Professional Model Bat Authentication Process


Professional Model Bat Examination

Labeling Analysis

  • Determine whether or not the labeling is correct
  • Determine the labeling period
  • Examine wood grain and finish for cracks and alterations

Bat Evaluation

  • Measure the length of the bat
  • Measure the weight of the bat
  • Compare results with recorded ranges for each athlete
  • Assess Game Use Traits



Covert Tagging - Once a bat is deemed genuine, the item is marked with invisible ink which contains a synthetic DNA sequence/combination specific to PSA/DNA.

The DNA-laced taggant can only be detected in a scientific lab or with a proprietary infrared laser. In fact, by using the laser, the invisible DNA-ink will glow "GREEN." More importantly, the chances of replicating this exact sequence is 1 in 33 trillion!

Overt Tagging - A label bearing an alphanumeric serial number is applied on the item in a discrete location or on the Letter of Authenticity. The choice is yours. Interestingly enough, this label was specifically designed to checkerboard when tampered with and can be completely removed! In addition, the label is non-destructive and does not harm your valuable item.


Letter of Authenticity - A detailed letter on your authenticated piece is composed and issued with your item. The letter provides several security features to prevent counterfeiting:

  • Double-watermarked paper; simply hold the LOA against a lamp and look for the official PSA/DNA logo and a series of double helix DNA strands.
  • A detailed, color-changing PSA/DNA logo hologram embedded into the custom paper: not a sticker placed on top of the page, but rather actually part of the paper itself.
  • A high resolution photo of your exact submission
  • A summary on the characteristics of your bat on why it is genuine
  • Personal review and hand signature from John Taube and Vince Malta
  • Seven digit alphanumeric serial number that matches the tamper evident label

Letter of Grading and Authenticity – Along with the above features, a Letter of Grading and Authenticity also includes the bat's grade based on visible player characteristics, provenance, amount of use and condition.


All authenticated memorabilia is available online for verification. Simply visit Cert Verification and enter the alphanumeric serial number. The verification page will display:

  • Description
  • The Item
  • Manufacturer/Model Number
  • Wood Type and Finish
  • Length and Weight
  • Use Attributes
  • Notes
  • Grade (if applicable)
  • Photo (if available)

Bats that do not meet our requirements and, in our opinion, are of questionable authenticity will receive a "NO PASS" designation. Thereafter, the bat is returned to you.

Occasionally, our experts cannot express an opinion on a bat. These will be designated as "Inconclusive" and a credit voucher will be issued in the full amount of the authentication fee. This voucher can be used towards future submissions.

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