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On April 24, 2008 Sotheby's and SCP Auctions will offer a fine selection of sports memorabilia and cards highlighted by The Bill Nowlin Bat Collection that was formerly exhibited at the Ted Williams Museum and Hitters Hall of Fame in Tampa, Florida. Click here to read more.

AMHERST, N.H-Church and state will mingle freely at R&R Auction Company, LLC's April auction, commencing March 31 and featuring an eclectic array of autograph items across a wide spectrum of categories. Click here to read more.


The Batting Cage: Pro Stock Bats
In the world of game-used bat collecting, there are a host of things a hobbyist should know in order to distinguish between a great bat and an average one. They need to consider player characteristics, scarcity, aesthetic appeal and importance to name a few. One of the more compicated areas of the bat hobby lies in Pro Stock bats. What are they exactly? In the following article, experts Vince Malta and John Taube explain what Pro Stock bats are all about. Click here to read on.

1984 Topps Football
The 1984 Topps football set is one of the classics of the modern era. Anchored by two of the most important rookie cards manufactured during the 1980s, those of John Elway and Dan Marino, this set is one of the most popular issues in the hobby. In the following article, find out what collectors think about this ever-popular production. Click here to read on.


Pierre's Kobe Bryant Rookie Collection - The Number One Current Finest Kobe Bryant Rookie Card Set
The name Kobe Bryant is synonymous with the sport of basketball. This collector has chosen to embark on Kobe's rookie card set. This set composite requires 16 cards for completion. This collector has not only completed the set but he has done so with all PSA 10's! Not only does he have a perfect set, he has included images of each card for all to see. Few words are needed to glorify this set. Clearly, it speaks for itself. Amazing! Congratulations! Click here to enjoy.

Half Grade Calculations
If you submit your cards to PSA for re-grade and they are upgraded, your certification number will remain the same and you will not need to re-add the card to your set. However, you will need to validate your set in order for the GPA and Rating to be updated. Once you have your grades, please login, go Edit Set, bring your set up, and validate!

PSA Set Registry V2
We are making very good progress on the new PSA Software, version 2 (V2). We expect to begin beta testing in 2-3 weeks. Here are some of the new features:

  • Add inventory one card at a time or in batches
  • Inventory tracking with price paid and source
  • Easy image loading with no size restrictions
  • Add multiple sets directly from your inventory
  • What if? feature to allow you to see what the addition of a card will do to your ranking
  • Collectors Showcase divided into categories and collections easier to locate
  • Ability to post comments on other members' sets
  • PSA submissions can be viewed within "My Set Registry" and you will be able to add new cards to your inventory, directly from the order screen

In preparation for our launch, there are a few things you should know.

Usernames vs. Logins
When we launch V2, you will be required to login using your email address and password. Your username will no longer be valid as a login. However, your username will be seen by your image albums and various other places in the Registry. Many of you are using your email address as your username. If you do not wish your email address to be viewable to the public, please login to your account in the next few weeks and update your username to something other than your email address. For example, if you name all of your sets the same thing, you might want to use that name as your username. The Smith Collection can be SmithCollection or Smith_Collection as the username. To update your account, go to

Database Import
We are doing our best to ensure that sets and inventory import into V2 as accurately as possible. Where a card might be registered in the wrong slot, it will filter to the correct slot to match the corresponding spec number. However, there may be some cases where no spec number is associated with your card. In that case, the card will import to your inventory but not into your set. Once we launch, please review your sets. If you find a card from your inventory is missing in your set and cannot be added, please contact the registry customer service at [email protected]. We will handle these cases on a first come first served basis. Please allow us a little extra time during the first 30 days after launch to address your requests.

Panels, Leader cards, Combos
V2 does not support the addition of a second same spec number to any set. This will affect sets such as the 1951 Berk Ross, 1951 Topps Blue Back and 1962 Topps CFL. These sets have been updated so that panels are associated with the first name on the holder. For example, the Johnny Pesky/Bobby Doerr panel is associated with the Johnny Pesky slot. The Pat Claridge/Steve Cotter panel is associated with the Pat Claridge slot. This change will also affect a few cards in the HOF sets where the same card has been used in two different slots. For example, the 1941 Double Play Johnny Mize-39, Enos Slaughter-40 card can only be used in the Johnny Mize slot, the first name on the card. We are working with our IT department to figure out a work around on these types of situations. Should you wish to use your panel for a different player than it is slotted for, please contact [email protected]. Note that in the HOF sets, leader cards and combo cards will only be assigned one slot. In most cases, those slots will be filled in by user request on a first come basis. Therefore, if you are planning to purchase a leader card or combo card for your HOF set, check with customer service first to make sure the card is not already assigned to a particular player. You will also be able to determine this yourself by using the new "What if?" feature.

Set Registry Special!
1972-2002 Modern Special - 10-card minimum/Sports and Non-Sport cards valued under $100. Click here for details.

Visit the Set Registry News page and learn which set composites have been recently added to the Registry and other Set Registry news. The following are new set composites added to the Registry:

Bookmark these important links!
To request a new set:

To request a card addition to an established player set:

To delete a card from all sets at once:

To update your email address:

Fun, informative, and sometimes controversial, the PSA Set Registry Messageboard is the place to get involved with other collectors who are currently participating in the Set Registry program or are just beginning. Click here to chat on the Set Registry Messageboard.

The PSA Set Registry is a work in progress and we invite your comments and ideas. Send your suggestions to [email protected].


Question: If a signed baseball contains signature removals can it still have value?

Answer: In short, the answer is - yes. That being said, the value can be severely diminished. Here's why. Many collectors assemble their signed baseballs by theme. Often times, no matter what the actual theme is such as HOF baseball players or 300 game winners, the collection is based on true single signed baseballs. Once a ball is deemed to have signature removals, it is no longer considered a single signed baseball and, therefore, is no longer a candidate for these collections. In sum, it is a simple result of supply and demand. If the signature is authentic, the baseball can still retain some value because some collectors may not mind the alteration but the true single-signed collector will no longer desire the item.




In your opinion, which of the following pre-war baseballs sets appears to be the most undervalued?

  1. 1911 T201 Mecca Double Folders
  2. 1912 T207 Brown Background
  3. 1916 M101-5 Sporting News
  4. 1938 Goudey

Click here to answer. Results will be posted in the next Insider.

Results from last survey: 47% answered 1963 Topps is one of the most important 1960's Topps baseball sets. Click here for a complete breakdown.

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Premiere Collectible Conference and Exhibition

Donald Stephens Convention Center
5555 North River Road
Rosemont IL 60018
United States of America

April 16 - April 20, 2008

Show Details:

  • PSA representatives will be available to answer questions and accept submissions for all levels of service.
  • PSA/DNA autograph experts will be available to authenticate your previously signed autographs on-site at the PSA Booth.



Rch Altman's Kansas City Show

Overland Park Convention Center
6000 College Blvd.
Overland Park KS 66211
United States of America

April 25 - April 27, 2008

Show Details:

  • PSA representatives will be available to answer questions and accept submissions for all levels of service.
  • PSA/DNA autograph experts will be available to authenticate your previously signed autographs on-site at the PSA Booth
  • Please call Customer Service at 800 844-7735 for more details.

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