PSA Insider - April 29, 2003 | Vol. 4 Number 9 


Auction Action
It's a strong sportscard market as recent auction prices show. High quality memorabilia such as the Amon Carter collection of tickets and press pins pushes Superior auction bidding over $860,000. Bidders are ''optimistic and confident'' and set builders are going after the obscure issues. More sales from Superior Sports and Andy Madec Auctions are on the way. Click here to read more.


Here Comes Roger! The 300-Win Club is Only a Few Games Away
Roger Clemens will become the 21st member of the 300-win club. The man with the most wins is Cy Young, but what two greats are tied for third? Warren Spahn is the all-time winning lefty with 363 career wins. What pitcher won 30 or more games seven times? Nolan Ryan and Don Sutton are tied with 324 wins. Click here to read more.


The Emotions and Magnificence of the John Branca Collection
John Branca is an internationally known entertainment attorney, and the nephew of All-Star Dodger pitcher Ralph Branca. He also owns one of the most impressive, high-grade PSA card collections in existence. Baseball has always had a special meaning for John, and his emotions regarding the game and its cards reverberate with those of serious collectors everywhere. Click here to read more.


1998 GSV Gold - The Number One Current Finest 1998 Champions of Golf Masters - Gold Foil
Whenever possible we like to spotlight sets that contain images. Images greatly enhance the pleasure of viewing the set and really give the set that extra edge! The 1998 GSV Gold set is an excellent example. This collector, who won a "Best of the Registry" certificate in last year's Set Registry Awards, has loaded high quality images for every one of his cards. Click here to view and enjoy!

Tomorrow is the last day for the pre-1972 Vintage cards Grading Special! It's only $10 a card and you receive your grades within 10 business days! Normally, this is a $15 per card service. There is no minimum required. But you must hurry! Your packages must be postmarked no later than tomorrow, April 30, 2003. Click here for details.

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New composites recently added include:


Fun, informative, and sometimes controversial, the PSA Set Registry Messageboard is the place to get involved with other collectors who are currently participating in the Set Registry program or are just beginning. Click here to chat on the Set Registry Messageboard.

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Question: What is a clubhouse signature?

Answer: Good question. Many times, a person in the clubhouse of a major league team (whether it be an attendant or a batboy) would sign on behalf of athletes. It was due to a number of factors -- perhaps it was a time problem, the athlete did not want to sign, or the athlete was not available at the time. While the autographs are certainly not genuine, they do have some sentimental and some marginal value due to the fact that the autographs or forgeries were not signed for profit and they are actually from the era.




It's the bottom of the ninth inning in game seven of the World Series. You are the manager of the home team and you trail by one run. The bases are loaded and two are out. You can send any one of these five all-time greats up to pinch-hit. Which one do you choose?

  1. Ty Cobb! The highest batting average of all time, and all you need is a single!
  2. Shoeless Joe Jackson! One more at bat for the man...and vindication!
  3. Ted Williams! Who could possibly be better?
  4. Willie Mays! They say he was the best in the clutch of all of them!
  5. Babe Ruth! If we're going to have drama, let's have DRAMA!

Click here to answer. Results will be posted in the next Insider.

Results from last survey: 33% think that a team from the American League East will win it all this year. Click here for a complete breakdown.


April Collectors Club Grading Special
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83rd Philadelphia Sports Card Show and SportsFest Shows: PSA will be accepting cards for all PSA grading levels at the shows. Cards submitted will be graded at PSA and returned via mail.

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Bonus! Autograph Experts James Spence and Steve Grad will be on-site to offer authentication at the 83rd Philadelphia Sports Card Show & SportsFest for previously signed memorabilia.

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