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Mile High Card Company's Premier Catalog/Internet Auction Ends Feb 13th
Mile High Card Company's "Winter 2008 Auction" ends February 13, 2008. Bidding begins January 20th with auction catalogs shipping January 22nd. Free catalog with registration. Visit or call us at 303-840-2784. Click here to register!


Taking My Hacks: Uncovering a Seller's Real Motivation
Collectors come across and deal with a variety of sellers in this marketplace. As with any other business, there are groups of fantastic dealers and unscrupulous ones. In the following piece, Joe Orlando notes some of the techniques used by sellers who may not want the buyer to know the whole story. Click here for more.

Collecting the 1966-67 Topps Hockey Set
The 1966 Topps hockey set is one of the hobby's favorite issues. The tough, brown borders make finding high-grade examples a real chore, while the set itself centers on one of the most popular hockey cards ever produced - the Bobby Orr rookie. In the following piece, we find out why this set is so highly prized by collectors. Click here to read on.


Beam Team Dream - The Number One Current Finest Set
This set is comprised of many of basketballs' biggest and arguably the greatest players of all time. Perhaps that is why this collector chose to reference 'dream' in the title. Complete and with a rating of 9.48, which helped secure a win over the previous 4-time winner for "Best of the Registry" in this category, this set will be hard to beat. View this collectors' set and you will see that out of the 21 cards needed for completion, 11 are PSA 10's. Congratulations! Click here to enjoy.

New Set Registry Special!
$10 per ticket/No minimum - Tickets valued under $500. Click here for details.

Visit the Set Registry News page and learn which set composites have been recently added to the Registry and other Set Registry news. The following are new set composites added to the Registry:

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Question: If Roger Clemens does not get voted into the HOF because of the performance-enhancing drug controversy, will that affect the values of his memorabilia?

Answer: Well, it certainly won't help but you have to remember that there are instances where a missing HOF designation is unnecessary when it comes to player popularity. Players like Roger Maris, Joe Jackson and Pete Rose, while not HOFers, are as popular or more popular than most current HOFers. That being said, many collectors do center their collections around specific themes and one of the most popular themes happens to be baseball HOFers. In addition, since this controversy has to do with enhancing performance, collectors may not be as forgiving if (and I repeat "if") we find clear and convincing evidence that Clemens did, in fact, use them. Only time will tell.




In your opinion, which of the following sports has the best chance of developing a trading card collector base?

  1. Soccer
  2. Tennis
  3. UFC/MMA - non-boxing fighting
  4. X-Games (surfing, skateboarding, etc.)

Click here to answer. Results will be posted in the next Insider.

Results from last survey: 32% answered 1953 Topps Mickey Mantle cards are the most important, setting aside the 1951 Bownam and 1952 Topps issues. Click here for a complete breakdown.

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Tri Star Show

George R. Brown Convention Center
1001 Avenida de las Americas
Houston, TX 71010

Jan. 18-20, 2008

Show Details:

  • PSA representatives will be available to answer questions and accept submissions for all levels of service.

  • PSA/DNA autograph experts will be available to authenticate your previously signed autographs on-site at the PSA Booth.

More Information:
Visit the Tri Star website at for more information.


West Coast Collectors Convention

Hollywood Park Casino and Convention Center
3883 W Century Blvd
Inglewood CA 90303

Jan. 25-27, 2008

Show Details:

  • PSA representatives will be available to answer questions and accept submissions for all levels of service.

  • Please call Customer Service at 888-469-2646 for more details.

MAB Celebrity Services

Crowne Plaza
Secaucus NJ
United States of America

Jan. 26-27, 2008

Show Details:

  • PSA representatives will be available to answer questions and accept submissions for all levels of service.

  • Please call Customer Service at 888-469-2646 for more details.

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