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Welcome to the PSA Set RegistrySM.  The Registry contains information about hundreds of trading cards and tickets.  Each set represents years of a collector's time and effort. The Registry is a way to recognize these great sets. At PSA, we have not forgotten that it is the collector's spirit that drives our industry. We would like to sincerely thank each collector for sharing his or her set with us. Some of the sets listed are without a doubt the finest in the world and are all significant accomplishments to be admired by all sports collectibles enthusiasts.

Each set is listed as "Current" and/or "All Time Finest" and is comprised of PSA cards and tickets certified in accordance with our usual standards. A PSA card or ticket is defined as an item CURRENTLY encased in a PSA holder. Some of the sets listed in the  "All Time Finest" category were complete at one time, but may have since been dismantled and are no longer a complete set.

All Time Finest and Current Sets

In order to list your set as current, you must own and have possession of the items you are listing or be an agent with permission to represent a collection. (Possession may include items being held in your safe deposit box or items which you have consigned to auction.) A card or ticket is not considered owned by you if you have sold it to another and there has been a transference of ownership, regardless of buyback or return policies. Furthermore, this item should be removed from your set. If the card or ticket should return to your possession and you regain ownership, you then have the option to relist it in the registry.

You should retire a set from Current status when you have sold or broken up the set. To retire a set, simply choose the “Retire Set & Inventory” option within "My Sets." (Note that if you delete items from your set one by one, it will also reduce your ATF set completion.) If your set was at least 90% complete at the time of deletion, it will remain in the All Time Finest category and will be listed with a "viewable" status. If you still own the items in a retired set that was 90% complete at the time of retirement and the set remains in the All Time Finest category, those same certification numbers can not be re-used by you in a new set you may start in the same category. Should you wish to re-use those items, please contact customer service first to delete the All Time Finest set from the Registry.

Should you attempt to list an item and you receive an error message telling you that the item is currently listed by another registrant, please use the automatic email feature that will send an email to the former owner asking for release.  Your name will not be sent to the other member. Please allow three (3) business days for the former owner to release the item.  Registrants are urged to delete their sets or items from the Registry soon after sets or items are sold in order to release the certification numbers for other registrants who may have purchased the items and wish to register them.

Current sets that are not at least 10% complete and have not been updated for at least 12 months will be unpublished from the Registry. The set will not be publishable until it has been updated.

Buying and Selling Policy

The PSA Set Registry is to be used to list collections of cards and tickets. By the sheer nature of the Registry, items listed are invariably bought and sold. However, using terminology such as "for sale or trade," "auction1107," or listing an item with a sale price is not permitted. In addition, posting commerce website addresses is also not permitted. The Set Registry is self-policing. Should you see an infraction of this policy, please report it to [email protected].

Grade Points, Set Ratings and Weighting

Set rankings are determined by the grades of the items in the set, the "weight" assigned to each item in the set, and the set's completeness. Each item within the set is assigned a weight based on the value of the item in NM-MT condition. For example, a 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle would have a much higher weight than a 1952 Topps common. If the set contains an ultra rarity, the set may be broken down using a 1-10 scale, with 10 being the greatest weight. If the set has little variation in individual item prices, then the scale may be 1-5. Weighting for each set is viewable by clicking on the set checklist link found on each set page.
Using the individual item ratings, the grade of each item, the completion percentage and set size, a unique formula is created for each set in the registry. To be specific, the weighted grade point average is determined by multiplying the grade of each item listed in a set by the weight of the item. (Note that for calculation purposes non-graded authenticated items and "Proof" tickets, regardless of the numeric grade, receive a default grade of 1. Proof tickets are not eligible for bonus points.) Then these totals are summed and divided by the total sum for weights of those items. The final set rating is achieved by dividing the weighted grade sum by the total sum of the weights in the entire set. Now, while this is NOT an exact science, the formula should provide an accurate evaluation of each set registered on our site. This means you can compare your prized sets to the best the hobby has to offer.


Sets are date-stamped according to the first date they are submitted for publication. In case of a tie the set which reaches the number one spot with 100% completion first will remain in the number one spot regardless of the set's first validation date. The following logic is used:

1) Highest rating NOW
2) Highest rating EVER
3) Highest rating ever DATE

As an example:

1) Set #1 with the highest rating goes to the top slot.
2) If set #2 ties set #1's rating, then set #1 remains in the top slot regardless of the first or last published date.
3) If set #2 updates set to beat #1's rating, then #2 will take the top slot.
4) If set #1 ties #2, #2 remains in the top slot because that set achieves the highest rating first.

Bonus Points and Deductions

Some sets may have bonus points assigned to certain items within a set.

Additionally, the following point deductions are taken for Qualifiers. For example, if your card or ticket is graded PSA 9Q, the grade calculation in the Registry will be 7.

9Q = -2
8Q = -2
7Q = -2
6Q = -2
5Q = -2
4Q = -2
3Q = -1
2Q = -1
1Q & 1.5Q = no deduction

The calculation for bonuses or deductions is as follows:
(Grade + Bonus) x Weight
(Grade – Deduction) x Weight

Qualifier population statistics listed in the Registry take the deductions into account. So, for example, if your item is graded 4MK, it is calculated with the PSA 2 populations.

Top Pop Bonus Points

Bonus points are issued to items listed in your set which are the highest graded with none graded higher. Items tied for the highest grade with none graded higher receive 1 bonus point. Items that are the single highest graded with none graded higher receive 2 bonus points. Should the populations change, the bonus points will be adjusted or removed. Not all sets are eligible for Top Pop bonus points. Open-ended sets which do not require specific cards in a slot, are not eligible for bonus points.

Autographed Cards

In the hobby, trading cards that are signed after-the-fact (not cards manufactured with autographs) are treated differently than trading cards that remain in their original form. While both types of cards are highly collectible, it would be unfair and illogical to treat unsigned and signed trading cards the same in the PSA Set Registry. In other words, they both deserve their own categories and should compete against like items. Because autographs and non-autographed cards are two different kinds of collectibles, the Registry does not permit signed cards which have been PSA/DNA authenticated in non-autograph sets. This only refers to non-manufactured signed cards. 1998 and later cards that come signed from the manufacturer can be used in all sets. Exceptions to the autograph vs. non-autograph card policy include player sets where a signed card can be used in place of an unsigned card and signed tickets can be used in non-autograph ticket sets.

Set Changes

The PSA Set Registry is a work in progress. Occasionally, an item in a set originally marked as "optional" may be changed to be included as part of the required items or vice versa. Also, items may be added or subtracted from a set. These changes may affect a registrant's overall GPA and rating.  PSA reserves the right to make changes with or without the consent of participating members.

Online Registration is Free

There are no fees to register your set. Simply log on, add your PSA-graded inventory, and start your set(s). Set Registry Customer Service is available to answer any questions you may have. If you do not have access to a computer we will be glad to enter your cards for you for a minimal data entry fee. Please contact [email protected] for more information on this service.