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Baseball Card and Memorabilia Treasures 1845-1975
Excitement is building for the baseball world's most anticipated auction! The Robert Edward Auctions event includes countless important new discoveries and extraordinary rarities in all areas and from all eras, including an extraordinary selection pre-1900 baseball cards and memorabilia; display pieces; original art; rare pinbacks; autographs; graded cards; tobacco cards; caramel cards; regionals; 1930s gum cards; bats, uniforms, and other equipment, in addition to cards of note from all eras. Bidding starts April 10 and ends May 2. Click here to learn more.

Just Collect Auctions Over 250 Low Pop, High Grade PSA Cards and PSA/DNA Autographs - Closing Sunday, March 15!
Over 250 high grade, low pop PSA cards and memorabilia this week, including 1958 Topps Football, 1961 Fleer Football, 1966 Topps Batman (Red), 1966 O-Pee-Chee Baseball, 1970 O-Pee-Chee Baseball, 1961 Golden Press, 1970's CBS Television Show Tickets and many more! Click here for more info.

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Mile High Card Company Announces Expansive March 25th Spring 2009 Auction
Mile High Card Company is pleased to follow up its record-breaking fall 2008 auction with a no less impressive offering of what may be the single most comprehensive selection of scarce, high-grade sports cards and collectibles offered in recent memory. The auction is now available online or by phone. Click here to read on.

Legacy Sports Rarities Auction is now live, Auction Closes March 28
Legacy Sports Rarities' inaugural catalog/Internet auction, titled "Classic 19th and 20th Century Sports Rarities," is now open for bidding. This auction features 235 lots of important rarities, iconic Hall-of-Famers and finest known sportscards. The auction will close on March 28th. Click here for more details.

Ruth Rookie Among Show-Stopping Memory Lane Spring Auction, Closes April 4th
Just weeks after it catapulted the hobby into the national spotlight with the $75,000 sale of the widely publicized 1869 Peck & Snyder Cincinnati Red Stockings card, Memory Lane returns to the spotlight with its Spring auction with hundreds of high quality, rare items up for grabs including a 1914 Baltimore News Babe Ruth rookie card. Click here to view the auction now!


The Topps "Find" of the Year
We are in a new era of the hobby. It's not like the 1980s when major collections seemed to walk into card conventions and finds were plentiful. Today, the true "find" is a rare occurrence. Recently, Brian Drent of Mile High Card Company was able to acquire a small but extremely rare group of 1968 Topps Test Baseball Plaks. Hardly ever seen, these Topps Plaks contain feature some of the biggest names of the era. Click here to learn more about this recent discovery.


Manny Ramirez: An Incredible Talent and Unique Character
Manny Ramirez is, without a doubt, one of the most colorful characters in baseball. He is also one of baseball's most dangerous hitters. Manny's ability to hit for power and average has made hit a hot commodity. Now, back with the Dodgers, Manny is poised for a huge year in 2009. In the following piece, we take a look at the All-Star outfielder through his most popular cards. More...


Got Beans? - The Number One Current Finest 1962-63 Kahns Wieners Basketball Set
While this 11-card set may be obscure to some, it is quickly gaining in popularity within the card collecting community. Defying the odds of this condition sensitive set, this collector has managed to populate his set with several of the finest PSA graded examples. With a set rating of 7.57, just points away from the finest possible of 7.90, it's no wonder this set is a two-time Best of the Registry award recipient. Congratulations! Click here to view.

New Set Registry Special - Sports & Non Sports Cards - $14 per card - No Minimum Quantity Required
$14 per card/5 business days (approx.) - cards valued under $500, Sports and Non-Sports Cards. No Minimum. Click here for details.

Visit the Set Registry News page and learn which set composites have been recently added to the Registry and other Set Registry news.

Fun, informative, and sometimes controversial, the PSA Set Registry Messageboard is the place to get involved with other collectors who are currently participating in the Set Registry program or are just beginning. Click here to chat on the Set Registry Messageboard.

The PSA Set Registry is a work in progress and we invite your comments and ideas. Send your suggestions to [email protected].


Question: I have noticed that some game-used All-Star bats show more usage characteristics than some World Series bats. How can that be if the All-Star Game is merely one game while some World Series battles go seven games?

Answer: That is a great question. The reason you see that is the fact that, once the postseason is over, the vast majority of those special World Series bats are laid to rest. It would be extremely rare for a player to come back, the next season, and use one of these bats. With All-Star Game bats, it is entirely different because those games are played in the middle of the season... resulting in possible extended use after the event. If the player really likes the wood or the feel of the bat (we all know how superstitious some players can be) players have been known to occasionally continue to use the bat after the mid-summer classic. Keep in mind that the players of the past received nowhere near the amount of bats per season as the current players do. In addition, some players do not use the All-Star Game or World Series bats at all and, instead, keep them as "trophies." Remember, players are not ordered to use these specially-marked bats in these events, it is up to them. You can find these bats with or without usage characteristics.


In your opinion, which of the following basketball cards is the most important in the hobby?

  1. 1948 Bowman George Mikan
  2. 1957 Topps Bill Russell
  3. 1961 Fleer Wilt Chamberlain
  4. 1986 Fleer Michael Jordan
Click here to answer. Results will be posted in the next Insider.

Results from last survey: 44% of respondents said that the value of A-Rod's collectibles will suffer from his recent controversies. Click here for a complete breakdown.

Sports & Non-Sports Trading Cards from 1956 to Present - $7 per Card.
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