PSA eCollector VOL. 2, Number 23 
November 13, 2001

The Market Report

Revenge of the Set Builders
In this week's Market Report, we say goodbye to a big slugger and welcome the new breed of set collector. First, in Revenge of the Set Builders, we break down the reason for the recent surge in set collecting interest. Once a staple of the hobby, set collecting diminished in recent times but the energy has started to return. Why? Read more to find out. We also take a look at the sudden retirement of super slugger Mark McGwire. The hobby will miss Big Mac and we ask the question, "How will he be remembered?"
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Set Registry Spotlight                       

Marshall Fogel - 1955 Topps Baseball
The Number One Finest Set of All Time
A Roberto Clemente in 9, a Sandy Koufax in 9, a Harmon Killebrew in 9, a Ted Williams in 9, a Hank Aaron in 9, and a Willie Mays in 9. Need we say more? Click here to view and enjoy!

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New composites to the set registry are the 1954 Dan Dee Potato Chips baseball set and the 1972 Icee Bear Basketball set. If your set is not currently listed, please send your request to [email protected]

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Collector's Corner

Two are Better than One
The 1952 Topps set is one of the most desirable sets in the entire hobby. From Mantle to Mays, Pafko to Robinson, a ton of legendary cards fill the set. Imagine completing, not one, but two of these sets! That is exactly what longtime collector Bob Moynihan has done. They may not be the sharpest or the best-centered sets in the world but they are complete, a monstrous task in any grade. Bob was very eager to share his collecting experiences with us.
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Collector's Survey

What will you remember most about Mark McGwire?
  1. 70 Homers in 1998
  2. 49 Homers in 1987
  3. His 1989 W.S. Championship
  4. His 1988 World Series Game-Winning Home Run in Game 3
  5. His 500th Career Home Run in 1999

Click here to answer. Results will be posted in the next eCollector.

Results from last survey: 32% picked Curt Schilling as the pitcher to start in a big game. Click here for a complete breakdown.

The Expert's Corner

Football and Basketball Autograph Trends
In the collecting world, baseball always seems to steal the show. Guys like Mickey Mantle and Babe Ruth command much more respect than players from other sports such as football's Jim Brown or basketball's Bob Cousy. In the autograph world, that sentiment remains. The good news is that these items are undervalued in the market. With that in mind, our author takes a look at the latest collecting trends in the basketball and football autograph world.
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Our Readers Ask

Question: We all know the value of grading and sealing recognized cards from the major manufacturers, but what is your thought on grading specialty cards of recognized stars that are not produced by major manufacturers? How does one even determine their collectible value if any?

Answer: That is a very good question. The first thing we need to determine is whether or not the card is licensed. Unfortunately, in the mid-to-late 1980s, an epidemic of sorts occurred in the hobby. Many unlicensed sports- cards were being manufactured and flooding the floors at shows. As a youngster, I too fell victim to these cards. Many of them were actually better looking than the cards put out by the major manufacturers; that was part of their appeal. Soon thereafter, these cards were exposed as unlicensed issues and their value plummeted. If you are referring to cards of this nature, not only do they have little to no value; they are also cards that cannot be graded at this point in time by PSA. Second, even if the cards are licensed, we need to determine if they are valuable enough to grade. Most obscure issues like these are not highly valuable like modern cards found in food products, etc. On the other hand, some cards can be highly valuable, especially vintage issues. Wilson Franks, Dan Dee, and Red Heart baseball issues are examples of very popular cards not produced by mainstream manufacturers. The key is to ask around at shows, card shops, and the Internet. Again, with most modern issues, the values are fairly low but, occasionally, you might find a valuable prospect for grading. First, let's hope they're licensed.
--Joe Orlando, Editor Sports Market Report

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