PSA Insider - April 11, 2007 | Vol. 8 Number 8 


PSA/DNA Certifies Barbaro's Kentucky Derby Saddle for Charity Auction, May 4
The saddle worn by the beloved Barbaro in his spectacular first place finish at the 2006 Kentucky Derby will be offered for sale in a charity auction in Louisville, May 4, the eve of this year's Derby. Click here to read more about it.

Memory Lane Classic Rarities Auction
Great auctions boil down to great consignments which have high collectible value. Memory Lane Inc.'s April 12th auction offers collectors the best in classic rarities! Click here for more details.


Collecting Cards of the Iron Man
Kevin O'Connor, Jim Kane, and Jeff Brownell have been collecting Ripken cards for a long time. They're the iron men of Cal-lecting. In this article, they share their thoughts on collecting the Iron Man's cards. Click here to read on.


Fear of the Future
Have you ever wondered where our hobby is going? Is it going to thrive in the future? The questions go on. Joe shares his thoughts on the future of collecting sportscards. Click here to read more.


Rubberrepeller - The Number One Current Finest 1911-12 C55 Hockey Master Set
A lot has been happening in this master set since the 2006 PSA Set Registry awards when gchaytorsc55master won the "Best of the Registry" certificate. Since then, three registered sets have surpassed last year's winner and are sitting in the #1, #2 and #3 spots. Rubberrepeller's set is noteworthy because it is 100% complete with a weighted GPA of 6.52, giving it a set rating well above the next ranked set. The set contains a number of "Top Pops" including Barney Holden #3, Jack Darragh #17, Bert Lindsay #21, and G. (Henri) Dallaire #39 which are the single finest card graded. Congratulations and keep up the good work! Click here to view.


Set Registry Special
$13 per card/5 business days (approx.) - cards valued under $500. No Minimum. Click here for details.

Visit the Set Registry News page and learn which set composites have been recently added to the Registry and other Set Registry news. The following are new set composites added to the Registry:

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Question: From a grading standpoint, what is the difference between a purposeful signature removal on a baseball or a purposeful removal of an identifier?

Answer: From a grading standpoint, there is no difference because the ball has been altered on purpose and we do not grade signed baseballs that show intentional removal or alterations. From an authentication standpoint and marketplace standpoint, the answer is different. A ball can still be considered single signed with evidence of an identifier (such as the date or event noted by someone other than the signor's hand) because it is not considered an additional signature. Once there is evidence of a second signature spotted on the ball, the ball can no longer be considered single signed -- which many collectors look for in the marketplace.




In 25 years, who will most likely own the career home run record in baseball?

  1. Hank Aaron
  2. Barry Bonds
  3. Alex Rodriguez
  4. Albert Pujols

Click here to answer. Results will be posted in the next Insider.

Results from last survey: 59% said that they would like to own the 1955 Topps Roberto Clemente. Click here for a complete breakdown.


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