PSA Insider - November 5, 2008 | Vol. 9 Number 22 
Mastro Auctions

Goodwin & Co.

Andy Madec Sportscards


Excitement Builds for "Legendary" Sports Auction in December
Mastro Auctions to conduct unique, important sale of sports memorabilia. Prized baseball and football treasures include Charles White's 1979 Heisman Trophy and many New York related items. More...

Breaking Up PSA Set Registry #2 1952 Bowman Large Football Complete Set
Steve Novella will be breaking up the #2 1952 Bowman Large Football Set on the PSA Set Registry and offering each of the 144 cards for sale individually. More...

PSA Collectors Club Update - Collecting Sports Legends
PSA apologizes for the delay in receiving your copy of our 2008 book: Collecting Sports Legends. More...

Goodwin & Co. "Masterpieces and Uncommon Commons XIX" is open for bidding!
Auction Closes on November 13. Auction highlights include 1909 American Caramel Joe Jackson Rookie Card, T206 Walter Johnson Hands At Chest PSA 9 Mint, T206 Rube Marquard Hands At Thighs PSA 9 Mint, 1911 Turkey Red Ty Cobb PSA 5 and more! Visit to bid!

Andy Madec Sportscards' Auction #24 Closes November 19. Bid Now!
Online bidding is now available for Andy Madec's Auction #24 which closes November 19. Visit or call 805-987-3055 to bid, register or receive your full color auction catalog.


1948 Leaf Football Set: 60 Years of No. 60
Football cards continue to rise in popularity and the prices realized for key vintage examples are evidence of that trend. The 1948 Leaf football issue is one of the true classics. Extraordinarily tough with a nice selection of rookie cards and stars, this set has collectors clamoring for it. The set, which booms with eye-appeal in high-grade, is one of the most coveted of all vintage football issues. In the following piece, collectors share why they find this set so intriguing. More...

Clash of the Titans
Babe Ruth is, perhaps, the most celebrated athlete in sports history. When it comes to his cards, there are some classic issues. When it comes to identifying his true rookie card, there is some controversy. The 1914 Baltimore News and 1915/16 Sporting News Ruth cards are both extremely important cards. Which one is more important? Joe Orlando gives his opinion in this Clash of the Titans. More...


Bigjimmi's Jack in Box - The Number One Current Finest 1968-69 Jack in the Box San Diego Rockets Set
You've heard the term "near perfect" before, well, this set with a rating of 9.42, is a perfect example. There is only one card in this 14-card set, Harry Barnes, that can be improved upon to reach the finest possible set rating of 9.56. This collection is home to the first professionally issued cards of Rick Adelman, Elvin Hayes, and Pat Riley to name a few. Congratulations! Click here to view.

New Set Registry Special!
$14 per card/5 business days (approx.) - cards valued under $500, Sports and Non-Sports Cards. No Minimum. Click here for details.

Visit the Set Registry News page and learn which set composites have been recently added to the Registry and other Set Registry news.

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Question: What is Shoeless Joe Jackson's best card?

Answer: Great question. I think the problem is defining what "best" means. Most people consider his rookie card to be the E90-1 issue while the T210 Jackson is considered a better looking card since the image is more striking and detailed. Perhaps the most popular of all of Jackson's cards is his 1914/15 Cracker Jack card. It may not be as valuable as either of the aforementioned rarities but the popularity of the set and the stunning visual appeal make it a collector favorite.




What effect do you think Brett Favre's comeback is having on the value of his collectibles?

  1. They are increasing in value dramatically
  2. They are increasing in value modestly
  3. They are going down in value modestly
  4. They are basically staying the same

Click here to answer. Results will be posted in the next Insider.

Results from last survey: 39% of respondents said that Game-Used items are the one type of collectible they have considered collecting but stayed away from because they didn't know enough about the subject. Click here for a complete breakdown.

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