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"The importance of grading and authentication in the marketplace cannot be overstated. The services offered by PSA allow everyone to ‘speak the same language’ and make the sale of items quick and easy. We often consult with non-collectors who are unaware of just how important grading and authentication is for the success of their items at auction, and we communicate to them that the investment is a wise and worthwhile one. We consistently notice a premium attached to items authenticated by PSA."

"For us and our clients on both sides of the transaction, utilizing the services of PSA is an important step in the process."
Brian Dwyer – President of Robert Edward Auctions
"Frankly, third-party authentication and grading is everything. This is what allows me to acquire things with confidence...Every item that I own has been through that vetting process."
Thomas Tull – Collector, Founder/CEO of Legendary Pictures and Part Owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers
"When I was buying cards, even as an adult in the early 1990s, they were not authenticated or graded, and it was up to you to inspect them as well as you possibly could. But you never knew with any confidence what you were buying and (if) someone may be scamming you. Now, as someone who has an investment of substantial dollars I would never think of acquiring a card that had not been authenticated and graded. PSA has become the ultimate deciders on giving official identity and value to a card. They provide a great service."
Ken Kendrick – Collector and MLB Owner of the Arizona Diamondbacks
"The Hall of Fame and PSA and PSA/DNA have similar passions. We also have similar audiences – those who value the preservation of baseball history and the objects and artifacts that are associated with that history. We see the fans that collect cards and who have their own memorabilia collections come to Cooperstown with a tremendous respect for the preservation component of what we do. Our relationship with PSA and PSA/DNA has helped us give the fans the opportunity to connect with that love and passion. There is a great synergy between those who visit the Hall of Fame and those who collect and use the services of PSA and PSA/DNA. I think we serve a common audience very well."
Brad Horn – Senior Director for Communication and Education at the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum
"It is not hyperbole to say that the PSA Set Registry is the greatest tool ever invented for the sport card hobbyist. From tracking, to population, to seeing where other collectors are, what's out there, what exists, what goals can be realistically set, what collectors are doing, trends – the Registry is the greatest gift ever given to the hobby."
Robert Casterline – Collector and Owner of a Football Card Collection on Display at the Pro Football Hall of Fame
"PSA is essential in our market, to say the least. Our recent find of exceptionally high grade Babe Ruth autographed cards would have never realized their world record prices had they not been authenticated by PSA. In fact they would have been viewed with complete skepticism. Do yourself a favor and use PSA; it’s really the only way to go."
Brian Drent – President/CEO of Mile High Card Company
"Our clients demand the best and the best authentication and grading service in the industry is PSA. Furthermore, with the sports memorabilia market thriving, dealers and collectors need to know what's happening in the industry. SMR is the most relied-upon magazine in the hobby for collectibles pricing and expert analysis."
David Kohler – Owner of SCP Auctions
"I think every collector knows the hobby would not be what it is today without PSA and PSA/DNA. When it comes to autographed items, the most important thing is to have the signatures authenticated by a knowledgeable and respected third party, and PSA/DNA is the gold standard."
Jim Doyle – Autograph Collector and Member of the PSA/DNA Set Registry Hall of Fame
"At NFL Properties, we are always striving to provide the highest quality product to our fans. When it came to selecting an authentication and grading service for the Super Bowl and Pro Bowl, there was only one choice – PSA. The PSA logo stands for quality and we are proud of our association with them, a partnership since 1999. Our fans demand the best and the best is PSA."
NFL Properties
"PSA/DNA's Quick Opinion service has been a tremendous benefit to eBay users seeking an expert opinion on an autographed item before bidding. We respect PSA/DNA's autograph expertise, integrity and dedication to improving the autograph collecting hobby."
eBay Sports Dept.
"(PSA is)…the largest authentication service in the $1 billion sports collectibles industry."
Sports Illustrated, 12/03 Issue
"Professional Sports Authenticator (is) the largest independent sports memorabilia service in the country…It's difficult for the average collector to determine authenticity without the panel of experts and library of exemplars PSA uses, which makes it the safest option to let PSA…do the work."
The Sporting News, 2/23/04 Issue
"I won't buy a card that is not a PSA graded card. That is the bottom line with me. It is vitally important to have a grading system and a third party authenticator. It is a necessity and PSA has proven to be the standard. They have a huge amount of power in the hobby. If you think about it, PSA's power is really enormous."
Richard Cohen – Owner of One of the Finest Trading Card and Memorabilia Collections in the Hobby

"I credit the collection I have been able to put together to two things – the grading of cards, of which PSA is the best, and the Internet. Had it not been for those things, there is no way a person in Dallas, or anywhere else in the country, could put together vintage sets like I have. With the advent of the Internet, I could find a 1915 Ty Cobb Cracker Jack card in PSA 8 online – know the value of the card – and know I was buying with confidence although I had never actually seen the card.

The thing that helped me the most in finishing the set was the PSA Set Registry. Through the registry, people see what you are collecting, and they contact you with an offer to help. I think the registry has made collecting like a team effort. I have met a lot of people through the registry who really took a personal interest in helping me compile my T206 set. I am very appreciative of that, and I think it's one of the best things PSA has done. It gives collectors a built-in network to other people in the hobby."
Don Spence – Owner of One of the Finest Trading Card Collections in the Hobby

"Out of all the card grading services in existence today, the only service I trust is PSA. As a collector of high-end sportscards, which sometimes exceed $100,000, I need the most respected grading service to authenticate my cards. PSA is, without question, the only grading service that advanced collectors use… period. As a collector, there are two things I look for in a grading service, quality and market power. Once a card has been graded by PSA, it immediately gains market value by passing the rigorous standards set out by the best card graders in the world. PSA graded cards sell for more money than cards graded by other services because advanced collectors know that PSA is the only way to go. In fact, I won't even look at a card graded by another service.

There are plenty of card grading services in the market but, if you want the best, PSA is the only choice. In addition, SMR provides a valuable collecting tool for all collectors. This comprehensive monthly guide has no equal in the marketplace and the quality of information provided by SMR sets this publication apart as the most respected sports hobby magazine. If you wish to be informed about collecting, you need to subscribe to SMR."
Marshall Fogel – Owner of One of the Finest Trading Card and Memorabilia Collections in the Hobby
"I truly appreciate what PSA has brought to the hobby. Before PSA, if you were interested in buying or selling a high profile card, you were afraid it may be a counterfeit or that it was doctored in some way. That was the void that PSA filled. They gave buyers and sellers confidence. The grading is great. It has brought a standard to the hobby."
Charlie Merkel – Owner of One of the Finest Trading Card Collections in the Hobby
"When I heard PSA was introducing their new half-point system, I was ecstatic. By offering a more precise grading scale, I will not only receive credit on the PSA Set Registry for my high-end cards, but those cards will also be more valuable. The half-point premium also helps me as a buyer. If I am considering the purchase of a card that is purported to be "high-end" for the grade, with PSA's new system I can be assured that this is exactly what I am getting. The bottom line is that PSA's superior brand and half-point grading system will enable collectors like me to consistently receive value and prices commensurate with the grade."
John Branca – Owner of One of the Finest Trading Card Collections in the Hobby
"PSA is a game-changer in every aspect of the card collecting hobby. Today, there is no more wild debate over a card’s condition and value. PSA paved the way and catapulted cards and collecting into a new strato­sphere. When I first got back into collecting, I had no idea what PSA was. But I quickly learned what they do, and that lit the fire for me to get back into the hobby. The fact that cards were being highly scrutinized, pro­fessionally graded and encapsulat­ed for protection brought a whole new level of trust, reliability and per­manence to collecting and its par­ticipants."
Chris Ladd – Collector of Sports and Non-Sports Trading Cards
"PSA has meant huge things to me. When PSA first came about, I started buying some graded cards thinking it was a good idea. By the mid-1990s, I realized just how important grading was. By that time, I was sending in all my high-end cards to be graded. I knew altering was something that was affecting the hobby, but I was still taken aback when my T206 Green Back Ty Cobb card came back as having been trimmed. That was a major shock to me. That changed the way I looked at grading. It was then that I realized that it is vitally important to get your cards graded, primarily to see if they are legitimate or not. Then came the advent of the PSA Set Registry, which sparked me to send in all my cards for grading, not just the stars. It was fun. I liked the competitiveness of it and the personal challenge."
Jim Crandell – Owner of One of the Largest Trading Card Collections in the Hobby

"When I first started submitting cards to PSA, Many of them were returned to me because they had evidence of alterations such as trimming. At first, I was upset realizing that the money I had spent on these cards was now lost due to some unethical dealers. I became very turned off by the hobby. (But) after the initial disappointment wore off, I realized that PSA was providing a great service for collectors. PSA takes the guesswork out of purchasing cards. Once it has been checked for alterations, properly graded and put in the holder, no one can argue about its grade anymore. It puts both the buyer and the seller in a comfort zone. Overall, I think the sportscard hobby is in great shape. PSA has helped make it better and has given people who had become frustrated a reason to get back into it. PSA enabled me to purchase many of the most desirable cards in the industry.

The trust and confidence that PSA has instilled in collectors is what has driven and will drive the card hobby to even greater heights in the future. Thanks PSA! For someone like me; SMR is crucial. With sportscards and memorabilia repeatedly breaking price records at auction and on the retail circuit, buyers need to be informed. SMR gives me the guidance I need, with their comprehensive price guides and in-depth articles, to feel secure about a transaction. SMR also features great articles about current and past stars. It's much more than just a price guide, it's the perfect magazine for both the sports fan and the collector whether you're a novice or advanced. SMR has something for everyone."
Tom Candiotti – Former MLB Pitcher and Avid Collector
"When I think of authentication, not just for cards, but for jerseys, bats, signed baseball, whatever, I think PSA and PSA/DNA. I trust them because they are the best out there. There's no reason for a collector to screw around with anyone besides the best and PSA and PSA/DNA are simply the best out there."
Brian Schneider – Former MLB Player and Avid Collector
"PSA has brought authenticity to the hobby. There are people out there who don't really care about sports memorabilia. All they care about is the dollar. I was recently talking to David Hall (president of Collectors Universe) about what he has seen throughout his career as to what people have done to forge, or fix, or correct, or alter things to make them look better to try to trick people into paying a higher amount for something. It's mindboggling what people will do. PSA makes sure those things are exposed. They take all of the guesswork out of it for those of us who are not experts and they give us the assurance as to what we are getting when we buy something. It's great that PSA gives buyers confidence."
Craig Grebeck – Former MLB Player and Avid Collector
"(PSA) has changed the entire landscape. When I was a kid, you would go into a card shop and see an old, beat up George Brett rookie card and the guy would want $50 for it. Well, that card was not worth $50 when it was all creased with rounded corners. That wouldn't happen today. Now, with PSA's grading standards, it puts the stamp on what the card is worth. When people see my collection, they get all excited and tell me that they used to have this or that card when they were a kid. Today it's so different. PSA has changed everything."
Dmitri Young – Former MLB Player and Owner of the Finest Baseball Rookie Card Run in the Hobby
"When I first got into collecting Muhammad Ali tickets, I wanted to get them authenticated to make sure they were real. I did a lot of research to find out where would be the best place for me to go to have them authenticated and encapsulated and graded. I looked into who would be the best and, from the start, it was clear that PSA was where I needed to go to put my mind at ease that I had bought something, and owned something, which was real. They offer the best service and I have found dealing with PSA to be a pleasant experience. I also like the PSA Set Registry. That is really fun. It gives you somewhere to compete, and I love that."
Brandon Stokley – Former NFL Player and Avid Collector

"Authentication is the biggest thing for our customers. Everything was in such a gray area in the 1990s – there was a real lack of confidence in the hobby, and customers were unsure of what they were getting. Today, while there are still things in the hobby that need to be cleaned up, thanks to PSA/DNA, it's a lot better. Frankly, we have a lot of customers who won't buy something unless it has been authenticated by PSA/DNA, and in many cases a sale will be based on if the item passes the authentication process with PSA/DNA.

We have partnered up with PSA/DNA, so about 95 percent of the autographed items we sell are PSA/DNA authenticated. We don't do any of our own authenticating. You won't find a Mill Creek Sports hologram on anything. At one time we thought about doing that, but we kept coming back to the fact that we believe in PSA/DNA, and our customers believe in them. When people walk into our store and see that our items are PSA/DNA authenticated, they have immediate confidence in us. That is because they have confidence in PSA/DNA. They know what they are buying is real and authentic. It's been a fantastic partnership for us."
Scott Mahlum – Owner of Mill Creek Sports
"As every collector knows, what PSA offers is a crucial component to the hobby. They give you the confidence to know you are buying something genuine that has been graded by third party experts. The PSA Registry is an ingenious invention that gives collectors the chance to network with other people that have like interests and to purchase or trade cards, information and knowledge."
Rich Katz – Owner of One of the Finest Hockey Card Collections in the Hobby
"The PSA Set Registry is great. My collection is extremely different than it would be if the Registry didn't exist. I may own all the same cards, but I would never have the quality of cards I have, nor would I have been able to collect the way I do. The Registry has focused me in ways I would not have been otherwise focused. Collectors love checklists and having as much information as they can get on cards, sets, populations and manufacturers. The Registry is an invaluable source for that kind of information, and so much more."
Bob Fisk – Owner of One of the Largest Collections of PSA Graded Cards in the Hobby
"The PSA Set Registry brings so many things to collectors and to the hobby. First of all, it's a fun thing that provides a competition between collectors. You put your sets up there, everyone else puts their sets up there, and you compete for the top spot. There is a lot of fun in that kind of competition. It is also a tremendous source of information. You go to the Registry and can find information that isn't available anywhere else – things that provide very important insight on a card's rarity. For someone who has been a sports card collector and is thinking about getting into non-sports, it is the first place they should go to get an understanding of what is out there in any particular genre. To me, the Registry has made a tremendous contribution to the strength and growth of my collection and to the hobby."
Bill Bengen – Owner of One of the Finest Non-Sports Trading Card Collections in the Hobby
"What PSA has brought to the market is invaluable. They have earned the highest of respect from collectors. Without PSA, I don't know where this hobby would be. They have not only brought new people into the hobby, they have also brought back the ones who were frustrated by the way things used to be before PSA set the standards for authentication and grading. In today's market, we, and our bidders, feel safe and secure with material that has been graded and authenticated by PSA. They are, simply put, the best."
Mathieu Morin and Marc Juteau of Classic Auctions, Inc.
"PSA's reputation is what makes me very happy to say I have a PSA-graded collection. That means so much to me because, before the creation of PSA grading and the PSA Set Registry, collectors were alone. Now, we are a family."
Simon Bourque – Owner of One of the Finest Hockey and Non-Sports Card Collections in the Hobby
"PSA provides consumer confidence – period. People should always be leery about buying sports collectibles. The first thing I explain to prospective clients is what PSA does to authenticate items and that I do not personally authenticate my own stuff. When I have PSA authenticate something, it gives me and my client the highest level of consumer comfort. I will never sell anything that has not been authenticated."
Rob Rosen – Owner of BabeRuthautographs.com
"I choose PSA/DNA for my authentication needs. In this day and age of collecting, authentication is a necessity in order to sell your autographed items for top dollar. Their knowledge and range of value-added services are the best in the hobby."
Joe Esposito – Owner of B&E Collectibles
"If there was not the presence of PSA as a third party authenticator today, there would simply not be that level of consumer confidence that currently exists in the industry – it would be the Wild West. We have all heard the stories of the people who claim to have personally acquired a Babe Ruth autograph and, when you press them on when they got it, you find they were born three years after he died. I've been around this industry for a long time and I know there have been some pretty amazing and farfetched stories floating around out there. Thankfully, PSA stopped that by giving customers the assurance that their hard earned money is being spent well and on items that are what they are advertised to be. That is critical to the future of this industry and hobby, and there is no doubting that PSA is the leader in that."
Brian Gray – Owner of Leaf Trading Cards
"The beauty of what PSA does is that it lets people collect on so many different levels. The PSA Set Registry has brought about competition, a far greater understanding of what exists, and the knowledge of who has these cards. It has made it a lot more fun, far more interesting, and it has helped people in the hobby to get to know one another and build better relationships with each other."
Michael Rakosi – Owner of the Finest Vintage Basketball Card Collection in the Hobby
"PSA has defined the hobby. Graded cards are incredible and PSA's grading has made this a much safer and overall better hobby. They have made collecting competitive and opened the door for collectors to learn so much more about cards, about their values and which ones are really rare. They have also helped to cut fraud and card doctoring out of the hobby. They have given every collector a great reference as to what a card should really cost and look like. I love the competitiveness PSA has brought to the hobby. I love the people who are involved. The PSA Set Registry has made the hobby so interactive and has given us all exciting challenges."
Stephen Soloway – Owner of One of the Finest Trading Card Collections in the Hobby
"At every book signing we attend, during the question and answer session, I always end it with the same statement…If you don't have your collection certified by PSA; you are limiting the potential value of your collection. It is as simple as that. PSA will not only add value to your item, but they also provide peace of mind for collectors. PSA has helped make the hobby legitimate. We all know the collectibles business has had a checkered past due to some unsavory characters. PSA changed that. PSA has an integrity that is above reproach."
Tom Zappala – Author of The T206 Collection: The Players and Their Stories
"We have used PSA/DNA exclusively since 2005. Every item we sell is authenticated by PSA/DNA. There's a good reason for that – there is just no other third party authentication service that is in any way comparable. That is because everyone at PSA/DNA really knows their stuff. They know what they are doing, and people know that they know what they're doing. That's their brand. We once thought of issuing our own certificate of authenticity, but never did it. Having PSA/DNA do our authentication means something to collectors who don't really know us. PSA/DNA has earned the confidence and the trust of people in the hobby. A guy from Florida may not have any idea who we are, but he sees something on our site, wants it, sees that it has been authenticated by PSA/DNA, trusts the brand, and can then deal with us with the highest level of confidence."
Sean Jacoby – Owner of American Icon Autographs
"There is just no doubting the fact that PSA has helped the hobby tremendously. When I buy autographs, I only buy from people I know. I don't buy randomly. I am very cautious about who I will buy from. So, even though I have a great level of confidence in the people I deal with, I am by no means an expert. That is where PSA comes in. PSA protects me, which in turn protects my customers. As far as the value PSA offers to a piece – well there is just no question. You take a raw item signed by anyone from a current player to Babe Ruth – if it has been authenticated by PSA, it changes the value tremendously."
Jim Honabach – Veteran Autograph Dealer
"Unless you have unlimited funds, you just can't put together any sort of difficult set without the help of other collectors. The PSA Set Registry allows collectors to get to know one another and work together as a community, which, in turn, doesn't just benefit individual collectors but the entire hobby. It is the only way I could have done what I have done, and the only way I will find the remaining cards that I need."
Ted Sherman – Vintage Autographed Card Collector
"My collecting goal was to own one of the finest football card collections of all-time. Therefore, I focused on the PSA Set Registry ranking on the Football Rookie Hall of Fame set, where the competition is fierce because it's the place where the finest collections in the world exist. Then, I was presented with the opportunity to buy the finest known 1935 National Chicle Bronko Nagurski card. After reaching a plateau in the PSA Set Registry rankings, I hoped the card would crossover to PSA. Once I found it would, I decided to have the most valuable football card in the world encapsulated in a PSA holder. This has allowed me to distance myself from the formidable pack. Having my entire collection graded by PSA and reaching #1 on the PSA Set Registry assured me that my collection was the best of its kind."
Jon Isaacson – Former Owner of One of the Finest Football Card Collections in the Hobby
"For our first major auction, we decided to test SMR against another leading hobby publication by running our auction in both publications. Every time a new bidder would register with our company, we inquired about where they discovered our catalogue. As a conservative estimate, SMR subscribers made up about 75% of our total bidders. The bottom line is that the most advanced and most active collectors in the country use SMR. If you want to reach the most active sports collectors in the hobby, SMR is, by far, the only way to go."
Memory Lane, Inc.

"There's not enough that can be said about PSA and third party grading. Years ago, before PSA, everybody was grading cards and ninety percent of the people doing the grading didn't have a clue to how to grade a card. PSA brought a grading standard into being that everyone can understand. Now, granted, there may be room for some disagreement, but PSA has brought a standard to the hobby. Frankly, for both dealers and collectors, PSA has made it a lot easier and safer to buy and sell cards. You know what you are dealing with.

PSA has added value and security to what you are buying. An ungraded card does not have a value to us until it's in a PSA holder. When I look at a card graded by someone else, my first question is to ask if PSA would grade it the same way. It has become evident to us over the years that a card's value comes from having been graded by PSA and by being in a PSA holder. As a matter of fact, when a card is in another holder and has been graded by someone other than PSA, the first thing that we and our customers question is why the card not graded by PSA to begin with. We know that there is no doubting the fact that a card is more valuable if it is in a PSA holder."
Mike Skerbe – Owner of Triple SSS Sportscards, Inc.
"With PSA now grading tickets, there is consumer confidence so the demand and the prices have escalated. PSA's entry into this market is crucial because, to the untrained eye, condition is so subjective. The average person doesn't know what is meant by "Mint". I have seen tickets that have been represented by collectors as being mint that PSA would grade a 5 at best. (The PSA Ticket Registry) is just great. It will help us get a better understanding of what is out there and what the populations of these tickets are. So, the grading and the registry will start giving us a better picture of what exists out there in the woodwork."
Al Glaser – Veteran Ticket Collector and Expert

"PSA has long been the leader in 3rd party sports memorabilia authentication and I have been utilizing PSA's services since 1992. My entire collection of sportscards has been graded by PSA. When I found out that the finest T206 Honus Wagner in existence was coming up for sale in 2000, I only had one major question, 'Was it graded by PSA.' The truth is that I would have never considered bidding on the card at all without PSA's seal of approval. In fact, as a collector of high-grade pre-war baseball cards, I would never consider purchasing any card unless it was graded by PSA. PSA is the sportscard grading authority.

"Furthermore, SMR is both a valuable price guide and a provider of essential hobby information. As a collector of fine sports memorabilia, SMR gives me the information I need to buy or sell in today's marketplace. Not only are the articles informative and educational, but they are also entertaining."
Brian Seigel – Owner of One of the Finest Trading Card and Memorabilia Collections in the Hobby
"Thanks to PSA, the future of unopened packs looks good. With PSA now getting into the unopened pack market, I believe we will begin to see more interest and growth. PSA will bring stability to the grade of an unopened pack and help eliminate the problem of packs that have been tampered with or re-sealed. Just like they have done with cards, autographs, and game-used memorabilia, PSA will now instill consumer confidence for the collector who, up until now, has stayed away from unopened material."
Steve Hart – Veteran Hobby Dealer and Unopened Pack Expert
"PSA/DNA is the ideal, the best name in the business. People must stick with things that have been authenticated by them. When you go with PSA and PSA/DNA, you are going with the Rolls Royce of the industry. When you are investing your hard earned money in a piece, it's vitally important to know you are getting what you believe you are getting. You absolutely have to look for PSA/DNA authentication before purchasing something."
Dan Wulkan – Longtime Hobbyist and Principal at Memory Lane, Inc
"At my age, I don't know what will become of (my tickets). I will hand them down to my family, but have no idea what will happen to them after that. But, whatever happens to them, I strongly feel that to have had them graded and encapsulated by PSA was the right thing to do to properly document them and preserve them."
Don Crisman – Member of the NFL's Never Miss a Super Bowl Club
"Years ago, the authentication process wasn't what it is today. I just authenticated everything myself. But then, when eBay came into play, the hobby was in need of grading services and third party authenticators. Even then, being old school, I thought I could just continue to authenticate things myself. What I used to do was take a picture of everything being signed and then provide a letter of authenticity from me. Now that was great for the people here in town that knew me and trusted me but, with eBay, I was dealing with people who never heard of Howard Lau from Houston Sports Connection. If I was dealing with a guy in California, he would have no idea if I was legit. That's when PSA came into play for me. PSA completely changed the way the sportscard and memorabilia business operates. It was an innovative and brilliant idea on their part to offer third party authentication and grading. Today, I am a strong proponent of PSA because it offers protection against problems, especially forgery."
Howard Lau – Owner of Houston Sports Connection

"When I started collecting cards again in 1989, before PSA and before the Internet, things were quite different from today. It was difficult to buy cards unless you saw them yourself and felt comfortable with the grade a dealer or collector put on the card. Doing anything by mail and trade publications was strictly a buyer beware situation. The advent of PSA card grading was an idea whose time had come and it is absolutely the driving force in our hobby today. With the Internet and auction houses replacing the need to travel to what are fewer and fewer card shows, buying PSA graded cards from whatever source has taken the drama out of buying aw cards and added tremendous liquidity to the marketplace. ‘It is what it is' has been a popular saying over the past few years and that saying is appropriate for PSA graded cards. I see a card, it's graded, I need it, I buy it, I get it, and I'm happy. Case closed.

The PSA Set Registry is great for several reasons. I simply could not have put my set together without the help of other collectors who have their Horrors of War sets listed on the registry who were willing to either trade with me or sell me cards. A year ago, the names of those guys would have meant nothing to me but, because of the registry, they became important players in my collection. Seeing your GPA, completion percentage and ranking rise on the registry is exciting and fun. I had never put a set together before The Horrors of War, so the ebb and flow of emotions you feel as you change your goals over time can be both intoxicating and sobering. The PSA Population Report is also an invaluable tool in evaluating the supply of any given card as to its relative worth to both buyers and sellers."
Ronnie Paloger – Hobby Enthusiast
"When I began my search for the world's best Babe Ruth single-signed baseball, my search began and ended with PSA/DNA. The PSA/DNA certification and grade was the overriding factor in my decision to buy it."
Kevin Coleman – Collector and Former Owner of the World's Finest Babe Ruth Autograph Baseball
"I submitted 20 of my best HOF football rookies to PSA for their half-point review service. One of my favorite cards from that submission was a 1957 Topps Dick Lane PSA NM-MT 8. It was upgraded to a PSA NM-MT + 8.5, which made it the highest graded Dick Lane available. With PSA's half-point system, I was able to separate my Lane card from the rest of the pack and take a card that typically sells for $400 and increase its value by nearly 9 times! As a vintage football card collector, I love PSA's half-point grade system. It helped me improve the overall stature and value of my collection substantially without having to buy a single card."
Dan Bigham – Vintage Football Card Collector
"I have been collecting PSA cards since 1991. I can still remember one of my early days at a National Convention when I came across a guy sitting all by himself behind a table that had the company name "PSA". Simply put, from that moment on, PSA became the most influential part of my collecting. The PSA representative explained how they were planning on grading the cards and how it would revolutionize the card market forever. From that point on, I was hooked like a fish on a line. After that, I got involved in collecting all PSA graded cards. In my eyes, the people at PSA are the most knowledgeable people in the hobby of card collecting and grading. In my opinion, they are second to none. PSA is and always will be my brand of choice. PSA is simply a great organization that offers a great service."
Andy Montero – Miami Heat Senior Director and Avid Collector
"I really like grading because I can feel comfortable about purchases. I bought ungraded cards in the past from dealers who claimed that they were NM-MT condition. The funny thing was that they would always come back from PSA in a PSA 6 holder or worse. The great thing now is that I can locate the card in the condition I want and buy it sight-unseen. When the card is graded, it's like a seal of approval. The card becomes very liquid and that really helps when I need to sell a card in order to upgrade one of my sets. I can also sell a card immediately after I do find an upgrade."
Ron Hobbs – Vintage Baseball Collector
"The one thing that sticks out in my mind is how enlightening SMR is. I have been a serious collector for nearly 20 years so I have a lot of experience but I learned more about the hobby after reading one issue of SMR than after reading all of the other hobby magazines combined. SMR's ability to keep collectors up to date on the current state of the market is exceptional. The hobby has changed quite a bit over the years and SMR is the only magazine I trust for pricing and market news."
Gary Mangin – Owner of Some of the Finest Sportscards in the Hobby
"There is so much more information available now, mostly thanks to PSA. And of course, now it's all about authentication and grading. Every collector today knows that. And everybody also knows that PSA is the renowned name in card grading and autograph authentication. When you look online and see a picture signed by Michael Jordan that has been authenticated by PSA, and then see one that just has a certificate of authenticity by some dealer you've never heard of, there is a huge difference. I guarantee you the PSA-authenticated photo will have a higher price and that it will be the one that I, or any other collector, would purchase. There's a good reason for that – PSA authentication really means something. That is what it comes down to – authentication and grading by a company that has the reputation for being the ultimate authority in the hobby. PSA is the best at what they do – and everyone knows it."
Mike Michelin – Longtime Trading Card and Memorabilia Collector
"If you want to be the best, use the best. That is why so many people use PSA/DNA for autograph authentication. Their integrity, knowledge and professionalism are second to none."
Ryan Friedman – Owner of Auction Report
"PSA/DNA represents the highest level of integrity and quality."
Daniel Chang – Owner of GMTG
"The hobby is all about trust and credibility. Without PSA, I don't believe there would be a market for trading cards, certainly not of the level that exists. They have earned market trust that is accepted by everyone. Collectors can quibble about the grade of a card, but that's just for fun. When it comes to putting out any amount of hard-earned money, every collector, from a beginner to a serious high-end collector, needs assurance as to what they are buying and if they are paying a fair price. In today's hobby, everyone – buyers and sellers alike – all put trust in PSA's determinations."
Powell Miller – Collector and Owner of One of the Finest T206 Sets in the Hobby