PSA eCollector VOL. 2, Number 10 
May 15, 2001

The Market Report

Ron Oser Auction Breaks $2.6 Million Mark!
As basketball and hockey head towards the finals and baseball continues to provide some real surprises, the auction circuit continues to produce record prices. There's no question that more and more items are heading to the auction block, an area that was once reserved for only a few, select items. In the current state of the market, collectors are presented with an array of lots each and every month. The last month has been no exception as auctions such as Ron Oser and Lelands closed with great results. One thing is clear, the market is still very strong.
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Collector's Profile

Patience and Timing
While many collectors are focused on a particular area or sport, some collectors find enjoyment in the variety available to them. Take Jay Strecker, collector of it all. It doesn't matter if it's baseball or basketball, sports or non-sports, Strecker just appreciates a good value when he sees one. Through his years of collecting, Strecker has enjoyed a good "find" or two and he shares his collecting thoughts in this week's Collector Profile.
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Our Readers Ask

Question: I am a school librarian in Louisiana and know nothing about sportscards. A couple of months ago, I received a form letter from a guy who wanted to buy the Tiger Woods card from the Sports Illustrated for Kids (Dec. 1996). He was offering $50 for the card and $10 for the 1999 SI for Kids magazine. I e-mailed some people at our school to see if anyone knew if that was a legitimate offer. We could use some extra money to improve our school library so the principal told me to sell if we get a fair price. Are these prices fair?

Answer: For the love of all things holy, don't do it! Those uncut sheets trade for multiple times the money he offered you. In fact, if the Woods card is in nice shape, the 1996 sheet alone could be worth around $800-$1,000. While this price might change, going up or down, this is a clear indication that you should not sell the sheets for $50. Good luck.
--Joe Orlando, Editor Sports Market Report

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The Expert's Corner

My 10 Favorite Pitchers of All-Time
In the era of the slugger, great pitchers seem to be tougher to find than a Honus Wagner T206 card. Today, pitchers like Pedro Martinez and Randy Johnson light up the radar guns while Greg Maddux continues to "paint the black" throughout the league. When you reflect on the history of the game, you realize very quickly that great pitchers have always been hard to find but, if you had to pick your favorite pitchers of all-time, who would you choose? From Ryan to Clemens, this author picks his top ten in history.
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