PSA Insider - April 26, 2007 | Vol. 8 Number 9 


Dozens of Hall of Fame Uniforms to Highlight Heritage Signature Sports Auction!
Heritage Auction Galleries' Sports Collectibles division will present a fabulous array of vintage sports memorabilia and trading cards in their upcoming May 5, 2007 Signature Auction to be held in Dallas, Texas. Click here to read about it.

Eighty Years of That Lindy
If you could afford the stratospheric fare, doing it aboard the Concorde -- crossing the Atlantic, that is -- was a breeze. But back in 1927, flying from the United States to Europe was a very big deal, indeed. It took considerably longer than 3.5 hours, there was no fine china or vintage wines, and, until Charles A. Lindbergh came on the scene, no one had ever made the trip alone. Click here for more details.

Introducing SportsCardLink: The Internet Sports Card Exchange
April 1, 2007 was baseball's opening day and it was also opening day for SportsCardLink: The Internet Sports Card Exchange. SportsCardLink is a full-service, automated exchange for vintage sports cards, specializing mainly in professionally graded cards from the late 1800s through the 1970s. Click here for more details.


Fact or Fiction: The Babe Used Bats That Were Less Than 35 Inches
For years, collectors and authenticators have referred to an article written by Babe Ruth for Louisville Slugger that discusses his use of their bats and his thoughts on what constitutes a good gamer. In the article, Ruth talks about the pros and cons of the length and weight of the bats he used during his career. Click here to read on.


The Magic and Bird Era Begins: Collecting the 1980-81 Topps Basketball Set
For years, the 1980-81 Topps Basketball set appeared to be an "original" product that failed. With cards boasting three player panels, this series was largely ignored by collectors. But a lot of things have changed in the 26 years since this set was released. Basketball has become more popular. And Larry Bird, Julius Erving and Magic Johnson -- all featured on one card in the 1980-81 set -- have evolved into court legends. As a result, the 1980-81 Topps set is now considered one of the most desirable basketball issues ever produced. Click here to read more.


Mike W - The Number One Current Finest 1887 Allen & Ginter (N28) Set
In 2005, Mike Wasserman received a "Best of the Registry" certificate. Then last year, Mike was awarded "Best Vintage Miscellaneous Sports Set of the Year" with a GPA of 7.86. His set now has a GPA of 7.92, far above the next ranked set. What makes this set so interesting, in addition to the sheer age of the cards, is that it contains a variety of sports personalities. Like the 1932 US Caramel and 1933 Goudey Sport Kings sets, this issue features all types of sports. It contains everything from baseball to boxing to billiards. A number of cards in the set are "Top Pops." In fact, the Maurice Daly, Joseph Dion, Joe Lannon, Wallace Ross, and E.A. Trickett cards in the set are the single finest graded. Congratulations and keep up the great work! Click here to view.


Hurry! Set Registry Special Ends 4/30!
$13 per card/5 business days (approx.) - cards valued under $500. No Minimum. Click here for details.

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Question: Why are there so few sports collectibles conventions these days?

Answer: Great question. There are a host of reasons for the drop in shows. First, the Internet has had a huge impact. Collectors can buy and sell without leaving their home, which is much more convenient. Second, auctions have become a major part of the industry, leaving little material left for straight sale at shows. Finally, show promoters are looking for ways to appeal to collectors but, for the most part, shows haven't changed much since the 1980s... with one exception: attendance is clearly lower.




Which one of the following active MLB players, once they are eligible, will receive the highest % of HOF votes their first year on the ballot?

  1. Alex Rodriguez
  2. Ken Griffey Jr.
  3. Greg Maddux
  4. Sammy Sosa

Click here to answer. Results will be posted in the next Insider.

Results from last survey: 55% think that Alex Rodriguez will own the career home run record in 25 years. Click here for a complete breakdown.


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