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Updated 10/31/18

If your PSA-graded set checklist is not listed in the Set Registry, please submit a request form. You will not be notified that we have received your request, but it will appear on the list below within several days after you have submitted it. Set checklists are loaded a first-come-first-serve basis. Company sets, key card sets and team sets can take from 4-6 weeks before the set goes online. Player sets can take 6 months or longer before they are available online. You will be notified when your set checklist is online.

Currently, we are experiencing a larger than usual number of requests. Therefore, for an undetermined time, we can no longer accept requests for the following types of sets: subsets, type sets, non-restricted sets (sets allowing for any card in a slot) and some key card sets. This may include sets similar to some that already appear in the Registry in limited numbers. Approved requests will appear on the list below. You will receive an email if your request has been denied. We apologize for any inconvenience. Should you have any questions or would like to know if a request will be accepted prior to your submitting it, please email [email protected].

Team Sets:
If you are requesting a team year set, such as 1963 Topps New York Yankees set, we ask that you also provide a checklist for the set which can include league leader cards, team cards, World Series cards, checklists, 1974-1994 Topps Traded, 1995-2004 Topps Traded and Rookies, 2005 Topps Updates & Highlights (traded players #UH1-84 and rookies #UH221-310), 2006 Topps Updates & Highlights (cards #U1-170), and 2007-date Topps Updates & Highlights (rookie & traded players). If a player has a card in both sets, the Topps base card will take precedent. 1973 through 1982 Topps Team Checklists cards can be included in the corresponding team sets. 1973 & 1974 fronts have signatures of each team member and the backs have the team checklist, but no picture. From 1975-1981 the title of the card is "Topps Team Checklist Sheets" and these have the team pictured. World Series cards must have players from the team set pictured.

We define team sets as follows:

The team set consists of cards from one year from a single company that depict, on the cards, players from that team in that team's uniform who were players during that year. Exceptions: If a player was traded during the year and is pictured in another uniform but is still listed as part of the team in question on the face of the card, that card will be allowed. Conversely, a card which pictures a player in the proper uniform but is labeled on the face of the card as being part of another team, will not be part of the set.

Player Sets:
In general, player sets consist of cards for that player which were manufactured during the player's play years. Cards for managers/coaches are listed in separate sets. Exceptions: Many companies produce cards for players the year after the player has retired. These cards, with or without stats, issued the year following retirement are meant to depict the player’s previous season. In addition, there are a few vintage sets that may list one or two cards well past the play years. These cards are allowed due to their extreme popularity. For example, in the Babe Ruth Basic Set, the 1948 Leaf is listed even though Ruth retired in 1935. Player sets in the miscellaneous sports and non-sports categories may include post-retirement dated cards due to limited availability of play years cards.

Basic Player Sets:
Cards in basic sets include only the most popularly issued manufacturers and are closed for updates. Basic sets do not include cards from Parallel Sets, Insert Sets, or Parallel/Inserts Sets. Special cards and league leader cards are not included.



Cards for the basic basketball player sets are as follows: BOWMAN, FINEST, FLEER/FLEER TRADITION, HOOPS, SKYBOX, SP/SP AUTHENTIC, STADIUM CLUB, TOPPS, ULTRA, and UPPER DECK.


Basic & Collector Issues Player Sets:
These sets, for modern players (post-1971), include cards defined as a "Main Set" cards (promos, prototypes and test sets excluded), but do not include cards from Parallel Sets, Insert Sets, or Parallel/Inserts Sets. Note that if there are multiple cards from a main set or varieties of card(s), they will be listed as either/or. Special cards and league leader cards are not included.

Master Player Sets:
All cards, with the exception of unique or very limited edition cards (1-3 print runs), are accepted in the Master player sets. If a player is featured on a team set card, it will be allowed. Cards which may picture a player but make no mention of said player on the card are not allowed. Items that do not picture the corresponding player will not be allowed. In addition, some handcut/panel/perforated issues may only be used in one slot and may not be required in multiple slots. If you are uncertain that your card qualifies, please email [email protected] for confirmation. Please note that 1/1 (one of a kind items), as well as items that PSA does not grade numerically (authentic only), will be added as optional if requested.

Note there are a few sets which PSA does not grade, but authenticates only. Cards from the following sets will be added to the player sets as optional and will not be required: 1967 Topps Test Discs, 1968 Topps Discs, 1970 Topps Super Square Cornered Proof - Blank Back. This list may be updated in the future.

Player sets have evolved since they were first introduced in the PSA Set Registry. Therefore, there may be some inconsistencies. Please email [email protected] with any changes you feel should be made.

Super Player Sets:
These sets have the same rules as the master sets, however cards issued past the player's play years are allowed in the super sets. Super sets can also include all cards for the player, whether as a player or manager/coach.

Player Card Requests to Established Sets:
Player set checklists, especially for modern basic sets and all master sets, are constantly expanding as new cards are graded by PSA. If you have a card that does not yet appear in a player set, you may request that it be added to the set. Cards which are considered print errors and are not established variations, will be added as either/or to the base card. Beginning January 1, 2007, pins will also be included in the player sets.

Card requests submitted before May 1st every year will be added to the set before the awards deadline. Cards submitted during May will be added after the awards deadline.

To request an addition to a player set, please login to My Set Registry and view the set in My Sets. There you will find a link called "Report a cert that should match this checklist." From this link you can make your request.

Rookie Player Sets:
Rookie sets contain cards which are recognized as official rookie cards by the industry. Some sources include Leaf and OPC issues. If these cards are requested as additions to the set, they will be added either at the time the set is loaded or at a later date. Rookie sets requested for current year rookies will not be loaded until the first quarter of following year, as new releases are made throughout the year. Example, if 2017 is a rookie year for player x, then his/her set checklist will not be loaded until after March, 2018.

HOF and Key Card Sets:
Additions to the HOF and Key Card sets are possible. Every year new HOF inductions are made. In addition, some players may have performed well enough in recent years to warrant addition to All-Time sets. In some cases only one card will qualify for addition to the set. There are some cases where several cards may qualify. In a Key Card set members will be polled for their opinion. The majority vote will determine which card is added. If less than 50% of the members polled respond, then experts at PSA will select the card for addition. Additions to HOF sets requiring a rookie card are updated as requested and in some cases may also require a poll amongst set registrants. If the set requires rookie cards, only the cards which are recognized as official rookie cards for the player will be accepted. A list of these cards can be found in the Ultimate Rookie Card Encyclopedia. In the rookie sets, multiple cards may be accepted for each player. In the case in which a HOFer does not have a rookie and or popular/mainstream issue card, this player will not be included in the HOF Team and Key Card sets which require a specific card. HOF sets that allow any card for a particular player will be updated as new inductions are made and brought to our attention.

About Weighting:
Each item within a set is assigned a weight based on the value of the item in NM-MT condition. Most sets are broken down using a 1-10 scale, with 10 being the greatest weight. Some sets feature ultra-rare items. Those items will command a much higher weighting according to their relative rarity. If the set is very small with little variation in individual item prices, then the scale may be 1-5. For more information on weighting and how sets are ranked, visit the RULES page.

If you have any further questions on how the set registry works, click rules and benefits above or send your question to [email protected].

Thank you.

Company Sets
Upper Deck A Piece of History 500HR Club 1999-Present Baseball
2018 Topps Heritage Real One Autographs Baseball
2018 Topps Heritage Real One Autographs Red Ink Baseball
Pittsburgh Pirates World Series Champions (1960) Baseball
2017 Star Trek Beyond Uniform Pin Relics Non-Sports
1926 John Player & Sons From Plantation To Smoker Non-Sports
2017 Pokemon Sun & Moon Shining Legends Shining Holofoil Non-Sports
2000 Fleer 3000 Club Baseball
1936 Album Nestle Sports, Contes, Explorations Serie 20 Misc Sports
2003 Super Bowl XXXVII San Diego Chargers Football
Los Angeles Dodgers World Series Champions (1959) Baseball
NHL 100 Greatest Players Hockey
1992 Center Court Autographs Basketball
1969 Pittsburgh Pirates Greiner Tires Baseball
1971 Arco Pirates Baseball
2017-18 Panini Select Rookie Jersey Autographs Tie Die Basketball
1951 Howdy Doody Magic Trading Card Panels Non-Sports
2017 Topps National Baseball Card Day Baseball
Al Haft's Sports Stars of the Mat Run (1952-1954) Non-Sports
2017 Canada Post Canadian Hockey Legends Hockey
New York Yankees World Series Champions (1958) Baseball
2016 Pokemon Japanese XY PokeKyun Collection Non-Sports
2017 Topps Archives Derek Jeter Retrospective Green Foil Baseball
2017 Topps Archives Derek Jeter Retrospective Gold Foil Baseball
2017 Topps Archives Derek Jeter Retrospective Blue Foil Baseball
St. Louis Cardinals T206 Player Image Team Set Baseball
1985-1997 Perez-Steele Great Moments Postcards Baseball
1996 Signature Rookies Old Judge Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball
1962-63 El Producto Discs Hockey
Milwaukee Braves World Series Champions (1957)
New York Yankees World Series Champions (1956)
Brooklyn Dodgers World Series Champions (1955)
Boston Red Sox World Series Champions (2018)
New York Giants World Series Champions (1954)
New York Yankees World Series Champions (1953)
1999-00 Ultra Millennium Men Basketball
1955 Esskay Hot Dogs Orioles Baseball
1980 USSR Olympic Team Mini Pics Hockey
1986 Kodak San Diego Chargers Football

Team Sets 
1994 Topps San Diego Chargers
1993 Topps San Diego Chargers
2007 Topps San Diego Chargers
2017 Topps Houston Astros

Player Set
Roberto Clemente Super 
Terry Bradshaw Super 
Franco Harris Topps
Bobby Douglass
Rick MacLeish
Hal Trosky
Willson Contreras
Alan Ameche
Joe Foy
Don Hoak
Tom Matte
Bobby Richardson
Eddie Watt
Roger Staubach Super 
Jonathan Toews
Shea Weber
Bo Jackson Baseball & Football Super 
Bo Jackson Football
Wayne Krenchicki
Jim Driscoll Master
Sam Mills
Glenn Beckert
Tony Horton
Leonard Fournette
Harry Simpson
Syl Apps Jr. Topps
Evgeni Malkin O-Pee-Chee
Ellie Hendricks
Tom Phoebus
Dave Leonhard
Wally Bunker
Curt Motton
Joe Beckett Master
Fidel La Barba Master
Erich Campe Master
Sean Taylor
Sam Langford Master
Mike Cammalleri
Elmer Valo
Billy Ray Smith
Benito Mussolini Master
Patrick Marleau
Jason Kidd
Bubba Smith
David Schultz "Dr. D" Master 
Satoru Sayama "Tiger Mask" Master 
James Patrick Master 
Tony Jacklin Master
Jose Maria Olazabal Master
Ian Woosnam Master
Corey Pavin Master
Francis Quimet Master
Peter Thomson Master
Betsy King Master
Beth Daniel Master
Judy Rankin Master
Larry Nelson Master
Patty Sheehan Master
Isao Aoki Master
Hubert Green Master
Sandy Lyle Master
John Ball Master
Jimmy Demaret Master
Ken Venturi Master
Bobby Locke Master
David Graham Master
Meg Mallon Master
Cristie Kerr Master
Michelle Wie Master
Jake Daubert Master
Joyce Wethered Master
Todd Helton
Bryan Danielson "Daniel Bryan" Master
Benjamin Franklin
Carol Vadnais Topps
Dave Giusti
Tom Weikopf  Master
Jeff Bagwell Topps
Adrian Beltre Topps
Mike Stanton Master
Joe Adcock
Tim Raines Sr. Topps
Lance Berkman
Alex Smith
Rusty Staub Topps
Otto Von Porat Master
Hein Muller Master
Jackie Brown Master
Willi Kaiser Master
Ricardo Zamora Master
Sam Jethroe Master
Bob Avila
Neymar da Silva Santos Junior Master 
David Beckham Master
Ron "Faarooq" Simmons Master 
Ville Ritola Master 
Shohei Ohtani
Fred Perry Master 
Dick Moegle
Nolan Arenado Topps
John Candelaria Master
Adrian Beltre Master
John Edward Lovelock Master
Orville Wright
Mr. Wrestling II
Clem Labine Basic Topps
Lou Piniella 
George Gibson
Ken Dryden O-Pee-Chee
Vijay Singh
Dick Green
Jeff Montgomery
Mark McGwire Super
Rolling Stones
Bob Dylan
Deshaun Watson Master
Daniel Alfredsson Rookie
Doug Weight Rookie
Tony Amonte Rookie
Bill Guerin Rookie
John LeClair Rookie
Mike Richter Rookie
Rod Brind'Amour Rookie
Drew Doughty Rookie
Petra Kvitova
Kevin Appier
Mike Sweeney
Audrey Hepburn
Henrik Zetterberg Rookie Set
Drew Bledsoe Rookie Set
Johnny Mize
Wilson Contreras
Alan Page Topps
Lou Burdette
Derek Carr Rookie Set
Terry Moore
InBee Park Master Set
Buddy Rogers Master Set
Carl Erskine Super Set
Don Mattingly Super Set
Kerry Collins
Al Schacht
Walter "Killer" Kowalski Master Set
John "Bubba" Phillips Basic
Don Eagle Master Set
Jacob DeGrom
Lance Storm
Giancarlo Stanton
Alvin Kamara Rookie Set
Josh Bell
Duncan C. Ross Master Set
Jimmy Garoppolo Rookie Set
Alex Delvecchio Basic Autograph Set
Shohei Ohtani Rookie Set
Rhys Hoskins Rookie Set
Fran Tarkenton Super Set
Deshaun Watson Rookie Set
Vern Law
Jim Fregosi (Manager)
Billy Ray Smith, Jr.