Despite the tremendous challenges facing our business due to the Covid-19 situation, 2020 continues to be a tremendously successful year. We want to thank our many loyal customers, some of whom go back nearly 30 years, and our consignors and suppliers, for making this possible.

We are operating at full steam, with the ability to handle any size collection. The current auction is our unique to the industry affordable all sports autograph and memorabilia-only auction. Nearly all of the items in the auction have a retail value of $500 or less, and very low minimum bids. This auction has a world of interesting and fresh material. 

This particular auction has a wide selection of fresh and desirable material. Day one is all about baseball autographs. We open the auction with a strong selection of signed cards. These go back to the 1930s, and run through the 1990s, with two Derek Jeter signed cards. There are pre-war signed cards, tougher Exhibits and a nice selection of 1961 Fleers.

We have a good selection of Perez Steele signed postcards and perhaps the most comprehensive selection of signed Yellow HOF Plaques to have ever appeared in one single auction. Ranging from Ken Griffey Jr to Cal Hubbard to Ray Schalk to Sam Crawford, this tremendous section fills up nearly 125 different lots! Now is the time to get serious about completing this great set.

We have many scarce 3x5s, GPCs and cuts, with tough deadball era players and desirable HOFers, including Chief Bender, Walter O’Malley and more. There is the usual deep selection of signed 8x10 photos, with many beautiful original photos and scarce vintage pieces. We have a terrific Nellie Fox signed Sport Magazine photo, 1930s signed programs with Chuck Klein and Joe Medwick on the cover, several very unusual Ted Williams signed items including a superb aerial view of Fenway Park, and many other interesting pieces.

Day two covers the other sports, baseball memorabilia and an enormous run of signed baseballs. Basketball starts things off with some interesting signed card lots and a rarely offered signature of Charles Cooper, one of the first African American NBA players. Boxing collectors will see two Benny Leonard autographs and a superb 1980 Muhammed Ali signed 8x10.

Football autographs are a real high point of the auction. We have many desirable 3x5s and cuts, including a superb Arnie Herber, a terrific Al Davis 3x5, runs of signed cards, signed programs and much more.

Baseball memorabilia includes tickets ranging from 1941 through the 1990s, with World Series and some interesting game tickets. We have several early 20th century postcards, a fun 1955 Brooklyn Dodger collection and much more equipment than usual. Baseball pubs include many exceedingly clean 1950s World Series programs, All Star programs and yearbooks.

We conclude the auction with signed baseballs. A mix of three collections, we have our usual very deep run of HOFer and deceased player singles. Filled with high grade balls, this is a very strong offering. The most unique part of this section is a huge selection of celebrities and non-baseball athletes on single signed balls. There is some really great content here, including Christopher Reeve, Pete Rozelle, Carrie Fisher, 

Leonard Nimoy, Lauren Bacall, Michael J. Fox, Tom Landry and so many more. We end this section with hundreds and hundreds of balls sold in larger lots, ideal for dealers and value-oriented collectors.

Team and multi-signed balls include many interesting balls going back to the 1950s, and fine combination singles. There are team balls going back to 1944, with some Championship Balls, All Star Balls and desirable Yankee and Dodgers balls among much more.