The Lucky 7 Legacy


The 2016 Find of T206 Ty Cobb Cards Has a New Member of the Family


Roughly two years ago, in February of 2016, one of the greatest discoveries of baseball cards was realized. In March of that very same year, the news went public and the story went viral. The Lucky 7 Find of rare T206 Ty Cobb cards with Cobb backs stunned the hobby. At the time and prior to the find, there were only about 15 known copies of the elusive card. That number grew to 22 after a submission of seven Cobbs entered PSA’s doors.

Here is a link to the original story from 2016: The Lucky 7 Baseball Card Find.

Well, if you can believe this, an eighth copy has been discovered by the same family. The original seven cards were unearthed while this southern family was sifting through the contents of their late great grandparent’s home in 2016. After the first seven Cobb cards were found and certified by PSA, the house cleaning was suspended for a short time in order to focus on how these cards would be sold. A few months later, after they finished the process of cleaning out the home, this new addition was found.

Lying between two books inside an old dusty box, this new addition shares a similar appearance to the cards from the original group. Grading a PSA Good 2, the eye appeal exceeds the technical grade. The color in the background is rich and striking, just as it was on each of the first seven Cobbs. The Lucky 7 Legacy was added to the PSA label so the connection to the original find was clear to the hobby, while distinguishing it from the initial group. 

There were various personal effects found during the second phase of the cleanup. Items such as clothing, eyeglasses, makeup, and several tobacco tins were found, although none were of the desirable Ty Cobb variety.


The family did not submit the card right away since things had gone so well with the liquidation of the original find. In fact, their intent is to keep this latest addition as a keepsake…at least for a while. It is a family heirloom and it reminds them of an event that changed their lives forever. They never could have fathomed that something this valuable was just sitting there, untouched for so many years. It just goes to prove that buried treasure still exists in the collectibles world, even well above sea level.

Now that the house cleaning is complete, this Cobb card story has come to an end, but it’s one that will live on in hobby lore for a long, long time.