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Goodwin & Company Masterpieces And Uncommon Commons XXI Ends This Week
The Goodwin & Co. Masterpieces and Uncommon Commons XXI auction closes on Thursday, May 7. Hurry and get in your bids! To participate in extended bidding, you must bid on the lot prior to 9:00 PM CDT on Thursday. Don't miss out! To bid on the auction, simply visit, and sign in using your email address or bidder number. You may start bidding right away!

Just Collect Auctions Over 180 High Grade, Low Pop PSA Cards and PSA/DNA Autographs - Closing Sunday, May 10!
Just Collect is proud to offer 180 high grade, low pop PSA cards this week including: 1948 Leaf Football, 1960 Topps Football, 1965 Philadelphia Football, 1966 Philadelphia Football, 1955 Golden Stamps Brooklyn Dodgers Baseball, 1961 Golden Stamps Baseball, 1962 Topps Civil War News, 1969 Topps Planet of the Apes and many more!

Huggins & Scott May 27-28 Auction Preview Now Available
Bidders can now preview the Huggins & Scott May 27-28 Auction. Catalogs are in the mail this week. You can also download a .pdf file of the auction catalog now by going to the web site, Also, remember that it is not too early to consign to the Sept 30, 2009 Auction. Consignment Deadline is August 2nd.
Legendary Auctions


Catching Up with Kevin Keating
Kevin Keating has been a prominent hobby figure for a long, long time. Known for his deep knowledge of sports autographs, Keating has developed a loyal following of those who share his passion for famous signatures. Along the way, Keating has developed close relationships with many public figures and has stayed active in a hobby that he would eventually turn into a career. To learn more about the latest addition to the PSA/DNA Autograph Authentication team, click here.


Do Your Cards Suffer from "PD"?
When it comes to the grading of trading cards, there are a lot of defects to consider. There are the basics like centering and corner issues but then there are defects that require a little more knowledge and a keen eye to determine how these defects might affect the overall grade of a card. Amongst those defects are print problems. Print problems can come in various forms, from print lines to print dots to "snow," they all have a way of detracting from the eye-appeal of a card. In the following piece, a member of the PSA team takes a quick look at how these pesky defects can wreak havoc on our prized cardboard. More...


Fight4OldDC - The Number One Current Finest All-Time NFL Defense Set
This set consists of what are arguably some of the finest defensive men football has to offer. Gino Marchetti, Dick "Night Train" Lane, and Dick Butkus, just to name a few, and this collector has them all in high grades. It's no wonder this two-time "Best of the Registry" award recipient has consistently held the number one spot in this category since May of 2007. What a fantastic collection! Click here for a peek.

PSA Set Registry Awards Deadline!
The deadline for the 2009 PSA Set Registry awards is just around the corner on May 29th. All requests for card additions to the player and team sets received up through April 30th will be processed and those cards will be added to the player sets prior to the deadline. Card addition requests received between May 1-May 29th will be added to the sets after May 29th. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thanks for your participation in the PSA Set Registry!

New Set Registry Special - Half Price for All Reviews!
Any currently graded PSA-card can be submitted for review at half the regular price. All service levels and any type of sports and non-sports cards are acceptable. Turnaround varies with the service level. Click here for details.

Visit the Set Registry News page and learn which set composites have been recently added to the Registry and other Set Registry news.

Fun, informative, and sometimes controversial, the PSA Set Registry Messageboard is the place to get involved with other collectors who are currently participating in the Set Registry program or are just beginning. Click here to chat on the Set Registry Messageboard.

The PSA Set Registry is a work in progress and we invite your comments and ideas. Send your suggestions to [email protected].


Question: I noticed that a Sandy Koufax game-used glove, which sold for over $100,000 at auction, wasn't even his model... it was Rocky Colavito's. Is that normal?

Answer: For collectors not familiar with vintage game-used gloves, it is actually not all that uncommon for players to have used signature model gloves of other players. There are different reasons for that. First, unlike with bats or jerseys, players of the past did not automatically receive gloves with their name on them. As players became more established, it became more common for them to have their own signature model gloves. An example of that would be Yogi Berra. Yogi would eventually have his own signature model Spalding catcher's mitts as he progressed as a major leaguer but, prior to that, he can be seen using Bill Dickey model gloves in vintage photos. Dickey, a Hall of Fame catcher himself, was brought back to the Yankees in the late-1940s for the sole purpose of mentoring a young Berra. In the case of Koufax, there have been two notable gloves that have sold at auction in excess of $100,000 in recent years with neither of them being Koufax models and it is well documented that he used different player models throughout his career. So, with some players, it was not all that uncommon. Today, it is much different as current players often do receive gloves with their own name embroidered on them, regardless of how established they are.


Recently, a few major items sold at auction. Which one of the following items do you think, relatively speaking, was the best buy with the most long term potential?

  1. 1909-11 T206 Honus Wagner PSA Poor 1 - $399,500
  2. 1927 Yankee Autographed Photo PSA/DNA Graded Mint 9 - $94,153
  3. 1966 Mickey Mantle Game Used Road Jersey - $89,625
  4. 1926-29 Babe Ruth Sidewritten 11-Notch Home Run Bat PSA/DNA GU 9 - $155,628
Click here to answer. Results will be posted in the next Insider.

Results from last survey: 33% answered that Non-sports cards are the most undervalued vintage collectible group. Click here for a complete breakdown.

Have your sports autographs authenticated by PSA/DNA. Submission forms are available online at the PSADNA web site. Just click here. Find out what your cards are really worth. Subscribe to the Sports Market Report and have it delivered to your door every month. Click here. Join the PSA Collectors Club today! Just click here to learn about the many benefits of membership.

Collectors Club Grading Special #1
Sports and Non-Sports Cards from 1955 and Earlier - $6 Per Card for Cards Valued Under $100 - 10 Card Minimum Quantity Required. Turnaround time varies with demand.
For Gold & Platinum members only.

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Collectors Club Grading Special #2
Sports and Non-Sports Cards - $14 Per Card for Cards Valued Under $500 - No Minimum Quantity Required. Turnaround time is approximately 5 business days.
For Gold & Platinum members only.

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Half-Price Autograph Grading Special Through PSA/DNA
Autographed items that have already been authenticated by PSA/DNA can have their autographs graded for HALF PRICE throughout May 2009! Turnaround time varies with demand.
No PSA Collectors Club membership required!

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For more information on how to list your inventory, contact Mike Brandow at [email protected].
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