PSA Insider - May 10, 2007 | Vol. 8 Number 10 


Mastro Auctions Adds Live Sales to Event Line-up
Mastro Auctions, the world's largest Sports and Americana auction house, has announced it will begin live auctions in 2007. Click here to read more.

Heritage Sports Collectibles Auction Posts Magnificent Results!
Heritage Auction Galleries held its latest Sports Collectibles Signature Auction on Saturday, May 5, 2007, in Dallas, Texas. The auction realized $2,533,687 for 997 lots, although after-auction sales are still ongoing and are expected to push the total even higher. Click here to read all about it.


Elston Howard and Gil Hodges: Big Apple and Card Collector Faves
If you were to sit down with a group of New Yorkers that were around in the 1950s and '60s, and pressed them to compile a list of their beloved athletes, you can be assured there would be two names that would appear on many of those lists -- Elston Howard and Gil Hodges. These two giants of New York baseball have gone down in history as sentimental fan faves, and while neither has been inducted into the hallowed halls of Cooperstown, they are beloved by fans and card collectors alike, not just for their athletic prowess, but for the way they lived their all-too-short lives. Click here to read on.


Collecting "Sweetness": A Look at Collecting Cards of NFL Legend Walter Payton
Collecting has been "sweet" for Walter Payton Set Registry enthusiasts. They have worked diligently toward completing their Walter Payton Basic (12 cards) and Master (109 cards) sets. In this article, they share their knowledge and experience of collecting "Sweetness." Click here to read more.


PSA Set Registry Awards Deadline May 31st
Just one month to go! The deadline for this year's PSA Set Registry Awards is Thursday, May 31st. Any new sets or edits to existing sets must be validated before 7:00 pm EST (4:00 pm PST). In order to qualify you must own and have possession of the cards you are listing in your sets.

Occasionally, you may find a card is still being listed in another member's set, may not be in the PSA database, or may be missing a spec number in the Registry. Therefore, it is imperative that you plan ahead. If you are unable to add a card and you receive an error message, please email [email protected] PRIOR to the deadline. WE MUST RECEIVE YOUR EMAIL BY 7 PM EST (4 PM PST) IN ORDER FOR THE CARD TO QUALIFY. DO NOT send your email to [email protected] or to an individual.

To review the list of award categories, please click here.

Judging by PSA experts will take place the first week in June and the winners will be announced in mid-June. Awards will be presented at the annual PSA Set Registry Luncheon. This year, the National Sports Collectors Convention will be held in Cleveland, Ohio. The luncheon is planned for Friday, August 3rd from noon to 2pm. Email invitations will be mailed out mid-June.

Additions to Player Sets and Team Sets
Player sets will be updated for any card requests we received as of 3/31/07. Updates to team sets will be made if your request was received prior to today. If received after today, the set will be updated after the awards deadline.

Please Keep Your Sets Updated
We receive email every day from members attempting to add cards which are listed in someone else's set. As a member of the Set Registry program it is your responsibility to remove cards from your sets WHEN YOU SELL AND SHIP YOUR CARDS. By deleting cards as you sell them, you will allow other members the enjoyment of updating their sets on the first try!

There is a quick, simple way to delete cards from your sets. This method does not require validation. After your login, use the link called Delete Items. Simply type in the certification number of the card you wish to delete and click the Submit button.

If you use the EDIT SET method for your deletion, don't forget to validate your sets after you have deleted cards.

Important Information Concerning Submissions
It is important that if cards you submit for grading are to be used in a set that may be in competition for the awards, you allow plenty of time for grading and shipping. We do not extend the Set Registry deadline for any reason, so please plan ahead!

Thank you for your participation in the PSA Set Registry. We are looking forward to another exciting awards season!



New Set Registry Special!
Non-Sports Cards - $5 per card - maximum value $75 - 20 card minimum. Click here for details.

Visit the Set Registry News page and learn which set composites have been recently added to the Registry and other Set Registry news. The following are new set composites added to the Registry:

Bookmark these important links!
To request a new set:

To request a card addition to an established player set:

To delete a card from all sets at once:

To update your email address:

Fun, informative, and sometimes controversial, the PSA Set Registry Messageboard is the place to get involved with other collectors who are currently participating in the Set Registry program or are just beginning. Click here to chat on the Set Registry Messageboard.

The PSA Set Registry is a work in progress and we invite your comments and ideas. Send your suggestions to [email protected].


Question: I have noticed that different price guides refer to different cards as official rookie cards. Some cards are identified as such on one magazine while other magazines say no. Which magazine do I follow?

Answer: Great question... some publications have come up with their own set of rules of what they consider to be rookie cards versus other cards. The fact of the matter is that it doesn't matter what ANY publication says, the only thing that matters is what the collecting community thinks. If collectors feel that certain cards deserve to be designated as rookies then that is exactly what they are because collectors dictate things like this through demand. For example, some publications want to designate cards like the 1986 Topps Traded Barry Bonds or the 1984 Fleer Update Roger Clemens cards as something other than a true rookie card. In our experience, most collectors view those cards as rookie cards in addition to the more traditional issues like the 1987 Fleer Bonds and 1985 Donruss Clemens. If collectors say it is then it is, no matter what arbitrary rules are applied by publications.




When Roger Clemens goes into the MLB Hall of Fame down the road, which team do you think he should choose?

  1. Boston Red Sox
  2. New York Yankees
  3. Toronto Blue Jays
  4. Houston Astros

Click here to answer. Results will be posted in the next Insider.

Results from last survey: 46% answered that Alex Rodriguez will have the highest % of HOF votes in his first year on the ballot. Click here for a complete breakdown.


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