PSA Insider - Nov. 26, 2002 | Vol. 3 Number 26 


Market Report: Auction Action
Grey Flannel's sale of items from the estate of "Pistol Pete" Maravich exceeds expectations, pulling in almost $2 million. Ball signed by Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Ty Cobb highlights Mile High's 10th auction. Low population cards from popular sets are in demand. "THE" Bobby Orr Puck is centerpiece of upcoming auction. Click here for the full report.


Angel on the Infield: Former Major League Star Paul Schaal Looks Back at the Angels' Early Days
Forty-one years ago the Angels were an expansion team filled with hope and "wild men." Gene Autry, Dean Chance, Jimmy Piersall, Bo Belinsky -- what a group! Which pitcher and hitter were the best among Schaal's teammates? Who was the best hitter of the era? It's all here in this candid look at baseball in the '60s and the '70s! Click here to read more.


The Equipment Manager: Collecting as an Investment
From time to time, all collectors ponder the investment potential of sports memorabilia. With the recent economic turmoil, sometimes it's hard NOT to collect with an eye toward financial return. In this article, professional collector Mike Heffner offers some tips for putting together a collection that should increase in value over the years. But his strongest advice is to collect what you love, and not to worry too much about its investment potential. Click here to read more.


Steve Lucas - The Number One 1928 Fro-Joy Babe Ruth Baseball Set
A recipient of a 2002 Best of the Registry Award for his Fro-Joy set, Steve Lucas's set is 100% complete with the highest possible set rating of 7.13. Card #3 and #4, both PSA 8's, are the best grade for the card and the only cards in that grade! Congratulations to Steve Lucas for putting together the very best set possible. Click here to view.

GRADING SPECIALS! Right now there are two fantastic grading specials available. Take advantage of the Set Registry Grading Special for Non-Sportscards, but HURRY! Your shipment must be postmarked on or before November 30, 2002. Just $5 a card, with a 25 card minimum! Click here for details. Or, if you have sportscards dated 1972 to present you are in luck. Get those cards graded for just $5 a card, with a 25 card minimum! This offer expires January 15, 2003. Click here for details.

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Question: I just read about the LSU Pete Maravich jersey selling for over $100,000. How can that be? Why aren't jerseys from players like Wilt Chamberlain or Jerry West worth more?

Answer: That's a very good question. Keep in mind that player popularity is in fact more powerful than any other factor in many cases. Rarity, historical importance and quality all come into play but Pistol Pete was an idol for many and he brought a level of excitement to the game. In other words, a lot of people really liked him. He also happened to be a great basketball player. Some guys, like Wilt, have controversial reputations and that can really hinder the values despite great historical importance.




Ohio State is already in the BCS championship game and it looks like Miami will join them. If Miami should stumble against Syracuse or Virginia Tech and the other major powers win out, which team should face Ohio State for the National Championship?


  1. Miami should go anyway! Even with one loss they would still be one of the top two teams in the country.
  2. Oklahoma! The Sooners play a brutal schedule and deserve to play for all the marbles.
  3. Iowa! The Iowa-Ohio State matchup would be poetic perfection.
  4. Georgia! They're as deserving as anyone and they play a tough game every week.
  5. The Notre Dame/USC winner! If Notre Dame wins they deserve to go. If USC wins, they prove that they're playing the best of anyone in the country right now.

Click here to answer. Results will be posted in the next Insider.

Results from last survey: 54% consider the Anaheim Angels' World Series victory the biggest sports surprise of 2002. Click here for a complete breakdown.


Two Exciting PSA Set Registry Grading Specials:
Non-Sportscards and Sportscards 1972-Present

Do you have a collection of non-sportscards, or a 1972-present sportscard collection? If so, register your set in the PSA Set RegistryTM. Submit 25 or more of your non-sportscards -- or 25 or more of your sportscards from 1972-present -- for just $5 a card! Your cards will be returned to you within 30 business days.

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Register your non-sportscard or 1972-present sportscard set in the PSA Set Registry. Sets can be validated with as few as one or two PSA-graded cards. The PSA Set Registry is a free service, but you will need to log in. Click here if you need a username and password.
  2. Fill out a submission form and write "Set Registry Special" on the top of the form. Mark "Other" as the type of service. Click here to print out a form.
  3. Send your cards with a check or credit card number to PSA using the shipping instructions on the submission form. Your cards will be returned to you in 30 business days.
  4. When you receive your cards back from PSA, enter them into the registry and submit your set for validation.

The Non-Sportscards special offer expires November 30, 2002. The grading special for 1972-present sportscards expires January 15, 2003. Act now!

Dealer submissions welcomed. Contact Joe Orlando at 800-325-1121 for more information.

Please note: Not all non-sportscard or 1972-present sportscard sets are listed in the registry. If you collect cards for which a composite is not currently available, please fill out a set request form and submit it. Your set composite will be made available as soon as possible. Click here for the Set Request Form.


This Holiday season, get something special
for your favorite football fan from NFL Auction!

NFL Auction, the official online auction initiative of the National Football League, is the place to find the best 100% authentic NFL collectibles available anywhere.

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PSA Saturday
Next event: Saturday, December 7 from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.!

Submit cards directly to PSA without going to a show or sending your cards through the mail! This event is held on the first Saturday of every month. Next event: Saturday, December 7 from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.!

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