February 19, 2013 | Vol. 14 No. 4
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No One Has a Crystal Ball

The collectibles hobby, like any other market, is filled with ups and downs.  It is no different in the worlds of real estate, precious metals or stocks.  Certain items are highly volatile, getting extremely hot or cold almost in an instant.  Other items have proven to be more stable, not subject to drastic swings in either direction. What is, perhaps, most perplexing is the belief that - somehow - any of us can absolutely know where the market is going.  In the following article, PSA's Joe Orlando addresses this sometimes frustrating and often comical issue.

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The Man in the Middle

During each auction season, the headlines are often grabbed by the super high-end pieces that sell for astronomical sums of money.  In many cases, the really noteworthy sales will tend to reach the masses, outside of the hobby.  The reality is that the high-end is reserved for an extremely limited number of items, and an even smaller number of collectors who can afford them. Karl Hagberg, however, is someone who represents the majority.  In the article ahead, Karl talks about his collecting approach, one that has brought him a great deal of enjoyment over the years as a member of the hobby's middle class.

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Set Registry Spotlight

The Naps & Sandwiches Collection - The Number One Current Finest All-Time Ravens Football Set
This 10-card set pays tribute to some of the finest modern football players. Rookie cards for names like, Ray Lewis, Chris McAlister and Jamal Lewis, just to name a few. This collector has completed this set with the finest graded examples for each card, matching the Finest Possible Set Rating of 9.96. To-date, there is not one card that can be upgraded. It is not surprising that this set won Best of the Registry in 2012. Complete with images for each card, this set is definitely a fan favorite.
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All Years – All Sports & Non-Sports - $20 Per Card/No Minimum – 5 Business Days (approx.) Click here for details.
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Goldin Auctions, Bidding to be Open from February 25th to April 5th 2013 for the T206 Honus Wagner PSA EX 5 (MC) and 850 Additional Lots in Goldin Auctions 2013 Winter Auction

On April 5th a fortunate collector will join an exclusive club, by adding one of the three finest T206 Honus Wagner baseball cards in existence to his collection. Goldin Auctions has announced that bidding for the Wagner, graded EX 5 (MC) (serial number 15385994) by PSA, will begin at $500,000 with no reserve in the Goldin Auctions 2013 Winter Auction, from February 25-April 5, 2013. A preview of the 850 lot auction will be available online at GoldinAuctions.com beginning February 22.

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Historic 'Miracle on Ice' Artifacts, Schilling's Bloody Sock Highlight Heritage Platinum Night Sports Auction

The jersey and stick used by the game-winning goal scorer in Team USA's historic victory over the Soviet Union are among the items on the auction block, Feb. 23, at the Fletcher-Sinclair Mansion.

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Love of the Game Auctions Announces Successful Completion of Winter 2013 Sale. Auction Exceeds Expectations and Generates Triple the Bidding Activity of Company's Inaugural Auction

Love of the Game Auctions, an Internet-based sports auction house catering to the passionate collector of memorabilia and cards, has announced the successful completion of its second sale. The February 2 auction generated total prices realized in excess of $160,000 with more than 160 different winning bidders. Nearly 2,600 bids were placed on the auction's 374 lots, an average of nearly 7 bids per lot.

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Sirius Sports Cards Auction #75 Is Now Open for Bidding and Ends Thursday, Feb. 21

There are 904 lots for auction that will end on Thursday February 21, 2013 at 11 PM EST using the 15 minute rule. This auction features many high grade and low pop cards for collectors to complete their sets from the 1950's through the 1970's. There is a 1952 Topps Mantle card, 1952 Topps high numbers, a nice run of 1959 Topps, and much more.

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PSA/DNA's Steve Grad Tackles The Big Three: DiMaggio, Mantle and Williams Autographs

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Collectors Corner

22,120 Cards for Sale Today valued at $3,322,493

Most Recent Listings:
1963 Topps 138 Pride of N.L. W.Mays/S.Musial PSA Mint 9 ...$710.00
1954 Bowman 93 Dan McKown PSA NM-MT+8.5...$119.00
1971 Topps 578 Ron Hunt PSA NM-MT+8.5...$45.00

Most Valuable Listings:
1952 Topps 311 Mickey Mantle PSA NM-MT 8OC...$37,500.00
1934 National Knute Rockne PSA Mint 9...$37,500.00
1909-1911 T206 Piedmont Rube Waddell Throwing PSA NM-MT 8...$13,995.00
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  2. A little... because the game is played on a big stage but it's only an exhibition.
  3. Not at all... because the game is just an exhibition.
  4. It depends on the sport... since the game has different levels of appeal and importance in each one.
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