PSA eCollector VOL. 2, Number 13 
June 26, 2001

The Market Report

High-Grade Gems Generate $604,818 at Mid-Summer Classic
We are live here at the 2001 National Sports Convention and there are a lot for interesting topics on the table this week including a couple of auction recaps, some analysis of the Bonds-Gonzo home run battle and a commentary on the state of hobby price guides. What cards rose to the top in Superior's latest sale? Who will win the home run race in 2001? Now that Bonds is starting to feel some collector love, will Gonzo receive the same love? Finally, the price guide battles are heating up once again. Who do you trust? Read more for a breakdown of the dilemma that faces all collectors.
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Collector's Corner

All-Star Memories
The All-Star Game is one of the best events baseball has to offer. There have been many memorable moments over the years including legendary blasts from Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Stan Musial, and Hank Aaron. There have also been some great pitching performances like the time Carl Hubbell struck out Ruth, Gehrig, Foxx, Simmons, and Cronin in succession during the 1933 classic. With so many stars on the field at one time, it truly is a spectacle. All-Star memorabilia has become a hot commodity of late and, in this article, we break down why this game has become a true center of attention.
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Collector's Survey

Who is the best pitcher of all-time?
1. Sandy Koufax
2. Cy Young
3. Walter Johnson
4. Nolan Ryan
5. Christy Mathewson

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Results from last survey: 28% surveyed thought Hank Aaron's cards are the most underrated with Barry Bonds coming in second. For the complete breakdown, click here

Our Readers Ask

Question: I was wondering, does the term "wire photo" mean that the image was used in a newspaper of some sort? Also, how are these photos valued in comparison to original photos?

Answer: Wire photos are photos archived for use in print. For instance, you will see that many vintage wire photos will still have the byline attached. The byline will give a short description of the event, the individuals pictured and the date. They are very collectible but are not nearly as valuable as original photos. Usually, the paper stock is somewhat inferior on the wire photos and the images are not quite as crisp. This is usually due to the fact that the wire photos, in many cases, are not first generation images. They do offer a very affordable alternative to completely original photos though. The dating of the images offers a unique glimpse into the era of the sport.
--Joe Orlando, Editor Sports Market Report

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The Expert's Corner

Legendary Lumber - Part 2
Game-used bat collecting has really caught on in the last few years. In fact, with increasing information about bat authentication, collectors are starting to feel more and more comfortable about starting a collection. While collectors have different themes to their collections, most collectors pursue the legends of the game. In "Legendary Lumber," we take a look at the top 20 game-used bats of all-time (5 modern and 15 vintage). This is part 2 of a four part series in which we analyze five of the top 15 vintage game-used bats.
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Prices Realized for Superior's "Mid-Summer Classic" Available Online

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