PSA Insider - Feb. 17, 2004 | Vol. 5 Number 4 


Buried Treasure
At one time, people would stream into card shows hoping to turn their childhood collections into cash, and dealers had a ready supply of new-to-the-market material. Now with the growth of Internet and major catalog auctions, dealers can't rely on the shows to unearth solid collections like they used to. In this article, PSA President Joe Orlando looks at the current state of "treasure hunting" in the hobby. Click here to read more.


Center Stage: Legendary Big Men in NBA History
Once upon a time, building a successful NBA franchise was seemingly as simple as recruiting the most dominant center available and then getting the ball to him as often as possible. Things aren't quite the same nowadays, but players like Mikan, Chamberlain and the other "Big Men" of basketball remain icons of the sport and their cards are rightfully treasured. In this article, David Laurell takes a big look at some big players and their big cards. Click here to read on.


The Collectible Paper Jewels of Boxing
At a boxing event, your ticket is the paper jewel that lets you in to witness the action. Afterward, it can become the ticket to something else -- to all the memories and history associated with a classic fight. Collecting boxing tickets is a wonderful way to feel close to the sport. In this article, Bob Pace explains what to look for in a good ticket. Click here to read all about it.


Huppertz Family - The Number One Current Finest 1954 Bowman Baseball Set
The Huppertz Family has completed this 225-card set and has landed in the top spot, receiving the "Best of the Registry" award for 2003. The grade point average for this set is 8.21 with only a sprinkling of cards grading less than PSA 8 and upgrades to the set occurring regularly. Congratulations to the Huppertz Family on this fine achievement! Click here to view.

Set Registry Special Deadline February 29th! Submit your 1972-present cards for $5 per card/25 minimum, but hurry! The deadline for this special is 2/29/04. Click here for details.

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Question: Do you think the A-Rod/Yankee signing will change the way his collectibles are perceived?

Answer: There is no question about it. When a player becomes part of a legendary organization like the New York Yankees, the demand for that player's collectibles soars. If you look through history, players who have been part of teams like the Yankees, Brooklyn Dodgers, L.A. Lakers, etc. have always enjoyed more fanfare. Now that A-Rod is part of the Yankees, look out. The only thing missing from his track record was major team affiliation/success. This could have a great effect on demand -- now we will have to see how he plays.




Ten years from now, what trade/free agent signing/etc. will be looked at as the greatest acquisition in Yankee history?

  1. A-Rod
  2. Roger Clemens
  3. Reggie Jackson
  4. Babe Ruth
  5. Luis Polonia (just kidding)

Click here to answer. Results will be posted in the next Insider.

Results from last survey: 45% said that the half-time show was the worst aspect of Super Bowl XXXVIII. Click here for a complete breakdown.


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