The All-Time Baseball Dream Team

by Joe Orlando

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If you are a baseball fan or a collector, I am sure you have toyed with the idea of being manager for a day and attempted to fill out your personal All-Time Baseball lineup (read my full article on the subject).

Here is my ultimate baseball lineup.  It includes a starter at every position, including a DH, a starting pitcher, a closer and one bench player.

Some of my starters are expected, while others may provide a platform for debate, but that is the beauty of this process.  For me, it’s not just about raw statistics or names.  It’s about putting together the lineup of players that you think not only best complement each other, but also gives you the best chance to win.

At the end of this PSA List, you’ll have your chance to choose your team.   So keep your favorites in mind as you go through my selections.

And remember…this exercise is about building the best lineup for a single game, winner-take-all scenario.

So, without further ado, here is my All-Time Baseball Dream Team.