to expand capacity and integrate improved technology into our process. Stay tuned for further developments on that front.


We recently unveiled the newest addition to our population report database: game-used bats. For this initial launch, we concentrated on bats used by 30 of the greatest hitters in MLB history (past and present). From Hank Aaron to Ted Williams and Derek Jeter to Albert Pujols, we focused on noteworthy lumber used by these hitters based on their historical significance, rarity, popularity of the player, visual appeal and market value. Under the watchful eye of PSA Lead Bat Authenticator John Taube, the game-used bats pop report will continue to grow with timely information including grades, characteristics, specifications and secondary market values. You can find the official lineup of gamers we’ve chronicled to date within the PSA Population Report.


For the past 20 years, PSA has been acknowledging the outstanding efforts of its Set Registry members by awarding our own version of the Oscars to the best of the best when it comes to collecting. This year, despite all the challenges that COVID-19 brought to the equation, our avid members still proved their mettle in 2021 by building and sharing some incredible sets on the Registry and we want to once again spotlight their hard work. One such deserving member is veteran collector and businessman, Ken Kendrick, owner of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Ken was recognized for “Best Collection of the Year” based on some new additions made to his Set Registry listings including some of the greatest examples of the most iconic cards in the hobby like his T206 Honus Wagner, 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle, 1915/1916 (M101-5) Sporting News Babe Ruth, T206 Eddie Plank, and 1933 Goudey Napoleon Lajoie. Check out all the deserving Set Registry award winners from this past year, in our recap of the 2021 PSA Set Registry Awards.

Enjoy collecting,

Steve Sloan