April 3, 2012 | Vol. 13 No. 7
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1971 Topps Football: The Most Challenging Set of the 1970s and 1980s

The 1971 Topps football set has quickly become one of the most popular vintage football card issues in the hobby. The set appears to have all of the key elements collectors look for. The 263-card set has a very colorful, eye-appealing design. The cards are relatively tough in high-grade due to the colored borders. There is a great selection of star cards in the set, including some key HOF rookies like Ken Houston, Willie Lanier, Charlie Sanders, Joe Greene and, of course, Terry Bradshaw. In the following article, we ask the collectors why they find this classic trading card issue so appealing. More...

Special of the Day: Collecting Popular Multiplayer Cards

Well, I am sure you have heard the old saying that "Two is better than One." If you believe that line of thinking, then you probably would agree that three and four and five are also better than one... and so on. Enter the era of combo cards. While some baseball card issues depicted more than one player on a card prior to the 1950s, such as T202 Hassan Triple Folders and the like, it was that decade when the idea of the multi-player card (or combo cards) became popular. It started with 1953 Bowman and, by the 1960s, combo cards were seemingly everywhere. In the following piece, we look at the evolution of this popular card type. More...

Set Registry Spotlight

Nearmint's Collection - The Number One Current Finest 1963 Topps Football Set
This 170-card set is considered a collector favorite by many. A colorful set, the colored borders make this set condition sensitive and hard to come by in high grade. There are several HOF rookies throughout the set: Deacon Jones, Bob Lilly and Ray Nitschke just to name a few. This collector's set has a set rating of 8.12 and is filled with several 'Top Pop' cards. Click here to view this set.

PSA Set Registry Awards
It's getting to be that time of year again. As usual, the awards deadline is scheduled for the end of May. Any card request you send in to update a player set (assuming that the card qualifies) will be added to the set by May 31st; however, you must submit your request no later than April 30th. Requests received after April will be added beginning in June. Click here for more information on the PSA Set Registry awards.

Set Registry Special
All Sports and Non-Sports - $10 Per Card/10-card minimum - cards valued under $250 each. Click here for details.

Greg Bussineau Sports Rarities' Spring 2012 Auction Ends Thursday, April 5 - Final Week to Bid

The auction features 562 lots of important rarities, finest known examples, legendary Hall-of-Famer cards, and PSA graded registry sets. Click here to read more.

Sirius Sports Cards Auctions #52 Is Now Open for Bidding and Ends Thursday, April 5

There are 962 lots for auction that will end on Thursday, April 5, 2012, at 11 PM EST using the 15 minute rule. This auction features many high grade and low pop cards for collectors to complete their sets from the 1950s through the 1970s. Rookies include Roberto Clemente, Reggie Jackson, Bob Gibson, Roger Maris, and much more. There are some nice mid-grade T206 including Mathewson, Chase, and Evers, plus everything else to the present. There are even some lower graded lots of PSA graded cards in bulk. Finally there are some PSA/DNA slabbed autographs and PCGS graded coins. Click here for more.

Goodwin & Company's Masterpieces and Uncommon Commons XL Is Now Open for Bidding. Ends April 19

Click here to view and bid!

T206 Wagner Card Highlights Memory Lane's Holy Grail Auction

The T206 Honus Wagner remains the hobby's signature card; ultra scarce, highly sought after and over time, usually a pretty good investment, too. Collectors will have a chance to chase down the elusive Wagner card when Memory Lane opens its 'Holy Grail Auction' this spring. Click here for more!

WhereTheyAint.com Opening Day Special: 20% Off All eBay Listings

Click here to find out more!

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PSA/DNA's John Reznikoff Discusses Charles Lindbergh and Document Examination
Collectors Corner

25,102 Cards for Sale Today valued at $4,019,894

Most Recent Listings:
1961 Fleer 23 Sam Jones PSA NM-MT 8...$400.00
1955 Topps All- American 97 Don Hutson PSA VG 3...$95.00
1953 Bowman 93 Chuck Drazenovich PSA NM-MT 8...$295.00
Most Valuable Listings:
1952 Topps 311 Mickey Mantle PSA NM-MT 8OC...$34,000.00
1909 E90-1 American Joe Jackson PSA GOOD 2...$15,500.00
1911 Turkey Red Cabinets T3&T9 9 Ty Cobb PSA Ex 5...$15,000.00
Survey Question

In your opinion, which of the following baseball players will have the greatest impact on the hobby this year?
  1. Stephen Strasburg
  2. Albert Pujols
  3. Bryce Harper
  4. Yu Darvish
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